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The perspective doesn't matter. Generally what makes a game a metroidvania is exploration linked to character growth in an semi-open enviroment. Backtraking is a common staple of the genre. See the links on the jam page, they will help you design your game.

Only as an amateur. Game jams, small prototypes. I did release a game on the Play Store many years ago, Physics Sandbox, but it was pretty bad and has since been removed by Google as i didn't keep it up to date with their policy changes :). I am however a senior software developer as far as work goes.

I am a pretty big fan of metroidvanias and always wanted to make one. I have 2 decently fleshed out gdds for metroidvanias that i never got to actually build. My latest game, Gold Dash, started as a short metroidvania before pivoting into a fast paced platformer during the game jam as i was running out of time.

Problem is i suck at art. Like, seriously bad. Just look at my games. You can clearly see which ones use external assets and which ones are "drawn" by me. For this jam i'm planning on using Kenney's platformer assets, unless i can't fit into the theme in which case i'll scour OGA for something decent.

Good luck. Now you know what to look out for. Keep it as simple as you can get away with and focus on core gameplay first. You can play a game with crappy art but you can't play fancy art with no gameplay :)

You can make nice games in Scratch if you use a bit of ingenuity to overcome its limitations. My daughter participated in two game jams with Scratch at Cambridge Center for Computing History and won one of them so it's very much doable.

For example Scratch is terrible with scrolling so split your map into rooms that you can fit on one screen (like Celeste).

What i meant was, while in the air pressing the jump key triggers the jump but the height is smaller and you fall faster. These values seem to increase the more you press jump until at some point you have to touch the ground.

Congrats on getting first place. Well deserved!

And done. The end screen now shows the total number of coins in the level as well (if you collect at least one :) ). This was a very good suggestion.

The blurb gives a hint of how close you are to collecting all but i love the idea of displaying the total number of coins in the level. Will get it done.

Great job doing the web build, I really wanted to play this one but wasn't keen on downloading stuff.

I love the concept of becoming faster the more power-ups you gain. The controls are ok but the jumps are a bit unresponsive. Sometimes the character does a double-jump, other times it doesn't.

And the music was...interesting :).

If you polish this up I think you'll have a very good game.

Thank you very much for the feedback. I'll have a think on how a minimap could look like. My idea was for players to do multiple runs until they familiarize with the map and where everything is (Elden Ring style *wink wink*) then try to find the most optimal route to collect all coins in one go :).

Someone played "Will you Snail?" :)

A lovely, nice and relaxing game. Jumping sometimes doesn't work despite the block touching the ground. Maybe increase the ground check distance a bit more.

I'm using Godot so no BulletFury for me :). Building my own system. There doesn't seem to be a tutorial on youtube. You may have to rely on documentation.

Thank you for the feedback! Much appreciated.

Ah yes, I saw it now. Well, just add an ending screen showing the score or an invisible label in the middle of the screen which you make visible when game ends and let the user press R to restart

Lovely little game. The character is a bit too snappy so it makes precision jumping and platform control too difficult. Other than that love it!

This is a great start, I had fun dodging the increasingly difficult bullets. For the next iteration you could try to add some music to hype the player and some effects (visual and audio) when the player gets hit and when bombs explode.

Also, it's a bullet hell so it absolutely must have some kind of scoring system. You know, for proper bragging rights :)

Fun concept but you should add some music and, to fit with this jam, a time limit.

Fun twist on classic snake. Doesn't fit with the theme of the jam though as there's no limit on gameplay. Still, I enjoyed it.

Nice little rhythm game. Lovely graphics and music. I would have liked more beats so it's more challenging but not a big problem. As for bugs the character sometimes stays white after taking damage. Overall good job.

Fixed the music. Instead of a music cue I added a notification that pops above the player saying "HURRY!" when there's less than 10 seconds and the timer turns red.

I know you're now aware of the ability but I added a notification that pops up above the player when they pick up the ability saying "Double jump unlocked". Should make things more clear without spoiling it for new players :)

Music fixed.

No worries. Getting difficulty right for everyone is very...difficult :). Maybe for a future build add a difficulty option (if you plan on making updates)

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Thanks and happy you liked the theme. You're the second person to mention the music cutting out so i'll sort it out :). Thinking of using a different music as the timer runs out as an audio cue.

Thank you for the feedback. I tried to keep it a bit of a surprise, to let players discover it. Now that you mention it i was supposed to add a notification saying "Double jump unlocked" when you picked up the ability but i forgot :)

Used Unity for many years but recently switched to Godot and loving it.

Same here. Says the server in my area (?) is down. No issues with other games (mine included)

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Thanks for the feedback. I didn't notice the music cutting out. Could be I forgot to loop it.

L.E. yup, music cuts out about 10 seconds before the timer runs out, because I forgot to loop it. While it wasn't on purpose I think I'm gonna keep it in as an audio cue that when the music stops it's time to head for the exit :)

Interesting idea with the jump changing and having to touch the ground at some point. The game is very difficult and feels a bit random. I wish there were bigger gaps between the pins in certain points to try and make players land there to reset the jump.

Also, should change the key that restarts the game to be different than the one for jumping as it restarts the round without managing to see the score.

Quite fun and online leaderboards are a great touch. Also loved how targets would collide between themselves. Good job. If anything I wish there was a ground with shadows to help with depth perception as it's quite hard to grasp how far the targets are.

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Interesting gameplay juggling 3 tasks at once. I would suggest not getting more time when you complete a task but rather progress some kind of ship repair indicator. This way players can see if they can fix the ship in less than 1 minute, with maybe a scoring system for how fast they do it.

The current implementation falls a bit outside of the jam requirement of playing for less than 1 minute, but I'll let it slide :)

Loved the graphics and the music but as others said the hitboxes are too big. Good start as a first game though, keep it up!

Cool concept and good execution. The graphics are a bit blurry and those freakin mines are impossible to see. Loved the music, fitting.

Interesting risk/reward implementation. Can get quite difficult fast.

Got fired for being late. 10/10 so lifelike :)

Struggled a bit to understand it but I like the idea. It has the potential to become a fully fledged puzzler.