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Hey dude, really love your game. I used it as inspiration for a tiny scratch project. Maybe young aspiring game devs will learn something from it.

Scratch Project

Oh wow, dude, you need to find a better employer :)

Keep it simple, do a bit of planning before jumping in, focus on having something playable as early as possible, don't be afraid to scrap it and start over.

you can increase the font size by right clicking on the console top bar -> Properties -> Font. I could force a certain font size using win32 unmanaged api calls in C# but didn't want to risk breaking the game with stuff like that :).

Anyway, i'm glad you liked it.


That's awesome for just one week of work. The challenges are interesting and the graphics and animations are great for a jam game.

The only thing is I feel it's more of a platformer with puzzle elements than a puzzle game per se. Imho you should not have put a death mechanic and instead force the player to either figure it out or give up on his own. But that's just my opinion.

Overall great work.

260 seconds seems about right for a first playthrough for someone who reads fast and catches on the rules.

Source code for people who want to see how the magic happens:

You are right, it would look nicer with proper graphics. I wanted to do it in Unity with 2D graphics using tilemaps and sprites but had no time. I made this one during a boring 2.5 hours meeting then spent 2 more hours the next day making the maps.

I'm glad you liked it. Did you finish it? And how long did it take you?


Assuming i get the time to make it i set my limitation to a single class extending from a monobehaviour. Everything has to happen in that class, from ui interactions to character movement to AI to sound. I'll see how that plays out.

I love your idea. I managed to get a top score of 3 :)

Do you think you could include all required references (the canvas, the math functions) with your script and fit into 560 chars?

Thanks, dude!

Could you clarify what you mean by one script?

Does it mean one file or one MonoBehaviour? I would assume one monobehaviour since otherwise people could just cram all the game behaviours in one file.

On the contrary, I think everyone who managed to complete their game and submit it is a winner. As game devs we all know how easy it is to start something but how difficult it is to see it through to completion. Great job, everyone. Give yourselves a pat on the back. :)

Thank you so much for the feedback.

Indeed, the focus of the game is knowing what events occured and what events can possibly follow and balancing your stats accordingly. I focused more on that because I'm not good at telling stories. I'm a software developer by trade and my creative part sorely lacks which is why I end up focusing more on the numbers and deterministic interaction than story and emotion :)

I would have liked to add more interaction to the game map, beyond just tracking your neighbours, but I was all out of ideas there.

I will definitely continue making games and try to improve myself, both pen'n'paper and digital. I'm currently trying to finish my submission for Me,Myself and My RPG game jam (again, with a numbers heavy and light storytelling because me).

Thanks for the reply. Added it to the description as well.

Yes, it does. However i never managed to get that far. It's a bit too difficult :)

Competitive is what i went for. I don't really have experience with coop games and always felt it's easier to find a way to get everyone at each other's throats than to get them to cooperate :)

Is it enough to put it just at metadata level?

I'm done. I didn't get the chance to play-test it as much as i would have liked but i enjoyed the overall result. Unfortunately i won't have any more time to tidy up the rules document. Oh well, at least it's printer-friendly.

Thank you for playing the game Joshua, and for the amazingly detailed feedback.

This game came off the back of a 3 hours game jam that ran in parallel with your jam. Because i didn't have much time i didn't manage to implement a visual representation of the three stats or a minimap showing the distance to the end (or animations).

And that annoying bug where sometimes you press the jump button and the character doesn't jump is because of the insane way i check whether the character can jump (vertical velocity == 0)

Anyway, i probably won't continue work on it anymore since i have other projects and not enough time. If anyone wants to pick up the idea they're free to do so (and the code is on github).

Thanks again!

Thanks, Vimlark. I just played your submission, it's really awesome. Controls are very smooth and the animation is top notch. Great job.

As for the name i never would have thought two submissions would end up with such similar names, especially given how generic the theme is.

Yeah, that was done so that they wouldn't shoot each other. I tried to mitigate it by not spawning too many enemies at once. I guess the random enemy spawning played against you there :)

Ah, ok, thanks for clarifying that.

Very fun game. The AI is good.

Brilliant idea and a difficult game. It's a shame that, as you said, most of it wasn't done during the jam.

Brakes are for pussies.

Lovely game. Would have liked some traffic to bump out of my way.

Why are there bombs dropping from the sky during a rain? :)

On a more serious note this was a very fun game and a nice idea.

Love the idea but the game is crazy hard. The buttons to press change too fast.

I get stuck to the side of ledges and can't jump anymore. And as Darkyann said, your game supports more than two inputs. And what's up with the grey font on black background? :)

Nice idea but would have helped more fleshed out graphics.

The idea is interesting but the implementation lacks detail. Nothing really happens, only you see products appearing or dissapearing on your stalls and the gold amount changing (which after filling all the stalls seems to never change anymore).

It also doesn't help that you didn't say which of the songs inspired you to make this game and why.

Interesting approach to controls. I enjoyed the game.

Thanks dude! Yeah, i agree the controls are floaty. If i get some time i might polish it up a bit after the voting ends.