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Thank you, glad you liked it!

I'm glad you liked it. The game has many bugs that were left intentionally, like the ability to grab and throw shelves. You don't need the shopping cart at all, you're much better off using a shelf as a plough :))

According to the docs there's a metadata field which can store additional details for a given score entry. But you would still need to figure out a formula to create one score number where the higher it is, the better.

And as far as I can see retrieving the leaderboards is quite limited as you said, relying on that score number alone.

This one is very hard. Also, sometimes the physics just go whack and I get 1 frame per second.

Ok, I'll bite. Here's my game:

Have fun!

I struggled with this one but I like the idea

Fun little game. I enjoyed it.

That's one shaky ride. Polished game with fun gameplay. Reminds me a bit of Road Fighter on the NES.

This is a very polished entry, great job! The theme is hilarious and the effects are very..."juicy" :)

Very interesting concept. Graphics and sounds are very good.

Glad you liked it!

Thank you so much. I'm glad i was able to bring you some nostalgia :)

The idea of a game that raises awareness on suicide is brilliant. But it needs stuff :)

Glad you liked it. I tried to avoid putting too much text on the title screen but that came with a bit of ambiguity on how the menu works.

Thank you!

Online multiplayer was planned too but had to be cut due to lack of time :)

Game follows the themes of Hop and Resistance (snowmen are not damaged by the snowballs).

Additionally it fulfils the following optional guidelines:

    A. menus controlled with one button

    E. local multiplayer

    F. difficulty settings

Fun game. Really like the sounds. Some music would have complemented it nicely.

Good idea. My poor penguin tripped and was jumping on his side. Being able to control with a key on the keyboard or simply by pressing LEFT MOUSE BUTTON anywhere would make it easier.

This game definitely deserves a remake with normal controls. The 1-button restriction just holds it back. Otherwise it's a very nice and polished game.

I got 35 after several attempts. I hate the game over sound :)). Love the simplicity of the graphics and the design.

I think the idea is brilliant. It just needs some sounds and music to pump you up and some juicy explosion and hit effects and could make for a nice mobile game time-killer.

45 seconds and some nostalgia from the Windows 95 era. Nice one!

Not a bad idea but it needs some feedback when I flag images. And some kind of fail state, or a score.

Not sure what to do. I'm clicking next and more bodies fall until I get a Main Menu button.

Good concept. Love the Kaboom! I do think the fact that you have to defend from both sides makes it difficult to handle with just one button. Still a nice entry.

Ingenious idea of balancing the HP of the moon with the planet. And love the menu selection based on where the moon is. Smart.

This is awesome. The animations and sounds are so juicy. Very ingenious use of one button.

For menu you can have different buttons. The 1-button rule only applies to actual gameplay, though it would definitely be an interesting challenge to figure out how to handle menus with the same button :)

As for having a second clickable button, that does count as a second button so it's not quite fitting for the jam. Think of a different way to change the action. Maybe holding the button changes the action? Or double/triple tapping it? Or maybe the action changes contextually. To give you an example, in my game if the character is on the ground the button acts as a jump button, but if the character is in the air it's a fire button.

OP, can i ask why you use such an old version?

From the description: "You may use one or several of them to inspire you. If you don't, that's fine too."

Personally i think it's nice to try and incorporate one of the themes into the game, but it's not mandatory for this jam.

As i said, they're ok. The 1-button rule applies only to gameplay. Using one button to navigate the menus is just an extra optional challenge.

Those don't count but you do get bonus rep and bragging points if you can figure out a way to handle them with one button :)

You should make a game specifically for the jam. You can reuse mechanics from the game you made. It's an opportunity to try something different and make something new.

Godot. Been using Unity for many years but this year switched to Godot and I love it.

Cute concept but i think there's a bug. After i died about 2 times when i hit Retry it starts the round on red and because the character spawns slightly above ground and falls to the floor i lose instantly.

(1 edit)

if playing the level takes 20 seconds (or there's a fail condition after 20 seconds)

Though i would encourage you to just try and build a game for the jam, maybe reusing existing mechanics.

The perspective doesn't matter. Generally what makes a game a metroidvania is exploration linked to character growth in an semi-open enviroment. Backtraking is a common staple of the genre. See the links on the jam page, they will help you design your game.

Only as an amateur. Game jams, small prototypes. I did release a game on the Play Store many years ago, Physics Sandbox, but it was pretty bad and has since been removed by Google as i didn't keep it up to date with their policy changes :). I am however a senior software developer as far as work goes.

I am a pretty big fan of metroidvanias and always wanted to make one. I have 2 decently fleshed out gdds for metroidvanias that i never got to actually build. My latest game, Gold Dash, started as a short metroidvania before pivoting into a fast paced platformer during the game jam as i was running out of time.

Problem is i suck at art. Like, seriously bad. Just look at my games. You can clearly see which ones use external assets and which ones are "drawn" by me. For this jam i'm planning on using Kenney's platformer assets, unless i can't fit into the theme in which case i'll scour OGA for something decent.

Good luck. Now you know what to look out for. Keep it as simple as you can get away with and focus on core gameplay first. You can play a game with crappy art but you can't play fancy art with no gameplay :)