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Remember there's just 7 days left. While multiplayer would be cool, make sure it plays solo as well, so everyone can try it out, even people without gamer friends :)

No prizes,  just bragging rights :)

Hey Pixi. Really sorry to hear that, and don't worry about the jam. Your health comes first. 

Besides, we kinda made it work by picking Kenney's 1-BIT asset pack :)

That's absolutely fine. You're not altering the content of the assets so it's ok to split them for the purpose of using them

According to the rules, you should try to use them as they are, no adding or editing. 

You can use shaders or manipulate them via code.

I would say try as much as possible to use what's in the asset pack, but if it really doesn't work for what you're trying to achieve it's ok to alter or add a bit to it.

The Discord server is here:

Also, while the asset pack is 2D, you can definitely make a 3D game. Think old Doom :). Have fun!

According to the rules you should utilize only the provided assets. Obviously you can shade and manipulate them from code any way you like but you should not add or edit the asset.

And the asset to use is Kenney's 1-BIT Pack. See this post

We'll be using Kenney's 1-BIT Pack.  See this post

Asset pack for the jam is Kenney's 1-BIT Pack. See this post

Organizer seems to be MIA so in the Discord we decided to use Kenney's 1-BIT Pack. See this post

For this jam we will be using Kenney's 1-BIT Pack -> 

It's a pack with over 1000 sprites of all kinds, so it should cover most needs. 

Have fun everyone! I look forward to your creations.

We should be a bit patient. I suspect the host is dealing with real life as he hasn't come around on Discord today.

Thank you so much for the feedback. I'm glad you liked it, and thank you for organizing the jam.

Indeed the speed increases with time making the dash a riskier move later on. 

Glad you liked it. Thanks!

Thank you!

You have no idea how happy I am that you played the game and enjoyed it!

And thank you so much for the constructive feedback. Indeed the screen shake is a bit much when you take out several enemies in a row and take damage at the same time.

I look forward to trying out your game.

Toss snowballs at pigs and elves. Why? Because it's fun!

My record is 54548. What's yours?

Thank you for the feedback. The collision box for the dragon is quite a bit smaller than the sprite. The pillars also have a smaller collider. I think the problem is I switch to the end screen instead of showing something like a death animation, as that would more clearly show how forgiving the colliders are.

The trick is to mix up dashes with flaps. If you notice that a flap will cause you to hit the upper pillar, you can quickly dash, and that acts as a flap cancel. 

But I do agree the game can be very difficult. And unfortunately the way inputs work are one of the reason. One thing on my list was to do input buffering, similar to how quality platformers like Hollow Knight and Ori do it. If you press a flap while you're dashing, it won't register. I also think flaps could act as dash cancels, giving you even more control over the dragon.

You should ask your giftee what they prefer/can play. For example I use Linux so I told my Santa the game will have to either have a web build or a linux build. 

Full stars for the music!

The web build does have that bug where you get the message all lizards were collected after the first step.

Love the physics and the interactive menu. Music is fitting and sounds are good. Fits the theme like a charm. The arrow was a bit wonky but it just takes a bit of adjusting. Not a problem.

Thank you so much for your feedback.

The collision boxes for both the dragon and the pillars are quite a bit smaller than their sprites, precisely to make it a bit more forgiving. So much so that my son, who has a pretty old and slow laptop and the game runs below 30 fps, discovered he can dash through the pillars if he times it right :)

But I'll think of ways to improve feedback when nearing the pillars.

Only the satisfaction of having made a game.

Thank you! :)

It's not a ranked game jam. People can choose to play each other's submissions and give feedback but there's no pressure. It's more about challenging yourself and, if you finish, the satisfaction of making a game.

Yes, but you'll have to pay 20c to Unity for every download.

Just kidding :)

I really like your art style. The Zelda style sections are nicely laid out and it's easy to control the character.

Obviously there's a lot of work left to do and I'm sure you know it, but would be interested in seeing more if you ever plan on taking it further after the jam.

A very ingenious use of light. It took a bit to understand what was going on, so maybe a short notice to stay away from the walls might have helped. Nothing a few seconds of experimentation didn't cover.

A bit more music would have been nice, and a scoring mechanism, either based on the time it takes to complete, or on moves. Or even both.

I'd love to see more mazes, and even new mechanics like trap doors or events that transform the maze. Well done!

Thanks! I'm stoked it's your favorite. What's your high score?

Thank you for the detailed feedback, I'm glad you liked it. Indeed the spotlight is meant to be used to rack up points, but the more time you spend in the game and the more ships come, the harder it is to use the spotlight, as too many ships will make it challenging to stay alive.

Thank you so much! I'm glad you liked it. I agree the graphics could have been better, even with the 1-bit limitation :)

Then it doesn't quite fit the jam requirements

Can it be played on PC without downloading any additional software?

Also, you'll need to add some metroidvania elements, like unlocking abilities that allow you to progress.

(1 edit)

Later edit: do the tutorial people. It explains how left click is for shooting blacks and right click is for shooting whites. Game plays much better once you know the rules :)

Original review:

Brilliant graphics, pretty nice music and smooth controls. The weapon shooting is satisfying and impacts are pretty juicy.

Not sure about the ammo "regenerating" over time. It pulls me out of the action and I just end up running around waiting for it to refill. I would have preferred some kind of infinite ammo to allow me a more aggressive play-style.

I found a bug in the web build. If I press R (which I was doing instinctively to try and reload the weapons) the game crashes.

Music is good and I really like the concept. I wish there were a bit more hints. I got stuck on 5 :)

Thank you! I think the concept had already been validated by my source of inspiration. I just had to make it work for a 64x64 screen size :)

Thanks! I like it too, and was looking for an opportunity to implement it in a game.

Glad you had fun. Thank you!