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When i choose color and then click on an object to paint it, then it works usually, but sometimes it just doesn't. 

I think it's more likely to not work for roof objects in Buildings section. If it doesn't work once, then it never works on this object, no matter how many times i click. However clicking from other sides does work. 

Also after painting operation failed for one object, there's a chance it might not work on other objects, at least for some time. 

That's all the information i was able to collect 

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It happens so often, when i'm scaling objects or when i'm painting them, i do something wrong, i press ctrl+z, and it undos a whole bunch of things, including actions i don't want to undo 

Also, after undoing scaling objects are in the wrong places, not original places 

Hi, can you please make scaling not relative to current size of the object? 

So for example i created a wall that is 11 units long, and then i want it to be 12 units long. And i try to scale it, then it scales it at 0.1 increments relative to it's current size of 11 units, and i get 12.1 or something.  So there's no way to scale the object with original precision of 0.1 unit, and i can't make it look neat and aligned with other objects 

Or am i missing something? Maybe this could be an option, together with scaling relative to current size?