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Awesome! You can take a look at our game and see if you'd like to showcase it. Your feedback would be great!

A very cool idea! Nice work!

This was really fun! I have to say, that house owner has some speed!

Interesting game concept. The use of the boxes and having them fly off the platform was satisfying! It was a bit confusing when the level ends. Occasionally, when I went to 'play again', a random box would just fly off the platform before I even started to move. It was like a bonus block ;) Hope you refine the game and add it to your collection!

I have to agree with most of the other comments. It was really lagged which took away from the game play. You should consider updating this once the jam is done. It looks like it would be a fun game to play!

Thank you!

Thank you! I appreciate it a ton! :D

Hello, here is my game, and was hoping you could rate it!
Hey, If you could review mine, it would be great!

Test your skill here:

Bugger Off

Ah, sorry for the bugs (literally). Some browsers you just need to refresh the page and it'll start working correctly.

Thanks! I Appreciate it a lot :D

Thank you very much!

Ah, thanks.

This game reminded me of Jenga for some reason - minus the pulling out from the stack. If you plan to update this game, you might consider adding weighted 'physics' to increase difficulty to the stacking process. It was satisfying to stack all the items. Great job!

A very nice game, and I think it worked well! The big problem is that the theme, Less is More, is not found here. The theme that I see, is Less = Less. Less battery, less speed. Other than that, nice job!

Great sim builder game. Bonus for adding cute bunnies! Lots of details to the game in such short period of time. Great work! Thanks for the inspiration on using Godot 4 in a different way.

Anytime you can incorporate a haiku in a a bonus! Liked the level challenges. Overall, a really great game!

Liked the atmosphere right from the start. The movements and gameplay were oddly relaxing. I suppose if that wasn't what you had in mind, perhaps adding a more threatening consequence to failure might make it more interesting. Great job!

A very cool, and fun game! Love the art style! Wish I could make games as good as this!

Nice work.

A nice game! Follows the theme of the jam. Levels were a bit hard, lol. I think the artistic side could've been better, but good job overall.

A very nice game! Love the aesthetic. 

Hehe, thanks for the feedback!

Lol, thanks a lot!

I agree with FoxCheeze. It was initially a shock when I dumped my own blocks. But it made it more challenging that you could knock boxes off by being sloppy. Good job!

2 hours! Wow. Still a fun little game. Thanks for sharing your struggles and can relate to the overthinking/over-ambitious initial project.

I was happily surprised at how fun this game was. That hunter has a lot of dogs ;) Just a suggestion; Maybe if there were a few bushes or something to hide behind might make the game play more interesting.

Awesome! Really fast and the controls are responsive! Nice work.

I think this game interprets the theme perfectly, and is really great! Nice job! And the fact all the Graphics are made by you is stunning!

A very, very, very awesome game! This has so much juice, I think I just drank a coconut! Great job, and would love to see more games like this.

Thank you for trying my game! I appreciate it a lot.

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Hello! This is our game, Bugger Off. I'd be happy if you could review it!

Thank you in advance!

Amazing job! Very cool mechanics!

Haha, thanks a lot! And yes, even I got addicted to rolling them over.

A very cool, interesting game! I personally have never been a fan of bullet hell games, but, the fact you were able to make this in such a short time is amazing! Very cool!

A very nice game for sure! The puzzles are fun, yet challenging. Nice work!

Good job!

A very cool game! When I think of Less is More, I don't think minimalism, but it's an interesting way to interpret the theme! It is has nice gameplay and think it is a near-perfect submission for the Jam.

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Thanks! I was aiming for a Katamari-liked game when development started.

This is very cool! Love the art and mechanics! Well done!