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Thanks! We are completely revamping this game. Lots of bugs and broken shrapnel. Stay tuned though...we are going to reload 2.0 soon.

Loved the combat sounds. Monkey fun!

No worries. Running games might not be your thing, but would really like to get your feedback. Dev to Dev.

Thanks for that encouraging feedback! It means a lot to get it from gam devs who understand. There are so many parts of building a good game even if you have loads of time. A Jam is somewhat unforgiving if you have no clue how long coding something or creating assets might take. Even with a powerful game engine like Godot. Tons of lessons in making the game for this. Definitely going to rework this game and re-release it.

Playing just the bot was a little frustrating, not sure if it was a browser issue or not. The multiplayer was much better!

Interesting and fun game. Loved the music! Perhaps end the main music at the end so that I could enjoy my victory song. ;)

Wasn't able to play it. Maybe it was my browser? Looks cool though.

Fun game! Love the death drama- sound design was great! Good job!

The vision was a bit too ambitious. It's the first time ever entering a Jam.

This was super fun! Would like to keep playing. More levels, please?!

This was fun! Such a simple concept but so challenging. That cutie egg face - too much!

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Never played a game like this before. Thank you for introducing this type of game play to me. The pixel creatures were awesome! Liked the break scenes.

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This game was great! The art and animation was so cute and well done. The music fit perfectly. This is one of the top games in this Jam! Everything pulled together and felt complete. Made me want to eat cheese and get a pet.

This is a full game! Amazing. Like that you added a tutorial level.

Fun game! I agree with SuspiciousUniKorn. Would be nice with a little more impact when you fail.

So complete in such a short time - even a trailer!!! Great job.

So unexpected! Challenging puzzles and the music made you want to keep playing. Felt like drinking hot cocoa. Amazing job!

Thanks for the feedback! Polish is coming, but after a lot of reworking. There is so much more to this game that didn't make this round. Stay tuned and hopefully you can give us feedback as we update.

Yes to all of that! We ran out of time for testing and last minute breaking of levels had us panicked near the end. We have lots of tweeks and upgrades coming. Hope you'll check this out once we start fixing things. Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks! We can't wait to build this game out further. Stay tuned!

We ran out of time and wanted to post in order to be a part of the Jam. Lots of things to fix as we continue to build out the game. Thanks for taking the time to try the game and giving your feedback.

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Thanks for encouragement. It means a lot to get feedback from other game devs.

Thanks for the feedback and encouragement. We have big plans for this game and increase the length and challenges. Please stay tuned!

Thanks for the feedback. Glad that you liked it.

Thanks. I really appreciate that you took the time to comment. Thanks again for the positive feedback!

This was made for a Godot Jam and we ran out of time to test properly. Lots of bugs and definitely a work in progress. But we plan to fix, tweek and update this game. Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for the feedback. We were trying to balance out speed with optics, but ran out of time in this Jam. It is definitely something we'll fix.

Thanks for the feedback. Still learning a lot about Godot and we had some issues with the levels. Something kept breaking so we opted to just keep it simple so that we could make the deadline.

Thanks. We had some issues with the looping, but hope to fix that and a lot of other things as we build out the game.

Definitely will add more effects. Thanks for the suggestion.

Yes to all of that...ran into a timing issue trying to get everything to work and not enough time allotted for testing. But all the feedback is great as we plan to fix, tweek and update this game. Really appreciate you taking the time to let us know.

Thanks for the feedback. Lots of plans for updating once this Jam is over. Will definitely look into making the middle ground move faster so that the foreground doesn't get too distracting.

That's awesome! Keep it up!

Love that you can chose the evolution of the character. Very interesting!

Love the little demon dude. Are you going to build out more for this game?

Cute dino! What is the green stuff? Noxious gases? Would be fun if I could pick up dino eggs to evolve. Just a suggestion.

Anyone who can put an axolotl into a game should win a special prize! Really well done game.

Thanks! Will definitely fix that once the Jam is over. Appreciate the feedback.

Thanks for the encouragement.