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OH! that would definitely make the community super active i bet with 3D design and the like to make their custom components to create their own crusher bots, axes and a lot of the like :O you n the team are probably the most innovative game makers ive come to know :D im hyped for the next update and the beta testing~ <3 ^^ big support here~

gawd yes :D Arcane is AMAZING! his Bite Force is legit SPOT ON! also, not sure if youd ever want assistance in making anything like extra wheels, motors etc etc :3

when youre done building just exit to workshop or menu :3 it autosaves it. only way to technically 'delete' a bot is to hit "scrap robot" in the workshop menu.

One feature I just thought up that im unsure how you would create:
Using a UV texture unwrapping export tool to export the texturemap to a PNG, and having an import feature for said PNG for custom texture paints on bots, as the current tools tbh ive no idea how to use correctly ^^`

i too have noticed these same glitches actually. alongside if you use a shape around the chassis for example making a fullbody horizontal or drum spinner[like Axe Backwards from Battlebots] then the bots takes NO damage from sources. only the chassis piece is where the damage is dealt. another 2 common glitches in-game lately are when a horizontal spinner hits a vertical spinner thats pinned in a corner or such, both bots get sent FLYING spazzing and die instantly, while another glitch is that some bots when pinned on a wall just randomly despawn.
A feature i hope to see in the future [unsure how hard itd be to code D:] is that when hit in certain places with DoT, parts and bits would get beaten off, such as busting a wedge off a bot.

heheh ^^ i already signed up even before downloading the last update of it~ OH! one thing to mention. ive noticed a couple bugs im not sure if anyone else has noticed. yesterday while playing, the cursor went off by about a centimetre on screen for some reason. another note i should let you guys know is that unless the chassis piece is visible outside most shapes, it wont take ANY damage in a match. i made Axe Backwards from the Battlebots TV show, and unless it gets whacked by the drum thing in the warehouse it wont get hurt at all. A lil something im interested in seeing come to the game is destructible parts. Such as if a wheel gets a few good jabs from a bar spinner itll come off or tear apart. yknow, to disable a bot :D maybe even chip bits off armor to give a nice open place to wreck a bot to bits.

I am DEFINITELY looking forward to seeing hydraulics and pneumatics debut to make strong flipper bots, alongside maybe even crushers or grabber/lifters. already loving the ability to make custom parts. Have constructed an axe bot already to be honest :3