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I am DEFINITELY looking forward to seeing hydraulics and pneumatics debut to make strong flipper bots, alongside maybe even crushers or grabber/lifters. already loving the ability to make custom parts. Have constructed an axe bot already to be honest :3

Me too, and I love that you are making parts already!

We are working on controls assignment in the botlab now.  It is a necessary step to get pneumatics working.  I’m not sure if they are coming in an Alpha release, so be sure to sign up as a beta tester if you are interested!

heheh ^^ i already signed up even before downloading the last update of it~ OH! one thing to mention. ive noticed a couple bugs im not sure if anyone else has noticed. yesterday while playing, the cursor went off by about a centimetre on screen for some reason. another note i should let you guys know is that unless the chassis piece is visible outside most shapes, it wont take ANY damage in a match. i made Axe Backwards from the Battlebots TV show, and unless it gets whacked by the drum thing in the warehouse it wont get hurt at all. A lil something im interested in seeing come to the game is destructible parts. Such as if a wheel gets a few good jabs from a bar spinner itll come off or tear apart. yknow, to disable a bot :D maybe even chip bits off armor to give a nice open place to wreck a bot to bits.