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gawd yes :D Arcane is AMAZING! his Bite Force is legit SPOT ON! also, not sure if youd ever want assistance in making anything like extra wheels, motors etc etc :3

Thank you for the offer!  I don’t think we are quite ready for community components at the moment.  We are planning to release a “component modding tool” along with the game that will allow users to create anything they want for the game using  the 3D modeling workflow of their choice.  It should free people up to make all sorts of crazy cool designs.

OH! that would definitely make the community super active i bet with 3D design and the like to make their custom components to create their own crusher bots, axes and a lot of the like :O you n the team are probably the most innovative game makers ive come to know :D im hyped for the next update and the beta testing~ <3 ^^ big support here~