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This is beautiful. Loved the slow pace and atmosphere. Really captures the sense of a journey, and the experiences and obstacles that crop up along the way. Seems like there's going to be combat, which is cool, but i'd honestly play an entire game that was like this the whole way through.

Would love a downloadable version of this, if possible...


An arcade project inspired by Asteroids and its many imitators. Shoot stuff, collect overpowered upgrades, and try not to turn into space dust.


  • Punchy and responsive controls, difficult gameplay
  • Several factions, all hostile to each other
  • Overpowered weapons and abilities
  • Amateur pixel art
  • Probably a lot of bugs

Free Download

This is my first project on Kind of my first project ever. There is currently no goal other than survival, though I will be adding a scoring system in the near future, along with some other additions. Future plans are listed on the project page, and I'll post devlog updates when new builds are released. If anyone gets the chance to try it out, let me know what you think. Thanks!

This was honestly the most uplifting experience I've had in months. Thanks for making it.

Thanks! That helps a lot. One clarification: Does Public Restricted place the game on the new releases list? And if so, will the page also appear on that list when I later switch to the Public, unrestricted option?

I've been looking over the FAQs, but I was hoping to get more advice on this. Sorry if these are dumb questions (I've never done this before). Essentially, I am considering make a project page as a way for friends to download and test my prototype. And I just feel more comfortable having a page that I can update gradually. I don't want to make the project public any time soon, because I assume that's the time when it has the best chance of being discoverable, and the game just isn't ready for that yet.

So I guess these are my questions:
1. If I create a project now, and make it public much later, is that going to affect its discoverability when I do?
2. Does it make sense to even make a project page now, or should I just use some other type of file hosting?
3. What would be the best visibility option for this page, if all I want is to send a link directly so they can download for free from there?

Nice promo art. Kind of wish the in-game character art could be in that style. The pixel art looks great, though.

This is wonderful, so far. Thank you! I finally get a chance to throw my typewriter out the window.....

I think I managed to skip something by not talking to the robot after the dealer uploaded some software to my mask. The dialogue later on references something that never happened.

Love the soundtrack. And the art, and the dialogue. Will it ever be continued?

This sounds way too much like one of my recurring nightmares for me to play it.

Wow, that made for a pretty solid detective story. I wish more AAA games I played had this much atmosphere and focus. Thanks for making it!

This is great! Amazing animation and environment art. Feels like a more adventure-gamey version of River City Ransom, which is exactly what I was hoping for. Look forward to seeing how the combat develops.

Really love the way this looks. If only there were single player....

That was sexy as hell. Kind of wish my fighter stood out better from the visual noise on the screen, but everything looks amazing.

Beautiful. If you ever have the inclination, would love to see this as a full-scale project, if you know what I mean. Really enjoyed it as is, though.