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Thank you!

Yeah, I had intended to program that (the code for upgrading is in the game) but I didn't have enough time to implement the ui for it. Thanks for your comment!

This was a really cute game! I really liked everything about it. The only thing I really have to say is that the game crashed on my when picking up an ice cube. But it seemed to be a one-off thing. Overall, good job!

A very good entry! I did a metroidvania for the Nokia Jam 4, and this is much better than mine was! It overall was well designed, and it felt very coherant. The major thing I can say is that the final boss doesn't have enough player feedback to tell if you've done actual damage to him. Besides that the text color is a pure white instead of the Nokia green, but that shouldn't disqualify the game in my opinion. There was also one jump towards the beginning that felt a lot like a "developer jump" to me (a jump that's stupidly hard, but because you're the developer you don't notice. My metroidvania had one as well XD). Besides that the game was very good. I especially liked how you limited it to only playing one sound effect at once to better emulate the nokia. Overall, amazing job!

Overall, I'd say that the game is interesting. There are some elements I think it could use, mainly a progress bar so the player can see how much further they have. But most of it would just come down to polish. The pseudo-3D effect is cool, but can make things a little hard to read and readct to. Overall, It's solid, it just needs some polish!

Overall, for a game made in 45 or so minutes, it's not bad. But I think it definitly leans more on the basic end. Not really much else to say, good job!

Almost a year later and I realised I mispelled the scratch audio name (warairingo, it should have been waruiringo). I also messed up the code somewhere to where one frame is repeated twice on accident. This lead to the video being slightly desynced, but because the cymbal crash still lined up with the water droplet I thought it was fine (I didn't realize it lined up with something earlier).

If you just press Z on the first option on the title screen, the game will start btw.

But yeah, it's totally on me for not playtesting the browser version.


「Pick Up バレット」はとても良いゲームです。

1ビットドット絵が素晴らしい、そしてこのゲームに たくさん Juice があります。ゲームプレイが また楽しい、しかし、時々1ビットドット絵のせいで 敵と弾薬アイテムを 見分けにくいのです。




Pick Up Bullet is a very good game.

The one bit art-style is excellent, and the game certainly has a lot of juice! The gameplay is also fun, however, because of the one-bit art-style, it can sometimes be hard to distinguish between the enemies and the ammo pickups.

Well done!

I just saw other people mention fonts, so I figured I'd say something here.

Note: Technically the cartoony font wasn't made by me (I found it on google fonts), but the game's primary pixel font was designed by me.

Overall this is a decent, juicy game. The AI soldiers were pretty stupid though, usually walking right into barbed wire / enemy fire without striking back. The theme isn't really in the game, but I can see the thought process behind it. Not really too much else to say. Decent game, good job!


Ah, I didn't think about it that way.

And yeah, I forgot to update the page on the game's controls, sorry about that!

Thanks, Glad you enjoyed it!

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Were you using the web version?

Json files don't export to html, so the buttons just default to the error text. I unfortunately didn't catch that before exporting.

If you want the menu options in readable text, you can download the game instead (The .json files export with that, so the text is all fine)

A gameplay video will be uploaded within the next day or so. You can also use that as a guide to the text.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

TLDR; Web version didn't export the correct files, so everything is messed up on that build.

Okay that's exactly the issue XD. Apparently both my version of godot (fixed in a later version) and don't support kerning pairs!

Thanks for taking time to help me, and sorry for bothering you!

Okay, I will be sure too! Thanks!

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(I saw in other community posts that you are mostly kept up do to the war in your country. Don't feel a need at all to check this out, focus on your personal health and other more important things instead.)


I decided to add kerning pair support to my primary game font, yet every time I export the font, it doesn't export with any kerning pairs at all!

This also applies to other fonts I make for game jams and other stuff.

(I'm pretty sure my stuff is alright, because It shows up in the font editor, yet not in any other software.)

In the Font Editor

In My Game Engine of Choice (Godot)

In Other Software (

Here's the json if you want to see it.

password: kerning-pairs


The peak of the game's difficulty is (in my opinion) level 19, the game (for the most part) just gets more difficult from level one onward.

Thank you so much for all of the feedback!

Because of how I divided my development time, I spent the first two and a half days working on the engine, menus, graphics, and SFX. With only about 3 hours of development on the levels themselves. This is (unfortunately) painfully obvious, the levels are not very well designed, the difficulty spikes are insane, and there are so many issues (heck,  I didn't even have enough time at the end to fully playtest the game due to it's ludicrous difficulty.) But we learn from our mistakes, and I think I see improvement in each of my jam games!

Now to go into your actual points of criticism,

I intended to have more varied enemies, with unique bullet patterns amongst them, but I ran out of time to make that. It would have definitely made the game better though.

The cursor having a thicker outline makes so much sense in hindsight, but I never thought about it during the development time. A definite improvement for the fixed release!

Enemy health bars is a feature I considered, but I intentionally didn't implement (as a game-design choice, instead of a time thing.) However, I can't remember for the life of me why I didn't, it would have been better there. Again, a definite improvement for the fixed release.

Thank you very much for all of your criticism regarding my game and the choices made, I really appreciate people being able to point out the things you as the developer don't notice in the game! Again, thank you for your criticism and I'm glad you enjoyed it!

I will probably come back and fix the game-breaking bugs (When the voting time is over,) but besides that I have no plans to change anything nor expand on the game at all at the moment.

But I'm glad you enjoyed the game anyways!


Thank you!

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Yeah, the difficulty wasn't tested at all, I could have done a lot better, but I'm glad you enjoyed what we have anyways!

Nice, glad you enjoyed it!

Thank you very much!

Thanks! The concept wasn't thought out enough. And you borderline have to take damage sometimes. I suppose that's what you get for leaving the gameplay for last XD. But either way, thanks for your feedback!

Thank you very much for your feedback, and I'm glad you enjoyed it!

The sticky jump feedback is something I get on pretty much every platformer I make, so adding coyote time to jumps is a must for future jam projects.

And I tried to add a warning not to mistake the stalagmites / stalactites for spikes, but I do agree that I should have designed them differently. If I were to redesign them, I would add a dithering effect to make them less visible.

Again, thank you for your feedback and I'm glad you enjoyed the game!

Thanks, I appreciate knowing that the warnings helped at least someone!

Yeah, In order to get a half pixelated, half smooth effect, I had to render the game in two separate viewports, and this screwed with the mouse tracking, so I couldn't make the mouse work for twins stick controls. And to keep them consistent, I did the same for the controller controls. Thanks for the feedback!

And again I totally agree that the shooting is a bit rough, but that's just how it goes!

Thanks! I worked hard on the UI, so I'm glad you appreciate it.


I'm not sure about the drift, I had dropped my controller before playing by accident (butterfingers I know XD) so that's part of it, I played hollow knight afterwards though and nothing seemed amiss, so I'm not sure. The sfx were great btw, and I guessed that the music was from an asset pack, but I would have liked to have seen some original music (I'm no composer, so I totally understand!) And about the portraits, I also totally get it, game jams do be like that! Again thanks for the feedback, and sorry I couldn't get back to you sooner!

I see. Well, I've done story based themes before and they don't work too well. But you at least had the theme in mind, which is great! Especially since it was a difficult theme!

This is probably my favorite game on this jam as of yet. The ghost switching mechanic was super creative and fun, the bosses never felt too hard, and I managed to beat the whole game! The visuals were simple, and effective, especially in the backgrounds! The audio was fitting and great, the only reason it wasn't a five is because the sounds were from preexisting packs.

I experienced some major controller drift while playing, so I switched to keyboard and it went away, so I'm going to chock that up to my controller. The character portraits were really similar, and it's obvious that they were all based on one portrait, so some more variety would be welcome. The ending felt a little more sudden, maybe some graphical cutscene would be nice to complement the dialogue? 

Overall this is a fantastic entry, very approachable, very fun, good looking, and sounds great, you all did a fantastic job!

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This game surprised me, it managed to combine a visual novel and a bullet hell!

It isn't really clear what the bullets do, I guessed the red ones are good and the blue ones are bad, and one of the main attacks is undodgeable (due to being really rng based) and there are only around two attacks in the whole game? A little more variety would have been nice, but what we have is good. Also there isn't really a consequence for getting hit, as you can regain your lost health by just hitting red. And again, the theme incorporation could have been more creative.

Over it's a solid entry, could use some more polish but it isn't bad at all, and combining two near-incompatible genres is impressive, overall great job! 

The game was good! It felt very TouHou like, it was really hard, I got to the first (or final) boss and couldn't beat it (I'm not good at video games.)

I can't seem to find where the theme was implemented? If I totally missed something you can reply and let me know, but as of now I can't see where the theme is.

Overall this game was good, simple graphics and gameplay. Shame that there wasn't any sound, and I mentioned my thoughts on the theme above. Good job!