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Kerning Pairs not exporting?

A topic by Skript-Kitty created Aug 01, 2022 Views: 331 Replies: 3
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(I saw in other community posts that you are mostly kept up do to the war in your country. Don't feel a need at all to check this out, focus on your personal health and other more important things instead.)


I decided to add kerning pair support to my primary game font, yet every time I export the font, it doesn't export with any kerning pairs at all!

This also applies to other fonts I make for game jams and other stuff.

(I'm pretty sure my stuff is alright, because It shows up in the font editor, yet not in any other software.)

In the Font Editor

In My Game Engine of Choice (Godot)

In Other Software (

Here's the json if you want to see it.

password: kerning-pairs


I’d suggest to check if it works in other software first - last time someone thought that kerning didn’t work, it turned out that the tool they were using didn’t support kerning in TrueType fonts.

Okay, I will be sure too! Thanks!

Okay that's exactly the issue XD. Apparently both my version of godot (fixed in a later version) and don't support kerning pairs!

Thanks for taking time to help me, and sorry for bothering you!