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For me an absolut masterpiece *-* love every aspect of it 

Great game :) aesthetics and sound are on point. love also the gameidea and gameplay. 

Wish i could play this with a controller. the dash feels a bit rough with keyboards. and indicating the direction with a controller would feel much smoother.

But all in all a sick game :D

yeah i spawned in an closed area where no enemys spawned :P Second round was than way better :D

Really sick and great fun :D

Had really fun playing it :)

Super flashy and feels good :D Wish the camera would move faster to the bottom and the stage would evolve or somthing else with the theme. but it's a sick pinball game 

Sweet concept and nice track. Really liked the Code to modify part.  :D Only issue i really have are the soundeffects :S ear bleeding. but rest is a great game for a jam :)

Cool logic game :D

I like the basic idea but it feels bit rough. Also the first time i played i could only lose :s but interesting concept^^

Thank you :D 

We want to develop it a little bit further like giving it some more levels, animations and soundeffects. and maybe we get a small game together :)

Really appreciating it :) flash games were also my childhood  :D

Cool creatures and sick start screen. Gameplay could be better :P

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Great Audio Pack :D

I'm using one track for a Snake game, with a new Twist, i made.

If you want you can check it out:

So thank you very much^^

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Thanks^^ We will ;)

good game with great humor :D

Thank you^^

Uff... after like 30 round i give up :P still a nice game :D simple and really funny with a cool story too. (/^-^)/

But the hearts are a real scam. U instantly die when falling down, so in 30 Rounds i only lost 1 Heart by a boss :P 

Really impressive :D

but way too difficult for me. but i have a good friend who loves such plattformer, who i can send it ;) 

specially the Background, the UI and the big Bagpack are lovely <3

But overall great work!

Really nice ^-^

Great Game *-* reminds me of Baba is you

Yeah really good  ;)

Simple but quite nice^^

The cat is cute :3

Enjoyed it^^

Dont get the mice at the second level :S

but still appreciated it at the beginning but after 5min the music gets little bit annoying :P

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Nice Little Game ;)

needed longer than i hoped :D

To use Vincent van Gogh as background is a quite unique idea I really enjoyed^^

Super Duper Fun :D

short but really funny :D

Awesome Desgin <3