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Totally agree! When I decided to use TIC-80 I was hoping we could export the game to be in android format in future TIC-80 updates, but I don't think it will happen at the end. And I won't be able to make a port myself.
You can still play it on your phone with the instructions I gave there but that's not user friendly, sorry.

And thanks for the comment! That's cool to see there is still some activity 2.5 years after the initial release ^^

Ok, I'll think about it. Thanks for the feedback!

By the way, was it clear to you that you decide where your opponent can play? I might need to make the rules even clearer but I am not sure how.

You can say it's restrictive but you can also say that it gives you the power to decide where your opponent can play! That is the essence of this game.
I'll think about allowing to play everywhere but that might end up being too close to the tic-tac-toe.

Ok, merci pour la réponse !


Très bonne idée, merci pour ça !

J'ai envie de soutenir en participant au bundle, mais je n'ai pas le temps de faire un jeu en ce moment et le seul jeu que j'ai fait jusque là a non seulement rien à voir avec le thème mais est disponible gratuitement (libre et open source…) sur Est-ce que ça a du sens que je le soumette à la Grève jam ?

Merci d'avance !

Haha, cool!

Not sure I understand the end, there is no luck at all in this game : The big case in which you can play is determined by the small case the other player chose.

Great! Thanks!
Do not hesitate to ask!
If that is easier you can have a look at the game (it's playable on the browser for free), check the illustrated tutorial and maybe play on easy mode a few minutes. That would probably be easier to translate if you understand the rules of the game. But if you prefer to ask me questions, there is no problem I can answer all your questions ^^
I added you on discord, see you there ^^

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Hi Dermir,
I would be very happy to have your help translating my game in Italian! ^^ That's a small simple game containing only about 150 words to explain the rules and in the menus. My game is totally free and open source so I could not pay you, or not a lot.
Here is the game and here is the text . You will probably see that some of the text is written in order to be as short as possible, to fit in the little space I have due to the big pixels. It should not be a big problem if it is longer in Italian, as long at it is not too long, I can still use a smaller font.
Then I can credit you the way you want.
Tell me if you are interested
Thank in advance!

This game is great! Congratulations!

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I'd love to! But I rely on TIC-80 software and that should not be possible before maybe a year, maybe more.

However, if you ever want to play it offline with a better interface on android you can do the following:
1. Download and install TIC-80 from
2. Download Ultimate tic-tac-toe on your phone by doing the following:
 - Open TIC-80 and type `surf`
 - Find Ultimate tic-tac-toe in folder -> Play -> Games
 - Once you are on the game press back on you phone to access the menu and click "Close game"
 - Go back to root folder selecting [..] -> [..] -> [..]
 - Press back on your phone again
 - Type "save /tic-tac-toe.tic"
3. Play Ultimate tic-tac-toe by doing
 - Open TIC-80 and type "surf"
 - Choose "tic-tac-toe"

The ghost is so cute!

Great, thanks!

The tutorial is not available any more. Do you still have it ?

Hi all,
Since the previous update, my game reached a success I was not expecting (still modest, but I was not expecting any ^^) and I got a lot of positive feed back, so here is a delayed release announcement for a new smaller update ^^

Do you remember the movie Inception? Ultimate tic-tac-toe should have been named Tic-tac-toe-ception as it is literally a tic-tac-toe within a tic-tac-toe ^^ In this game each move you make influence what moves your opponent is allowed to make. This twist transforms the tic-tac-toe to a pleasant strategic and challenging game.

Three sets of rules have been implemented, the "Strategic" ones are definitely my favourite but the "Quick" ones are good to chill and I got many feedbacks asking for a version in between that I call the "Normal" rules, so here they are too.

I played this game on paper for a long time with friends until I decided to develop it as a single player game, that probably gave me the experience to write a proper AI that I am quite proud of ^^

I hope you will like this game as I liked developing it!

How about treating developers properly?

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Yes, totally. That's a game I love and I wanted to advertise, but I did not create it. It even has a wikipedia page. However, the AI (with TIC-80 limitations) is my creation.

No, TIC-80 which is an excellent free and open source alternative ;)

Thank you very much!

On which platform do you have glitchiness? I'll try to fix it