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I would definetely love to see tthe weapons we create being used by knights ! That's a super cool idea ! Like we are the weapon supplier !

Would be also cool to have some competition, like other blackmiths (NPCs tho). Just saying !

Anyway, love that game and always looking forward for the development.

So hyped ! I already see the bronze alloy in my shop haha ! Thanks Dasius for being active.

You can close boxes with left click, items wont move into the box.

Thats why i actually have iron for the first time lmao im making 7 crates of ore each time i go to the mine

Yes, i knew for the pickaxe rush. Thanks for the Hammer. Didnt know what it changes.

Hi. My customers dont ask for iron, but i have plenty in my shop. I dont know how to make them upgrade, please help.

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Hey there Dasius ! I wanted to tell you my ideas :

-A fancy polearm grip, and a halberd head

-more Two Handed Guards

-gems, so you can put them like runs on the blade or the hammer and make them more expensive.

-Maybe add a dagger grip or blade so it goes better with the grip, because the dagger isnt very beautiful

And that's it. Thanks for reading ! And hope i helped you !