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To be clear: I didn't make the hardware or the Lisp implementation -- those are from (which is not me).  I just made the game and plugged it into telnet.

The hardware does actually support acting as a serial terminal over USB, so I considered trying to plumb something up that would connect the telnet connection to the actual hardware's terminal so you could be playing across the internet on the actual hardware, but that was just too fiddly to do in the time I had, and it would have meant only one person could play at a time (and meant I can't use the machine myself!).

It's like Flappy Bird and Canabalt merged together and rolled into the ocean.  I liked the Canabalt mechanic of slowing yourself down by hitting the obstacles (normal fish).

Took me a bit to figure out the controls (click and hold to attack), and the movement was a little wonky, but I eventually managed to win.

A bit tricky to play single player, but still fun.

I pushed a new MacOS version.  Maybe it'll work, I don't know.

The code is at -- I committed some instructions and bug fixes so it should run.  Maybe.  I don't know, deployment in Common Lisp is still a shitshow in This, The Year of Our Lord 2017.  I don't really need ratings, it was just an experiment, don't worry if you can't run it.