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I can keep posting these as I run into them or I can dump a handful at once.  whichever is less annoying.

I went to both the clinic and the church with a downed party member, but neither seemed to be able to do anything about it. The way it was phrased, I thought the church might be about curing the stat-downs from being KOd, but I didn't even get that much out of them. I could be misunderstanding the point of both buildings.

I entered combat with Ramona down (specifically, I confronted the prankster rat guy after giving him 5 stingers) and combat opened with the "Ramona is down... -1 something or other" message. Is that supposed to compound like that? (the combat did not go well)

I was! Sounds like it could just be a bug that shows up when you reload a save from before 1.2.

Love the new battle open splash!

I opened my 1.1 save in 1.2 and got 3 distinct phone calls in a row as soon as it loaded

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minor spoilers

Still playing through this. Even if level scaling is making the Sewer Wrath Slime a tougher fight than intended, I found it managable by alternating between Lunge and Bribe to stall for another Lunge. I was able to get Devon but didn't realize that the Wrath Slime vendetta meant an inescapable unbribeable boss fight would be appearing on basically every map. I think that means I should stop rationing saves - they're not even $10 yet.

Couple of little bugs I ran into:

The conversation markers on the map started appearing when Devon joined, which made me remember the marker I triggered before recruiting any party members, I think in the room north of the woods bus stop with the attacking flowers? I wasn't sure if that was a bug or a very contextless flashback/flash forward at the time.

You can see a lot of health bars for the empty slots in the Stanley fight if you use Spray. Also you get a Broken Flute even if you win without trying to grab it before the fight? I'd understand if it was intentional, and maybe I missed a line at the end of the fight, but nobody seemed to say anything about it being broken until I turned it in at the Bar.

It would be convenient if the shop interface showed a comparison against what you already have equipped, instead of against baseline stats and a net stat delta. If that's an RPG Maker limitation it's not a big deal.

Still plenty of stuff left to dive into here. I'm really only inching my way through and things like Wrath Slime and Stanley revenge attacks tend to make me regret my frugal approach to saving.

Oh, this was all on 1.1 I think? So if anything changed in 1.2 I haven't checked it out yet. Nothing shows up in the itch client install options on Windows 10 so I downloaded it and forgot to keep it updated

No worries, big projects make it easy to miss the little things. None of that stuff ruined the experience at all but it seemed like the kind of thing you're looking to clean up in a demo version.

Completely forgot about the tip hotline but it turns out pinging the dev on itch with a small bug report gets you the same info for free.

I didn't realize that enemies were always scaling - I thought the purple slimes were the result of me triggering the treasure jacking event. I also assumed that knowing how to pick locks was a skill that another party member was supposed to bring to the table and figured that all of that was gated off for later. Looking forward to diving back in!

minor spoilers

I don't know whether or not I've "screwed myself out" of getting the second party member - I can see him outside the Tower but I don't know how to give him a means of communication. In lieu of that, I'm struggling with just a level 4 Ramona to take on the Raccoon Flute guy with or without the flute. I don't know if I have to complete a specific mission (or any mission) to recruit him but I do feel that grinding my way to a comfortable level at which to face him is a bit of a steep trek. Without any other party members or reliable abilities (except for Bribe, I suppose?) I'm reluctant to explore any place with enemies tough enough to speed up the grinding. I did enjoy discovering the small sewer dungeon outside the apartment and finding that the green slimes were easy enough pickings to mow down. I barely minded the treasure-jacking punchline, the real prize was easy loot. The purple slimes that replaced them were less generous. I also abused going to bed for the night for the free heal until I realized that that was adding to the rent. I'm halfway tempted to fish my way to housing security, an impulse mostly tempered by the suspicion that there's a system in place that depletes the fishing if you do enough of it in one day. Or maybe the big fish were just hiding for that third trip.

In attempting to find other places advance the "recruit someone else so I stop dying alone in the woods" sideplot I encountered a few small issues.

In the clinic, the second door on the right locks the game after the narration.

There's a seam in the tree tiles on the left edge of the docks.

You can run freely in the downtown sewer-dungeon, despite the rule about only running in "safe" places, although the effect on the encounter rate is... dramatic.

I think that other people have mentioned them but the random calls cycle pretty often. They're a nice touch and add to the stressed-out gig worker vibe, but maybe when the pace of the game is more defined it might make sense to make some of them one-time only scattered throughout the plot (and replace the rest with terrible spam callers. is Ramona aware her car insurance is expiring? it's not a bug if its annoying on purpose)

Lastly, I like the "DO YOUR BEST/DO YOUR WORST" splash on entering battle, but it's often half-legible due to the overworld background not contrasting against the black. The first few times I saw it I didn't get a chance to read it. If it plays for every battle in the entire game it's not that big of a problem, but it diminishes the impact of the first couple of appearances if it's half cut off.

I enjoyed Slimes a lot and I'm enjoying revisiting the setting premises that were mostly only alluded to or flashbacked about there. This seems like a much more sprawling project with a very different vibe - an intentional throwback to much meaner early console RPGs with some additional negative feedback loops strewn about as a reminder that capitalism. The screenshots (more than my own stymied progress) seem to indicate you've made some decent headway on that sprawl - best of luck with the rest!

I had plenty of fun rolling through without picking up on it, although I did use Divine Touch and Suplex all over the place - all I really needed to know was that it kept their Numbers lower and/or made mine bigger. I don't use RPG Maker and haven't played more than a handful of RPG Maker games so I figured that's where the knowledge gap was. This wasn't the most ~~~strategic~~~ combat system ever but it being weird and a little messy worked well with the vibe of the rest of the game and that counts for more imo

This was a fun 3 hour binge. Died once to the second boss but reasonably smooth sailing past that. I have no idea what any status condition did but the Bonk skill made the second-to-last boss a cakewalk so I'm guessing it was good to keep them away. orange's sprite getting all excited for his turn is pure art

Of course you shouldn't overhaul anything at the design level at this stage! I don't even think the issues are that big of a deal, I just wanted to share my thoughts.

I had a lot of fun 100%ing this. I'm not usually a completionist but it was easy and rewarding to explore one bite-sized chunk at a time, especially with how many secrets were crammed into each corner of the map.

It took me about 5 hours to complete without a guide, although I wish I had noticed the game speed modifier before I won - exploration demands backtracking and retreading the same couple of rooms can get a little tedious at the 1x speed.

Some SPOILER-HEAVY thoughts and minor bugs -

I tend to explore in depth before I explore broadly and so I was able to rise to ranks 2 and 3 having barely scratched the surface of some places. Once you can carry three items at once, item-shuffling becomes kind of trivialized - either you're going somewhere you expect to swim or somewhere you expect to run, but rarely both. That's not against the design of the game but I will say I don't think that the item swapping was a big part of my experience after the first hour or two.

I thought the mole puzzle was a little confusing - it wasn't very clear to me that, upon them simply appearing, I had done everything I needed to do. I thought it was a bug that they wouldn't reappear or that I couldn't get them to show up while I was close enough to talk. I'm not even sure where I saw the factory entrance mole, and I don't think I was close enough to the pillar mole to for it to be visible when it appeared. My expectation was that I would have to speak to them; I only completed the mission accidentally by returning to the mole room to reread the dialogue. The reward for that was nice, although, as the very last thing I managed to do in the game, a little useless - but you can't really prevent that.

The other puzzle I walked away from with a slightly sour taste was the effigy puzzle. It's not that the solution didn't make sense, but the True Key room you go through to get there had some (I think unique) statues that really threw me off. I left the area and did the whole magic pot journey all over again just to be sure I was recreating those exactly! I liked the actual effigy, I just felt that that was an unintended red herring (at least for me).

I found it slightly annoying that the map button defaulted to showing me the 3D world map. I liked that perspective, I think it helped make the game feel like a comprehensive world instead of a bunch of stitched-together rooms, but 99% of the time I was hitting tab because I wanted to check where I was and where I was going on a room-by-room basis.

I really enjoyed the little stuff hidden in out-of-the-way places for map completionists like myself to find. The weird little creature in the sky with coffee was great, as was the hint guy's lair.

I also thought the magic pot areas were a neat concept. I've only played the version where the patched-in hint was present (was it the snow guy dialogue? the map?) but it added a fun puzzle to retracing your steps to already fairly out-of-the-way places. I liked the flavor of them being mostly "special" places - shrines and such. Full disclosure, I superimposed the hint map over the tab-menu map in an image editing tool, but this is the kind of game where taking notes is hardly cheating.

There were a handful of small bugs I ran into -

  • I got a crash during the Ice Master fight - unfortunately, I didn't copy the error, but I think it mentioned an alarm. It may have had something to do with an attack triggering on a hand that was above the ceiling of the room. That was the only crash I encountered, though.
  • The treasure mimic boss behaves oddly if you bring one of the chests from two rooms prior into its arena. Specifically, when it charges, it'll bounce off the chest as if it were the screen edge, go reeling into the actual screen edge, "land" in midair, and then charge across nothing as if it were on the ground. More silly than harmful, and not terribly useful to cheese the fight, since it still bounces around and the chest can vanish or get in your way.
  • Particle effects from torches and the magic jar tend to go into overload when you pause or look at the map for a while and then resume. Induced some surprising lag, though nothing harmful. Something similar is possible if you hold the spawn-vines button while standing close enough to a torch that it can burn them on instantiation.

Anyway, I really enjoyed this, enough to write up a small essay of thoughts and feedback. Of course I wouldn't expect you to change it post-release based on a rando itch comment but I like to ramble when my brain's been this deep in a game.

Looking forward to what you make next!

Just saw it on Windows 10 - clean reinstall got me past it, though