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Okay thank you. Getting it on Steam then :)

So I never bought anything on Itch before. This will be a direct download right? Or is it a Steam Key since Steam Store page is linked?

I like it!

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Okay looks like i got a couple of bugs worth mentioning.

- everytime i start the game, it resets the resolution and puts it back on windowmode

- loading a game resets the position of the help notes

- can't craft bladed pole arm. Using pole arm grip and short blade doesn't work as shown in blueprint and display. crafting new blade didn't work either

- while trying to craft sword the finished weapon got stuck in the table. saving and reloading the game break apart the weapon, so i was able to recover all 3 parts

- coins got resetted to 0 after loading the savegame

- my level up abilities changed from 1 strength and 1 charisma to 2 strength instead also after loading the savegame

- the shopname i set also got resettet after loading the game

- player info (P) keeps saying i'm still level 1 and i cannot press edit to change my name

/edit okay i give up. Reloading the savegame again resettet my level up abilities all to 0 and coins to 0 again

So the game is fun and all, but whenever i quit and reload the savegame it seems the whole data gets messed up

Using Win 64 Alpha 0.0.6 client on Windows 10

Didn't work :(

I can't manage to put a bladed polearm together at the table. I got a short blade and a polearm grip, but they just don't want to stick together. Tried many different angles.

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First of all I really enjoyed playing this game so far, even if it feels a bit clunky.

But the thing I don't like is how fast the thirst and hunger meter drops down. I know it's part of the difficulty in survival games, and I'm sure it will get easier after some playtime. But seriously, this is a major problem with most of the survival games out there. Let's push the thirst and hunger to a way to fast rate, and BOOM you got survival. But that's wrong in my opinion. Drinking 5l water every few minutes is no fun and not even close to be realistic. There should be other ways to make the game more difficult. How about the sun (heat), mental state (panic/fear), diseases etc. The possibilities are kinda endless compared to the simply way out with fast degenerating thirst and hunger meters.

Just a quick idea.