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I finally got my slime fully working the way I wanted, both on the art side and the code side.  It jiggles when hit, stares at enemies in an aggressive way and jumps at them.

Here's a Slime I tricked into doing a circus act (the ball is a decoy prop that triggers it's attack behavior, without which it just sits there):

Here's the newest sprite sheet:

The slime is now published as  part of my game engine.  If you're interested in that, it's called Big Block Engine.  If you want to use this sprite, it's license is CC-BY-SA 3.0.  For the attribution part, I'm Richard Lewis and if possible please share a link to my game engine when you credit me.

After talking with a friend about it, it became clear that what was bothering me was a lack squishing on the part of the slime and it needed to jiggle just a little, even in it's rest state.

Here's the new gif (I decided to put it on a checkered background this time):

Here's the new sprite sheet:

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I've drawn a slime monster in Inkscape (so I can resize to any resolution required).  I'm trying to make it look like a monster made out of a very stiff gelatin.  To that end, I'm working on an animation to play whenever it's disturbed by a collision.

Here's an animated gif I captured of the jiggle animation, as taken from my game engine:

Here's the current version of the sprite sheet:

As you can see, when struck, the slime jiggles.  Something about this animation is bothering me, every time I see it running, but it's probably just me being a perfectionist.

What do you think?  Can you see any way I could improve this little sequence?  Thank you.

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Having worked on that "cake walk" for a few hours, I can say, yes, I can get it to work.  However, I'm not sure I can ever make it work in a stable fashion, plus very low density fluid ejected actors at ridiculous speeds.  So...never mind.

The other approach I might try would be based on propelling actors to the surface using the collision forces already built into dyn4j, but for that I've got to figure out the walking on water feature.  So, probably eventually, but not now.

Led, what algorithm is your lighting node using?  I'm wanting to build something similar for a project of my own.

Is there, perhaps, an article you could give me a link to that would aid in my understanding?

Thank you.

Nice art.  I like it.

What is the license?  I downloaded it, hoping to find a license.txt or something like that in the archive, but it's just the images.

Is it public domain?  Are there any restrictions on re-use?  Could you please make this clear?

Thank you.

Very good writing in this game. I've never been sucked in so fully by a phone conversation before. It's a fascinating game concept.

Great job!

It's fascinating the way the text seems to be perpetually almost, but not quite, decipherable, or in another language. It's like someone that had a very, very shaky grasp of English went out and wrote an entire library of books.

Try picking up a book that seems almost on the cusp of understanding and try pronouncing a page out loud. It's like you're reading some kind of magic spell.

I think this authenitc gibbberish could be useful under certain unusual circumstances, like picking words for a magic spell in a story. It might be helpful in making up a fake language, too.