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This is well made!! However, I am stuck after obtaining the sugar. I dont see any walkthrough in the downloads. Maybe you've left it?

Niceee, really nice controls of the character!

What an experience! This is something I didn't expected :)

Words can't express... Woof!

Nice Game to play, congrats on your first game! Cheers!

Hi miziziziz, just played your game. I wonder, hmm, the controls are kinda..hard? However, I like the sfx and the envinronment it brings to the player. Good luck for the jam :)

I believe the accomplishment made me smarter. Your puzzles are entertaining and challenging at the same time, I really wonder how can you do that :0 Great Game B)

Hi EndmarkGames, I am amazed how determined you are on completing the game! Thank you so much for playing, and I am grateful that you enjoyed it and had fun. I also appreciate your feedback, so I would keep on improve for my future games (if there's a chance lol). Once again, thank you for the kind words, btw your username and scores will be displayed on the page, at the top rank  section :) Efforts counts, you know!

You need to click the game so that your input will be in game. If you click outside the game, you'll give input on the page's browser, that's why it scroll down to the bottom of the screen. Hope it helps :)

It's alright, keep up the good work, mate! Efforts counts, practice and you''ll be better soon :) I'm new to GameDev and code lol, so I know how you felt. Cheers!

Glad you enjoyed the game as much as I enjoyed making it. Yes, I got some inspiration from the mobile games (btw, Ucube can be downloaded on android) like GD, but GD is way way harder and accurate lol. And I also like the idea where players will learn the map and not just go through once and win the game. Some parts are harder, but I'm still glad you managed to play it, Cheers!

Thank you for the kind words man, you've made my day! Cheers :)

Overcooked but it's pixel? Great game, it could be at the top of the jam :) Cheers!

Thank you for the kind words :) Would surely add the sfx effects after the jam. Glad you enjoyed playing the game! Your game looks nice, will play that asap. Hope you like my game too :)

Wah, this game has very challenging levels, the design and content is on point! I like the game where you need to think out of the box. There are some levels left, will play it again tomorrow :) Cheers!

Woah, not bad man! Do you have a screenshot? Your username and score can be on the game's page :)

I love how there's unlimited bullets :) Could be better if i could shoot the drones and they would break, anyway a really fun casual game to play!

Hi Shovel, I've played your game. It was really fun, and gives me a lot of inspiration for my next game. Hope you enjoy my game too :)

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Congrats for completing the game :) don't worry, slow and steady win the race! And thanks for joining the fun!

btw, your username will be featured on the page ;)

The graphics and animation is so pretty and amazing! btw, the player could just run from the enemies and straight to the boss battle lol, which is still fun :)

Thanks for the run man, YOU are now the fastest cube ever ;) Big score and ZERO deaths?! Here's the prize and Congrats :)

Owhh, thanks for telling me. Game feedbacks are really useful :) And yea, will fix that after the jam. Thanks for follow up my Gamedev journey :)

Hi, I like how the player get to explore the world, it's a nice game to play :) However, the text on the screen seem to be shaking? Is it intended lol because i find it quite distracting. Anyway, cheers!

the graphics looks cool man! And I love Scratch!

Thanks man, I am glad you like it. btw, the slopes are made so that you can dash and jump high (if you can know how to dash lol) ;)

This is so awesome, the game suited the theme very much :) Cheers!

Damm, first game? This is so great, congrats for succeeding your first game jam!

Firstly, Woah! Thank you for joining the fun and I am so thankful for the longest feedback I ever seen lol :) Some of them are real bugs(softlocks, enemies) which I will fix after the jam, and some I will try to learn (the cam position and auto respawn) I just got to GameDev a month or so. I really appreciate your comments, as they show what the game could have been done better and really gives me encouragement! Once more, thank you for playing :) btw your username will be shown in the speedrun/highest score rank on the page ;)

With effort, anything can be great, especially when music is all about creativity and feel :) btw, i will join more jams after a break, so maybe not in the near future. Would love to catch up about your progress as always!

Woah, So glad you have fun as much as I have fun making it :) Thank you for the kind words viv lun~

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Thanks Vico :) I appreciated your feedback as always, man!

I use Soundation, an online daw, but I don't recommend it lol because it is not a good one for making game music. I use it because there'a some premade tunes, which even got me copyrighted on YouTube :( I might find a new one because I personally have strong music theory :) And yea, you could see glitched lines if you're playing on a browser, I think if you download and play it works fine :) Last I think I will remove a few bad screenshots lol thanks ;)

Thanks for the encouragement and feedback! Your game is cool too!

This is VERYYY CUTEE, I love the environment and the cute graphics, and the sound of the waves made it 10x better. Great Game!

NiHao Kuma-Gee, 

The slopes are actually designed for the player to dash, which is not explicitly indicated (only for PCs loll) so that the player could have more speed to prepare a high jump. And I was out of time lol, so I missed the sound effects part. Will surely add them after the jam. Lastly, I found out too that you can unpause even when you died haha, luckily it doesn't cause any gameplay problems. Anyway still, Thanks for the suggestions! I am glad you have fun playing the game. Your feedback are really appreciated :) 

Congrats on your first game, man! It's pretty good and it's better than my first game lol. And I envy your teamwork between you and your GF lol 💖 :)

words can't express this gem... 

Great Game!


btw, it's even better when the music also aligns with the speed, the whole game really inspired me :)

Yes, a small bug I noticed but luckily doesn't cause any gameplay problems. Thank you for the feedback and suggestions, I will keep on improving :)

I am glad you enjoyed the game. I also enjoyed making it! Care for a speedrun ;) ?

Yes indeed, but Ucube Bolt is nowhere as good as GD lol. And I am very happy you enjoyed the gameplay! Thanks for playing and stay safe!