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Not sure if I am missing some of the gameplay, I got to the last area where you click the virus's and the game seems to have no more progression.

My first piece of feedback is on the itch page. In order to make full screen Unity embeds work you need to go to itch settings and click Manually set size to make it 960px by 590px in order to get the full screen functionality to work.

The game is movement based but the grapple overrides everything. I experimented at the start and could hover to the end area, click grapple, and finish the game. If you want to make any other ability relevant you would need them to unlock over time or put a severe cooldown on the grapple. 

The movement seems to feel not tight. In a game demo that is all about movement you need to nail down that feeling. One thing you could do is get the drag to be much higher. High acceleration and deceleration can give the game a much better feeling. 

Bug - Enemy health bars moved and rotated with the enemy. Really you need these to be above the player. To get this effect make an empty game object, and put the enemy model and health bar as separate children. This will make it so things like the health bar can move with the enemy but not rotate when they ragdoll. 

Hope this feedback helps, was asked to give the game a try from your UI/UX designer ^.^

OMG this is so sweet! I am gonna tell my brother Calamilio, he made the music. He is gonna make a full soundtrack for the final game that we are planning on making. 

I think the art style and aesthetic are great, also the resets when you die are quick which is good too. I really do feel like the character controller could be improved by just a few small changes, for sure increasing the gravity and making the jump button lift you less would help make the controller feel more responsive and fun to play. I really liked the retro look and feel to the game, made me feel like I was playing NES.

I really loved the game, there were a few bugs but nothing I am sure you cant fix post jam. Great entry!

I really enjoyed the game! I had a lot of fun playing. I would work to improve the user interface but I honestly really loved the rest of the aesthetic you had going! 

Please read before commenting! I want to thank everyone for the amazing response and feedback we have gotten for our jam game! To capture some of the feedback I already have and am implementing post jam:

  • Accessibility - Add controls rebinding and gamepad support
  • Reforming - Add indicator to where the blob will reform
  • Level Design - Tight spaces make it too hard to build momentum (remove tight spaces) 
  • Unexpected Behavior - When trying to reform in a grate or pipe the player snaps all the way back to where they went liquid, instead I will make it so the player snaps to the nearest liquid particle not in a grate or pipe.
  • Responsiveness - Because the player is liquid the controls do not feel responsive, I will be tightening them up and fine tuning the physics system I built to make the blob. 
  • Locks - Increase the pick up range for the lock/key mechanic
  • Volume Control - I will add a pause menu and settings menu with volume controls 

Thanks so much! I am looking forward to the post jam build, I am honored so many people have engaged with the game. 

I think this game was solid, the only thing I would change is I was not sure when to use space. In other words I was afraid to spend pollen because I was worried I would need it. Its always hard having an ability tied to consumables because then the player is timid and thinks they should hold up and save. I would change that ability to be on a cool down. I think the art and concept were very lovely. A really unique entry in the jam! 

Solid top down shooter controls! I think the spread on the ground was a nice touch but would have loved to see it add a mechanic to the game. I really liked the boss fight, well done! 

All the people on my team were playing this game. So I gave it a try and now I know why. This game slapped. I had so much fun playing. I amassed an army and we were dancing all around. I don't know if it is just me but I would one million percent play a full version of this game. Especially if you had time to polish and animate the dance moves. Very very fun. Got a score of 57648 and a grade A. Awesome job on the jam game! 

Ok the humor and the animations were so funny. Impressive it was only a day. I actually laughed out loud when the wizard hit the gnome in the head with the shovel. 

OMG thank you for this level of dedication to finishing the game, also I just saw the VOD this morning haha. I don't think your a grandma for getting stuck on level 3. To be honest I tuned the game to be a little too hard and will adjust post jam with a lot of the feedback I have gotten. Thanks so so much for giving the game a try, I poured all my time these last  2 weeks into programming my first ever puzzle-platformer and it is warming me up to see so many people trying it out. 

Game was fun towards the end but maybe started out a bit too slow. I think one thing you could add post jam would be maybe a mini map. That way the player can strategize their path better to protect the gnomes. Also rather then the clock counting up forever, I would make the grass more aggressive and count down from 5min or something to reach a win state. I really liked the little polish details like the sound the lawn mower changed based on speed, the trail effect of the character, the little arrows on the edge of the screen. Well done! 

Hey this was a really fun game, the concept is really solid! Only thing you should change in a post jam update is the camera. Right now the dash distance is about half the camera distance so it is to difficult to see where your going. If you zoomed out just a smidge or shortened the dash that would help the gameplay a ton. Would love to see more of this game post jam, well done. 

I think the art and animations in this game were insane for a 2 week time frame. Very well done! If you do choose to continue this game I have one small suggestion. Because the gameplay is centered around combat I think it could help to have the movement of the character not freeze when throwing potions or punching. Generally that makes a game feel a bit more dynamic, perhaps you can separate the animations between the upper body and lower body of the MC to achieve that. Well done! 

I really liked the fact that you had multiple minigames. Also the game where you read the comments had me LUL. The only comment that was missing was, wow your game is a nice "insert game name here" rip off.  Very fun games. My only feedback for a post jam build is maybe add a little more UI and feedback for the rhythm game. It took me a while to realize I was hitting the notes.  

This is great feedback, so it is a bit hacky but I am actually using a custom coded magnet like system. Increasing the magnet strength made the platforming feel more responsive but visually the molecules looked a bit twitchy. I will play around with settings for post jam to see if I can find a better balance. 

The scrolling map was a nice touch, I enjoyed the rpg but sort of real time combat mix. I think your narrative was well done as well.  

Thanks for the feedback, the second the game jam voting is over and I can post an update to the game I will. And I will be sure to include key rebinding! As well as some other suggestions people have made :)  

I played this game for how long? The answer is yes. I got a couple of rebirths. The UI on the game was really well done. It kept me playing for longer then I usually play clickers. Fun entry!  

This game was the much needed stress relief after make a game jam game, so thank you for that. I think what really did it for me was the mechanic where you could leave the trail and ignite it after, it was amazing. 

Honestly, it is a really solid concept. I liked the map that showed my trail of where I had been and also the feel of the movement was great! You actually had a lot of mechanics for such a short time frame and I am impressed. In a post jam build I would change the shooting. I noticed if I held the mouse down it would shoot at a certain speed but if I rapid clicked I could shoot a lot faster. But then clicking real fast kinda hurts my fingers after a while haha. So maybe limit the individual click speed to be the same as the hold down click speed. Great entry! 

This is grate feedback (sorry for the pun). I will look into level design that does not put the player in such tight spots for my post jam update. Because momentum is so important I agree I should give the player a little more wiggle room. Thank you so so much for playing!  

Dang that is really fast! I am super impressed, me best time right now is 6:20 so you were super close to my record. In my post jam build I am adding an online leaderboard so curious to see what peoples times are. Thanks for the nice comment ^.^

I saved the forest, I really liked that the goal of the game was to contain the fire! Led to me strategizing about where to go. My only wish is that you replenished your water a bit quicker in the pool. But I thought the game was fun, if you do a post jam build I would add an area map or super zoom out view that the player could toggle to get a lay of the land. That would lend itself even more to the strategizing aspect of your game. Great job! 

Really fun game with an interesting mechanic I have never seen before! It took a while to figure out but once I did I had a lot of fun. 

After a couple of runs I got up to 9000 wooo! It was fun to play. If you were going to expand on the game after the jam I think it might be fun to be able to shoot the bees haha. 

Art and music was on point, I really enjoyed your interpretation of the theme. In terms of level design I think the wide open levels were a bit intimidating, and personally I enjoyed the more compact levels more. But the game overall was fun to play. When you hit me with the crystal connecting thing, I was like WOW! That part of the game was super fun. In a post jam build I would add an undo button and maybe even a level select, that way if you get stuck on one level you can leap frog to the next. Really great entry! 

The fact that sorting the litter spawned a little 3D model with physics is the reason I played this game for so long. Haha, it was soooo satisfying and the music was relaxing. Very fun!  

I really was surprised by how good the art style was! Also the camera movement was solid! How it panned over the ingredients or the patient, *chefs kiss*. I do see why you mention the prototype missing a lot, this game was super ambitious for a two week jam. But I AM impressed with how much you did fit in such a short time. I hope you continue the project. 

Very fun and relaxing game. The 2.5D aesthetic with the added lighting was a nice touch. I liked the gameplay, only feedback I had was navigation could be hard in the later levels. Especially navigating back to the start, so maybe a mini map in a post jam build could help. Really great game! 

Thanks! I will look into adding an indicator for the reform point post jam. Code wize I do it at the median particle position, unless that happens to be in terrain. This was super helpful feedback thanks! 

Echoing what some others have said, this game had great vibes and was truly addicting. One of my favorite puzzle games I have ever played in a game jam. I really enjoyed it. 

Thanks so much for the feedback! I actually made this game because I had never seen a liquid platformer before and after coding this game I know why. It was a pain in the butt to get the game working at all haha. But thanks for this feedback because I want to see if I can improv the feel of the game, adding a center of character might me necessary for the sanity of the player I am thinking. Will play with this in my next game update. 

Haha! I got to the CEO and won. The boss fight at the end was a nice touch. I also appreciated the random generation of levels. That is so hard to do and I ran into no problems coming across an unwinable floor so well done.  If I had one piece of feedback it is the controls felt a bit sticky at times. For instance if I was holding up and then let go and tried to go left to quickly my character would not move, so I had to let go of the left button and push it down again to start going. I only bring this up because when the controls freeze and your being chased by a killer bagel, it causes a panic haha. But really unique concept for the jam and I had fun playing. 

I WON! My arm hurst a little from my intense clicking lol. But I thing the game is solid! If I had one piece of advice for a post jam build I would add a little UI to make the clicking more satisfying. Also having to try and keep multiple patients alive would also be a cool addition to the game. Maybe one of the upgrades you buy could idle around and help out with multiple patients too. Amazing that this was your first ever jam, really cool take on the theme. I would also love if you could give my game some feedback too. I am looking to try and make a post jam build. I think jams are an amazing way to learn and improve for the future!  

Woooo got a score of 1875 after 2 plays! I really really liked the theming and concept and the gameplay was pretty good. I really enjoyed the mechanic of being able to place objects, almost like a tower defense to help aid your survival. I have two pieces of feedback for a post jam build if you make one. First I think the game took a little too long to ramp up in difficulty. Adding the ability for enemies to shoot some times would really ramp up the game. Also the floor could have some tiles or patterns to help more easily show the movement. Sometimes I could not tell if I was moving or not. But really loved the game, amazing that it is your first jam! Wow! 

Such a cute game! At the start I didn't read the instructions and I ran around hissing at people because I thought it was funny how they ran haha. But I really like the dual mechanic of hissing or purring/mewing. I think if I have one piece of feedback for a post jam build, it is that I wish the radius of the cat was bigger so I could see further. I feel like that would let me more easily see the spreading conversation effect happening, I didnt understand that part of the game until I read the instructions. Really solid entry into the jam! And love that it was your first game in Godot, I wouldn't have known that it was so polished! Would love if you could give my game a play too, I am looking for post jam feedback. 

I can't tell you the smile I had on my face while playing this game. Holy cow is it fun! I wanted to shush the world. The levels were not too long and it was challenging enough to keep me playing through all the levels. I think for more variety post jam different venues could be added, maybe something like that. Honestly though the game was just fun as is. I really liked the powerups. Great submission!  

This was a very unique take on the theme! I loved the gameplay and was surprised by how good the music and sound design was for a jam game. Well Done! Would love if you could give my game a try too. PS I would totally play a full version of this game on mobile. 

It was the last level haha, I made that one a bit too hard I think. But glad you enjoyed the concept and implementation! I had a lot of fun designing the levels.