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Thanks for playing and for your review. I made this game a long time ago (and released it a year later with just a few adjustment), so I did not have the same view on difficulty and game design as now. The game is a bit less unfair when you focus on staying alive and stack a lot of resources for later areas, but it's still pretty rough as it's supposed to be a roguelike where you learn each run. I failed how some things are tutorialized and focused too much on combat, when the experience wants you to search for food, save it for later, and fight only when necessary.

I did some procedural systems for mostly rearranging tracks and stems, but I would love to make a completely generative music but it's a lot of work and that can be hard for a jam. Maybe next time ? I will try to get better with the tools before. I made a music once for a small tactical game where the stems are linked to what character is in your team, it sounds a bit like what you describes.

I used FMOD for integrating in this game, I have worked mostly with Wwise before and that's really nice for adaptive and generative music but it's a bit hard to start with. What did you use for your procedural system? Native Unity/Unreal can be a pain in the ass with audio.

Hey. For the music I used FL Studio with 3 virtual instruments : "Noire" for the piano, "Cuba" for the upright bass and "Abbey Road 60s drummer" for the drums, all from Native Instruments. I composed music for a lot of time, jazz is not really beginner friendly and my tools are expensive, but at the end of the day it's a light orchestration so I could easily modulate and add a lot of small things.

la prochaine fois ça marchera !

For the moment we did not plan to continue working on it, it was a graduation project and most of us now works full time in game studios on other commercial projects. Maybe one day 🤷‍♂️

Thanks for your feedback. This demo is a vertical slice, a short version of what the game could become if it was developed entirely, and these two mysteries are just teasers that are sadly not resolved in the game. :)

It's 1 and 2 in the up of the keyboard, but i only tried with my AZERTY french keyboard, so yeah it seems it doesn't work on a QWERTY keyboard. I'll try to fix it soon.

We did not implements keyboard's UI yet, but I will update the page to show them. It's tricky to control the opening of your eyes with keyboard and mouse, so we highly suggest to play with a controller.

We are really glad to announce that The Eldritch Funk is now downloadable for free on our itch page :

The Eldritch Funk is a mystery and exploration game about investigating why some artists went missing in this big estate, that belongs to a famous funk producer.

Take your camera, your notebook and your tape recorder to gather some clues and unravel what happened and what is so weird about this place.

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Oh that bug probably happened because of a previous bugfix 😳
thanks for reporting it, I was really busy these last weeks so when I fixed a previous bug I didn't take the time to test other rooms than the one that the bug was in.

I fixed it, sorry for the inconvenience, hope you liked the game

After 3/4 months of development, Intrepid Lepid is finally out for free. 

In this narrative/puzzle game, break one law in each level, no more, no less, to get to the exit and escape your family.



We will follow what the public has to say about the game, make a few updates to fix bugs and weird things if our players find some (Spoiler: they will find some).

Spoiler: they actually did, and I had to fix really quickly a blocking bug.

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I am french, I use an azerty keyboard so the movements are with zqsd (which causes problems too), i didn't think about ctrl+w 😂.
I knew there would be problems so I added arrows for movements too.

Thanks for your comment, a lot of those points are because of the lack of time, and yeah I should definitly have cut a lot of contents to gain polish.

Yup I'm french, and I was alone, I didn't have the time to make it read by native speakers, so there surely are mistakes.

The ctrl button is just to throw at "enemies" (just the animated guys with coffee) to kill them. That's a bit dumb but that's how the game works x)

Oh no. Sorry I designed the game with my windows keyboard, I did not think about Mac.
But actually I think the game is beatable with only one ctrl key. It will be just a bit harder x)

For the z order, that's not even that, because the game is rendered in 3D with orthographic perspective, I just badly placed the posters 😂

Yup you probably were pressing one of the button like WASD or arrows and a popup appeared no? Just repush the button.

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A nice idea, and really well executed for the intro. After this, the game lose interest quickly, because the controls are not really convincings. Overall that's a really great game for a jam game. I hope it will get more polish and content.

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Waw. The game introduce the "Out of control" theme so smoothly, and so strongly. I love it.
The sound design, visuals and gameplay work together for that goal, that's really nice.

Oui l'inspiration de Baba Is You est bien présente visuellement et dans les contrôles à la Sokoban :)

Merci :)

On note cette remarque pour la version post-jam, merci 😊

Merci beaucoup, ça nous fait vraiment plaisir !

Je pense qu'on va essayer d'ajouter les briques de gameplay qu'on a pu imaginer sans les implémenter. 😊

Dans les semaines/mois suivant le jeu devrait un peu évoluer dans une version post-jam.

Submit le projet sur la page de la Jam, un gros bouton au milieu, tu dois sélectionner parmi tes projets publics.

Really interesting concept, and ingenious ideas.

Did you try to go full screen ? I think the problem is because the window is too small