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Simmered Eggs

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this game makes me feel like I'm on an acid trip. I love it

it's fun but it feels like you don't need any upgrades as it wouldn't be too much easier to get down the pit, maybe a flashlight upgrade as I could never see the bottom before I hit the ground and died

Thank you! I wish we had more time to put in music and more sound effects though, as the game seems pretty barren when practically no sound is playing lol

Artist here! I think I could have done better on the art lol, but thanks!

It was really fun! The hitboxes were a bit iffy at times and I wish the music didn't restart when you shot but those are just minor complaints, really original 

Artist here! Thanks that means a lot!

thanks I hate it!

The assets look amazing and the gimmick is fun!

really creative!

It was really fun to play, though there was no indication of how many keys you found so it got kinda difficult to tell how many you have

The only think i'd add is a button to speed up time as the enemy turns can get quite long, also the music doesn't

 loop. overall one of the most fun games I've played in the jam so far!

Easily the most fun game I've played so far! also the enemy design is spot on

this game is really cool, if you enjoyed making it then a full game may not be a bad idea

the game is fun and was pretty puzzling 

it felt really polished