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v1.24 uploaded

Make sure to join Discord to get the rewards.

I will be contacting all jammers once zooperdan set the proper roles. I will be checking it like a week from now. If you don't have the "jammer" role yet and you made a game that qualifies, contact zooperdan.

Please, make sure to join by the end of this month (April).

It became much bigger that I anticipated :) All right, I'm upping my share of the pool of rewards. ALL qualified jam finishers (as defined by Dan) will get both Stellar Monarch and Legends of Amberland copy. Distributed via the Dungeon Crawlers discord.

Also, top 5 entries will be mentioned by Home of the Underdogs.

v1.23 uploaded

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All my games run flawlessly on Linux using various emulation methods. I send new builds to "Linux Game Consortium" to verify it works. So far I have never got a single report about any trouble (Proton, Wine, etc). Both stability and performance wise.

Details here: Linux support

While I'm unable to provide a native Linux port I always take a great care to allow my games to be run smoothly using emulation on Linux.

BTW, we have a Discord: drop by if you like!

It seems that "Spanish(Spain)" language is missing? Unless it's the "Spanish; Castilian"? I mean "es_ES".

Also, it should be good to unify the naming, for example there is "Portuguese (Brazil)" but "Spanish; Castilian".

I tried to setup an expansion (DLC), unfortunatelly there is no such category, so I used "Other" with a custom name "DLC".

I think it should be as one of the main categories, like ina all other online stores. With automatic link to the base game and with a proper warning that the user needs a base game to play it.

Excellent! Can't wait :)