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A topic by CryptRat created Jan 17, 2021 Views: 213 Replies: 2
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Such a jam focused on a niche kind of games was the reason why I stopped dithering and finally dared to share something to public (for better or worse :) ), which was a very important step to stay motivated, so thanks for creating such one jam and hopefully tons of new devs will take the plunge.

By april the emergency for updates of my last game should have slowed, so I may submit some novel little game made with my engine especially if some interesting idea triggers in the meantime.

Good opportunity to tell that I love is by the way.


Hey :) Thanks for joining and the kind words! I am glad you like my website :)

One of the reasons I started this jam is I haven't seen any jams yet for this particular genre of games. So far the turnout has been great. Hopefully there will be many submissions too :)

Hope you will submit something. Look forward to seeing it :)

Excellent! Can't wait :)