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Aight so I kind of forgot about this game but I played it now and I'm sad. Very cool, although I wish we could explore Faraway Town...but thats not the point of the game lol.

Good job!

are there jumpscares/disturbing images in there or is it just sad? Its like 11pm and I want to play this game lol

that's where the fun is

Still cool!

An unfinished game in German? A great way to learn more of the language!!

Are there choices/branching storyline?

That was short and fun game. I wish we could see what happened after spoiler the marriage ending tho. It sounds like their relationship wasnt so great.

Thank you! I'm happy you liked it :D

Oh no, I was scared that'd happen :( I tried to make the messages display time not too long and not too short

But thank you for commenting! I'm glad you liked it ^^

Hi, I'm Silver of Froggo. I've been here for a year or even longer, but I never knew this site had a hello, Im...trying to make games in RPG Maker. Because I've never ever released something aside from a little cutscene for a contest. But I'm working on something right now. It's pretty small project, so I hope I can finish it :/ "

Glad you liked it :D I didn't expect anybody to find it more than slightly funny 0.0

I uploaded a new version, does it work?

I'll be fixing this! Thank you for telling me!

Your comment is pretty sus, fight your horny and become chad

That's very cool! Sadly I don't have MZ but  if I do one day, I'll use this plugin or recommend this site to somebody! (unless I forget lol). 

That was nice lolo

I remember playing this game during 2020 summer! It was short, but fun, and the graphics are adorable! Reminds me of Grimm's Hollow!

Did you make it with RPGM2k3? 

yea lmao

Can't wait for the final product! I liked this back in 2020 I think lolo. Have a good work!

Thank you for your reply! 

Thank you!

Thank you for creating free VN-asstes! Its really helpful for people like me with no/little art skills (like me lmao). I really appreciate it and the fact that you donate to cat shelter!

I was searching for something my entine life. I never knew what it was or why I was looking for it, but I kept going. I'd sometimes lose hope because of my fruitless search. But in the end, I always stood up and walked on, because I knew that my something, my precious, was within my grasp.

Then I stumbled upon this game. I knew it. This was it. My whole life has led me to this one moment. To playing RE/COUNT RE:VERSE. Once I pressed play for the very first time, an umaginable wave of joy overflooded me. I cried, I laughed, I commited tax evasion. I was so happy. This game was such a masterpiece. This game IS such a masterpiece. Thank you. I finally found my precious, after all these years. I can finally live in peace.

10/10 when sequel

I'm going to use these in my visual novel lololo! I really like the fact that there are songs. Is there a possibility of uploading lyrics to them?

Anyways I'll upload once (and if) I make my game.

Lololo okay

So I cant use this in my public non-commercial project...?

Hi! I saw a character creator with your assets. Was it made with your consent?

Sutemo's Character Creator by Exuin ( <---- link