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We finished the adventure today. The players ended up teaming up with Gerplak to defeat the boss. Since I'm not sure what the next adventure is like, I made it unclear if she's dead or teleported out at the last minute. I'm ordering Colossus Wake from Exalted Funeral tonight!

We were curious about the stone lion. I'm assuming it was meant to protect the armory, but one of my players suggested that there could even be a magic item under the stalagmites that has been buried by stone over so long that detect magic can't see it. I could see a cool quest coming from that, where the players discover the stone lion defeated and the stalagmites destroyed and then have to go after the person who did it.

Thank you again for a fun adventure!

We got delayed a week, but we're having fun. There's a bit of the sentence missing at the beginning of page 7 (page 6"there are tracks here,a"  page 7 "but with humanoid hands"). And my characters wanted to know more about the temple that Harking is in.

My players like the urgency of the curse which keeps them from poking around too much or taking too many rests.

I'm running this tomorrow and looking forward to it a lot, even though I made it hard on myself by (trying) to scale it for lvl 6 characters.

Do you have an idea of how many sequels you're going to do?

Heck yeah!

I love this so much and I can't pick which monster is the best.

I just GMed this and we had a ton of fun. There are several directions players can go to beat it. At times I wished for more details, especially about the enemies and curses, but we managed well (especially since it was my first time GMing Mausritter or an OSR game)

Highly recommended and a great inspiration for coming up with further adventures.

Totally awesome work

(the TTRPG link doesn't work)

I wish there was a list for the tabletop games (although that's a much bigger commitment)


The work put into the site is amazing

This looks like a cool adventure!

I just played with a fabulous group, but as things got later I tried to speed it up

- when a player hit 4 interest, they started to glow with MYSTIC GLORY. Everyone else had to roll. 1 & 2 got 2 apathy, 3 got 1 apathy. Any higher and no affect. 

- Every time a player with 4 interest had a turn, everybody had to roll again, as above.

- When a player hit 4 apathy, everybody had to roll and were affected as above, which lead to an amazing chain reaction.

- If someone rolled a 1 on perform magic, they rolled a d3 to see how much apathy they got. 

I managed to do a trilled r, and I think it doesn't sound completely wrong! (I took four years of Spanish, but never learned how). More relevantly, all the phonemes will have audio with a vocab word.

I'm probably two thirds of the way done. I need to finish it up quick, since there are other things I need to be doing. But I just need to do voice recordings, a couple more pages, and probably a bit of formatting.

The most complicated bit:

I'm redoing an old, bad conlang that didn't even use IPA and had a tiny amount of vocabulary. I've tweaked the phonology and  phonotactics. I'm going to show off some vocabulary in a twine game inspired by some of the really old grammars/textbooks I have.

I agree with Gwathdring - I want to be able to hang out with my favorite mons (rattata! and other rodents!) and be friends and go on adventures without having to worry about type advantages.

I recently made a Calibre library for mine, but I don't have a ton of stuff yet. Calibre is designed for organizing ebooks. It's only downside is that it's got a specific way it organizes folders and files, so I've got all the files duplicated so I can find them easily by system. In Calibre I've got them tagged with the system, if it's a supplement, how many players, what equipment is needed, etc