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I just played with a fabulous group, but as things got later I tried to speed it up

- when a player hit 4 interest, they started to glow with MYSTIC GLORY. Everyone else had to roll. 1 & 2 got 2 apathy, 3 got 1 apathy. Any higher and no affect. 

- Every time a player with 4 interest had a turn, everybody had to roll again, as above.

- When a player hit 4 apathy, everybody had to roll and were affected as above, which lead to an amazing chain reaction.

- If someone rolled a 1 on perform magic, they rolled a d3 to see how much apathy they got. 

I managed to do a trilled r, and I think it doesn't sound completely wrong! (I took four years of Spanish, but never learned how). More relevantly, all the phonemes will have audio with a vocab word.

I'm probably two thirds of the way done. I need to finish it up quick, since there are other things I need to be doing. But I just need to do voice recordings, a couple more pages, and probably a bit of formatting.

The most complicated bit:

I'm redoing an old, bad conlang that didn't even use IPA and had a tiny amount of vocabulary. I've tweaked the phonology and  phonotactics. I'm going to show off some vocabulary in a twine game inspired by some of the really old grammars/textbooks I have.

I agree with Gwathdring - I want to be able to hang out with my favorite mons (rattata! and other rodents!) and be friends and go on adventures without having to worry about type advantages.

I recently made a Calibre library for mine, but I don't have a ton of stuff yet. Calibre is designed for organizing ebooks. It's only downside is that it's got a specific way it organizes folders and files, so I've got all the files duplicated so I can find them easily by system. In Calibre I've got them tagged with the system, if it's a supplement, how many players, what equipment is needed, etc