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Is.. is that an alien doing that early baby dancing gif?

I didn't, I wasn't aware of your project, plus my game was published over a year ago, while your game was published 2 days ago. I can't find any post through google before then, and the only links I could find on google are two dead links.

Question, will I'll be able to transfer my Demo save to the full version?


Awesome! (Question, is there a way to move the window around the screen?)


Thanks! I think the uncompressed code is about 700 to 800 chars and I decided to compress it even further.

Thanks! :-)


I remember see this in the discord. The pixel work is amazing and nice use of the resolution. Not much to say on the sfx. This is properly more of a personal problem but it would be interesting to see this controlled with a mouse and wsad keys using 2 player controllers.

(1 edit)

Thanks! Thinking of sometime this week implementing those fixes to this week. The reason that happens is that because I wanted other objects around the game to move while the player is dead so I had it where the player couldn't control Oliver and make him invisible. However, I failed to take into account of all the other things related to the character so I fix those soon when I have the time.

Thanks for the feedback! Sorry for some jankness. Was planning having more enemies and features but where ultimately scrapped because of time. Glad to see you would play a larger version of this. May do that one day ounce I learn Godot.

No, the map is small and it's all I could in a small amount of time.

Using Firefox on windows 10.

Here is a screenshot when I first start the game.

Hey I think theirs a glitch where the text is lower than it should be because when I try to make the rice bowls by typing the word above the rice, it gives me an egg.

Hey how do I start the game?

Hey I would like to play this game but I encountered a  runtime error on line 45, tab 1. Any solutions?

Thanks, it's actually from a game called zork.

Thank you!

Here it is.

How did you get the objects to follow the cursor

Hey I just wanted to Comeback and tell you thank you for showing me this videos as I just released a Lo-Fi EP on Youtube and this helped me a lot. Thank You!

I am.

Thanks. Admittedly I should properly expand it but didn't know how to make it interesting without it getting repetitive. Was going to add a teleport mechanic but didn't know how to make it work properly. I know the music needs improvement because, even I make Lo-Fi music in my spare time, I need to work more on my chip tune with the only other chiptune song I did was the menu theme to another pico-8 game I made called Captain Nimbus and also I need to make a quick simple tune and made one in a short amount of time.

Oh yeah I know about that book, I saw an animated adaption off it on you tube and plan on reading the book.

Thank You (Also please tell me more about the existentialist food part. )

I really want to make a small tune with this

Thank you!

Thank You :-)


I love the level design and the character animation. 

Thanks, not sure about the music sync though because the way the red bits work is their actually squares that movement is based on what level it is with me using Pico-8's fillrect function to produce the line part thus giving it the appearance of a 1d plane with 2d objects moving through the plane (got the idea from Flatland)

I was thinking of doing that but not sure how to do with out making the screen feel crowded.

Well Thank You :-)

A nice and relaxing walk sim but I have a few suggestions: have Vinyl Records in the shack or near the phonograph to change the music and add a day-night cycle.

I like it however the gradients make it a bit hard to tell what's what and the ghost are quick, but I love the concept and would play an extended version.

Overall a nice game, could use some work on the controls and what to do if the shushes go off-screen.

6:00 PM EST Today

Well thank you for feedback. I didn't think of teleport but that sounds like something I could do. I was thinking of a story about a objects from flatland are entering line land but I'm not sure about that story.