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Madeleine Ember delivers one of the most harrowing Trophy Dark experiences ever, daring players to trundle through snow, wasting away while otherworldly delights tempt them towards further destruction. While reading this incursion, you can almost see your own breath and feel the pull of the Everspring yourself, well before actually sitting down at a table with players where all this terror will actually spring to life via the group's collaborative effort. Don't sleep on SHIVER. If you fall asleep, the snow may blanket you and you may never be found again.

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Something in the shape of an FAQ:

Q: Is this thing a trick? Am I going to pay $5 for a game that's just a big joke where I spend time making a character and then they just die before I do anything?

A: Not really? I mean, that joke is in there. But there's TWO games: One is a joke game that's much more fun to read than experience.

But there's also a REAL game Amalie invented where you use an invented network of relationships to stave off disaster... for awhile. You and your pals invent characters, and a bunch of NPCs you have relationships with, and then you draw cards that represent emergencies. You spend relationships and skills as a resource to address these emergencies, but eventually you're gonna run out, or you'll draw an Joker (instant end of game). It's play-to-lose but a lot of fun can be had on the way there.

THEN you die.