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Something in the shape of an FAQ:

Q: Is this thing a trick? Am I going to pay $5 for a game that's just a big joke where I spend time making a character and then they just die before I do anything?

A: Not really? I mean, that joke is in there. But there's TWO games: One is a joke game that's much more fun to read than experience.

But there's also a REAL game Amalie invented where you use an invented network of relationships to stave off disaster... for awhile. You and your pals invent characters, and a bunch of NPCs you have relationships with, and then you draw cards that represent emergencies. You spend relationships and skills as a resource to address these emergencies, but eventually you're gonna run out, or you'll draw an Joker (instant end of game). It's play-to-lose but a lot of fun can be had on the way there.

THEN you die.