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Sure, you go ahead and please link me to the game, I'm intrigued!

This is awesome! Keep it up!

Hey this awesome! I'll try to get it for my next project.

Hey I love these! Thank you!

Hello, everyone. I have an issue with the mobile version of my project, or if you make the windows smaller on any device.

The thumbnail appears there, but I don't want it to show inside my projects page, I only want it to be visible when scrolling through my profile.

How can I remove this?


8231 - B

Excelente, muy buena idea, adictivo y la ejecución impecable.

Muy bueno, super adictivo, yo creo que una versión mobil puede ir muy bien. Nos vemos en el stream!
Atte: Shorkieboyo

Thanks for the feedback, if you have any suggestions on future ideas they're more than welcome.

Hey the concept is quite good, also the limitation was handled very nicely, great job!

This game is great, the graphics are just unreal, great job!

Hell yeah, it was fun and the graphics are really cute. Congrats on the game!

Really cool execution, the idea is simple yet presented elegantly with the text displayed per character, the different screens and even a score board, very cool! Great job.

Thank you for playing and leaving feedback, yes, I found this was the case with a big part of the players, so that's my fault of course, I'll try to do better next time. 

Hey, the idea is really good! I think that with a little bit more of work it could turn out to be a great game. It's quite fun! And the sound and music goes really well with the art style.

Hey, really cool! I love the particles, sound and effects, it just goes really well together. Fun times!

Haha yes, I sometimes find myself in that situation too,  the limitation really forced us to do these kind of linear stuff but I believe it turned out for the better.

Thank you so much for playing and leaving feedback! 

Yes, indeed, the limitation really shocked development, I understand that it's a bit hard to understand at first, I was rushing not to surpass the time limit, I had to sacrifice menus and stuff like that. Regarding the sound, I might add it throughout the week. Thanks for the feedback and for playing!

Hey Max I posted a new game if you want to check it out, for a game jam too. I'm letting you know since I know you liked this one.

See you!


Really cute graphics, sound and idea. I really enjoyed playing it.

Very cool and insulting game! Haha I got 'You suck' too many times... Nice!

Thank you for playing!

Thank you! I see... Maybe the cooking happens to slow because there isn't enough temperature in the oven. When you close the door it goes up, and when the food  is properly baked you'll see white particles coming out of it, if you let it in too long they'll burn.

Thanks for playing!

I do have a WebGL Version up, what browser are you using?

Hey cool, we developed under similar concepts, really nice.

If you want you can check my submission too.

It has a really warm and nice aesthetic. The concept is pretty good too, and the inventory system works just like one would expect. Cool!

I also submitted to the jam if you want to check it out, you're more than welcomed to.

Its good concept, hard to keep track of the ingredients while moving, I like it.

I submited to the jam too if you want to check it out.

Very cool UI displacement, and interesting aesthetic.

I also submitted to this Jam, if you want check it out.

Hey cool concept, we used similar core features. You can check my submission too if you want.

Hey the core mechanic is interesting! I liked it.

I also submitted a game to this Jam, if you want you can check it out on my profile.

See you on the next one!

Hey this is really cool, what programming language are you using?

Thank you so much for the feedback!

Hey, this is a good idea! I think it's a bit too fast for someone who doesn't know hiragana well, what I would do is put like, in the main menu, a tab that shows you all the kana or divided by vowels and then you have unlimited time to learn it, but then you play and test yourself with the game itself.


Altisimo juego, muy bien ambientado, artisticamente on point y la musica le viene perfecto.

Bien ahi

No, this is an executable file, made for all SteamVR supported platforms.

Hey, nice job doing this on a plane! It's fun.

I made some jam games in the past if you want you can check them out.

A tool for those who play Rust

Get it here!

-Starter bases designs with costs and blueprints.
-Mobile notifications to remind you to check your furnace.
-Wanna skip night time? This app will remind you when it becomes day.
-Code generator and code guessing minigame.