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Hey, this is a good idea! I think it's a bit too fast for someone who doesn't know hiragana well, what I would do is put like, in the main menu, a tab that shows you all the kana or divided by vowels and then you have unlimited time to learn it, but then you play and test yourself with the game itself.


Altisimo juego, muy bien ambientado, artisticamente on point y la musica le viene perfecto.

Bien ahi

No, this is an executable file, made for all SteamVR supported platforms.

Hey, nice job doing this on a plane! It's fun.

I made some jam games in the past if you want you can check them out.

This will work with any SteamVR compatible device.

A tool for those who play Rust

Get it here!

-Starter bases designs with costs and blueprints.
-Mobile notifications to remind you to check your furnace.
-Wanna skip night time? This app will remind you when it becomes day.
-Code generator and code guessing minigame.

Thanks for the feedback, don't forget to leave a rating!

You're very welcome!

Hey could you please make a WebGL versions to play in the browser? 

Cool idea, you could make this into a mobile game.

I don't know how you made this in a week, but respect.

I'll gladly punch your face.

Dude this shouldn't be free it's way to good! Thank you!

Awesome mechanics! You could really make a whole game out of this .

Thanks for the feedback!

Thank you!

Thank you so much for the feedback!

Hello, thank you so much for the feedback.

Sadly I lost the editable some time ago in a corruption incident.

any chance I find the files in a backup I'll be sure to send the textless version of them

Thank you so much for your feedback :)

Wow, really? Thank you so much for letting me know, since I have no way of testing it on the Oculus.

Did you find it useful?

The game is really fun, maybe the screen shake is a bit much. But well done!

This is really nice game, graphics are great, it is kinda fun except that I wish I could drive that big robot lol.

well done!

We made a quite similar game but we could't finish it!

If you want you can check it out in my profile.

Well done!

This is really cute. What engine did you make this on?

Very fun game, also the puzzles are quite hard. Well done.

Hola Migue, gracias por hostear esta Jam.

Lo que si, le falta la h al link de discord, es un detallito pero sino no te entra a la pagina jeje.

Nos vemos en el fin de la jam!

Apparently it works in Argentina.


I'm from Argentina!

Esta bueno el juego, me gusta que sea procedural, pero me pregunto por que no hay manera de contra-atacar? Es bastante frustrante estar a una moneda de ganar y que en el camino haya enemigos que no se puedan derrotar.

De todas maneras, buen trabajo.

Thanks for the feedback! 

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Please leave a comment after you played it!

Thank you so much for the feedback, yes, I thought about the stamina bar, if I continue developing this game I'll add it. 
I hope you join today's jam as well!

I like the animations and art, the gameplay needed a bit more for me, and I was confussed the enemies wouldn't die, then realized they don't grab the items as often.

Fun game though.

Fun game, the art really works with this one, and the animations are really nice. One thing that I'd love, is if the screen would shake when you destroy enemies, also combining space bar and spamming the mouse button really turned the gun into a machine gun, which is always fun!

I'm not taking part of this Jam because I won't be home for some time, but I have done two jams so far, the last two weeks (Weekly game jams) and I really liked the experience, because I really takes you out of your comfort zone and forces you to start working on things and stop overthinking every little aspect of your game. And sometimes you think a feature will be easy to implement but when you get to work, you realize that thing will take you a couple of hours instead of minutes and I really like that feeling. Also the theme limitation is amazing because you make games about things that you never thought you'd make. 
I'm just really happy that I'm able to join a game jam and have a product at the end of the week or after just a couple of days. 

If you want you can check my latest entry 'Lucky Scraper' in my profile.

Have a nice day!

Thank you so much for your feedback!
I know, the shift key is kinda a must so I might add like a little stamina bar or something like that.

Thanks for playing and I hope to see you enter today's jam as well because I quite enjoyed your submission too!

Thanks for the feedback! Yes, that is one big design flaw haha, but I had to rush the development because I knew I wouldn't be home by the end of the jam. I'll try and add that later though.

Thanks again for playing!

Haha, really fun game! 
I did something similar in terms of dodging things, if you want to check out my submission, it's in my profile.

I hope to see you in the next jam!

Awesome job!