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Nice puzzles! Played through it aswell!

I opened it via BlueStacks

I absolutely love the theme/idea, reminds me of the movie 'Crank' just a little

If you put that idea into a full-fleshed game and make it nonsensical/ridiculous it could be worth a shot

Hell, imagine Superhot with a mission to save animals!!

LMAO that's wild!

Toootally what I was going for!

Thanks for trying it out!

It not being a real game is the only thing that bugged me after finishing it.

I was going for a shop building kind of game but ran out of time and tried to tie the ends :<

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Well done!

(If you want smoother rotations, make the bottle face the direction of the velocity and it'll behave like a thrown spear ;) )

Thank you and thanks for playing!

Yes, them getting stuck is annoying and I'll figure out how to improve that in future games

It's an endless level to save dev time

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Unfortunately unplayable for me because I keep starting on the edge of the road, glitching through the surface after landing the first jump

Someday there's gonna be a hollywood movie about this game, great job!!