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Shnypsle Games

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Thank you! :)

What the heeeeell

Yeah I figured that out too but I literally ran to the metal container area without a shell at all and barely made it there alive

Glad to hear you sang through it haha

Thank you so much for trying it out!

Thanks for playing, Mischla!

Really loved it but I couldn't use neither boat nor metal container and therefore couldn't finish it :(

I am terrified

Very cute idea + art!

Surprisingly quick to get the hang of it despite the sadistic control scheme!

Very well done!

It helps keeping our spirits up to get some feedback :)

Just let me pay 5 bucks for stealth mode DLC ayyy

Such generosity!
12/10 would get my heart broken again

What in the world did I just experience lmao

I need a spartan kick feature in this! Great work!

What a trash game! 10/10

"Um, kthxbai" Nooo!

I'm gonna have to take a looong shower now :<

Great submission! That last level kept me busy for a few minutes!

Great implementations! Combat system was a little too weird to keep playing tho :D

isn't the lack of time the point of a game jam though?

Didn't know the guy but it fits perfectly lmao

That'll be a challenge!

Amazing haha

I timed my rolls to get 5 archers and it's gg from there!

Anything else but the LITERAL GameJam name really

Looped Game Jam community · Created a new topic Theme

Is this theme really all you could come up with?

Hope you're doing good!

always delighted to meet a fellow Patapon, yayyy

Ah yeah, my client doesn't even attempt to play's HTML in the first place, I'm using Firefox if that is of interest

Thanks for playing!

Fun fact: I'm always thinking about adding Patapon elements into ideas but this time I didn't haha

Very well done!

The music starts but there's no game :(

Well done, 2nd attempt was 47sec heh

(1 edit)

Tried it multiple times but never got past the "NEST SWEET NEST" screen
I think it broke because the screen corners were freaking out with jitter :(

Cute game but I hate that it installed outside of the app, it didn't uninstall via neither so I had to manually uninstall

Glad you enjoyed it and thank you for playing!

The real question is: do you even have space to stash away all that sweet prize cash?