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A shame to see this game only half-finished. If you don't mind my suggestion; I could of seen this game become a great RPG style Puzzler. I'm certain time and effort will turn will improve this game tremendously.

Bullets would disappear when I hugged the ship to the top or bottom of the screen. Using this method, I could get a score of about 250-290 before being in any actual danger of getting hit. This was the only flaw I could find in an otherwise great take on a genre without its mechanic. I look forward to seeing where this goes in the future.

What needs to be said, has already been said.

Quite hectic. I wouldn't say a shooter without shooting is the strongest of concepts considering a lot of 2D shooters are more about surviving a bullet hell rather than actually shooting, but, this game was very reminiscent of the arcade genre of video games. By making the objective about score, the player is encouraged to utilise the game's mechanic and thus all n' all makes for a good attempt at this challenge.

I was unclear on what genre and mechanic you were attempting to create. But, you used shapes effectively to convey abstract objects. Red bad, purple Pogo Stick; all easily understood from a quick glance. Enemies were a bit inconsistent sometimes though. My immediate instinct was to jump on their heads, but sometimes they would disappear, and other times they'd end up hurting me. Anyway, all n' all... Not Bad. 

I was intrigued by the premise of this game, however, I didn't feel as though I was accomplishing anything by beating up my team mates. Is the game meant to be multiplayer? Are we only beating each other up because there's no one else? Objectives are important, no matter how simple.