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Glad to hear you had a good time! :)

Kandria was made with the Trial engine:

Aw, very glad to hear that! Hope you'll continue to enjoy it to the end :)

Could have a pool of sentences for him to randomly say, or a couple more needs to manage like sleep, socialising, etc.

Neat idea! I just reaaaally wish there was a way to lock certain items in place or at least have some more friction. It's super tough to build anything tall when the smallest angle causes it all to slip

Cool idea, though I think I would have enjoyed it more if I could have taken the pet to go adventuring instead

The presentation is really nice on this, so good job on that. Unfortunately I couldn't really figure out how to correlate their needs with the items I gave them, or whether the items actually helped at all. I also wasn't sure how I was supposed to figure out which clues to use for new cryptids.

Neat! Surprisingly engaging fishing game, good job!

Well damn, I was so in love with my pet that ending really took me by surprise!

The only way I could see this improved is if 1) they were birds and 2) they interacted with the actual windows. Very cool though, brought back a buncha childhood memories!

Quite charming, I'm amazed at how many different cosmetic options you managed to squeeze in here!

I could see this being an interesting gameplay balance mechanic if the orbiting spheres would disappear and you had to somehow correlate their orbit with enemy patterns.

My pet died while I was recording a youtube video. I guess we now have confirmation that YouTube does, in fact, kill

Rest in peace, big rizzle

Very cool, always wanted to feel like a war criminal!

Damn, those sounds are horrifying! Good job!

Hi! This was a lot of fun to play, nicely short and sweet. You need to include the following DLLs from the MSYS2 distribution though: libgcc_s_seh-1.dll libwinpthread-1.dll libstdc++-6.dll

Cool idea, though I couldn't figure out how to properly feed the pet? The items just dropped inside the house, but it wouldn't pick them up. Could see this developing into an almost animal-crossing kinda thing with some more work though!

Neat idea, but I was confused on how my actions influenced the mood meter? I couldn't figure out if I had to hit sleep at specific points or how that affected anything.

Very ambitious, and I'm surprised that you even got multiple race levels in! It was hard to tell when the fruit were ready to harvest or whether my shaking was doing at all though...

It was really neat to see it grow up, though I wish it was clearer what the interactions are and whether they're successful? I was quite confused and couldn't figure out whether what I did changed anything at all.

Nice chill atmosphere, though I wish there were a couple more ways for the little guy to interact with me!

Thanks for checking it out! Too bad you missed that you can get special seeds that give more interesting genetic combinations at the shop.