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Major Update v1.3 : kindly click the image to go to the devlog with the update description!

Hey, everyone! =)

I've just updated this pack to v1.1. Now there are 2 complete colour schemes (e.g., for player's / good side, and enemy's / evil side), each includes 16 spaceships (pixel-art. power-of-two(POT)).

Hope it will be helpful to someone in creating retro top-down view strategies, shooters or other games!

Warm regards,
Mark Dugarov

Hey, everyone! =)

Allow me to introduce my 2D Pixel-Art Spaceships Pack to you!

Click on the image above to open the link!!

ENJOY & be happy!

Warm regards,
Mark Dugarov

Hi, ManipulatedMonster!

Your Top-Down assets look good!

Although, I would recommend correcting the filenames.

For example, instead of "z8teXqErewuBW5l8XcTf1nOjaFjxU39C0qcvV8FpmL0-1.png.png1 kB" – maybe name it "Attack Helicopter Green"?

In general, it reminds me of good ol' top-down military arcades spirit! =)

Warm regards,
Mark D.

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Hey, guys!

Hope it doesn't violate the community rules to comment the initial release announcement; but I've just updated (major update) this 2D Pixel-Art Firearms Pack!

Now there are 15 firearms (instead of initial 10).

Also, I have added initial animations spritesheets (of firing/shooting, without flames and shells, but (optionally) with recoil/vibrations/shaking).

You can click on the image to open the link (in a new tab).

Hope you'd like it! Feel free to leave any feedback!

Warm regards,
Mark Dugarov

Hello, E R Barratt!

Thanks for sharing REAPER!
I think everything is fine with the character movement (speed, maneuverability, etc.).
I like the guns/weapon system. And AI/enemies are cool too! Personally, I don't like the too-gory-for-my-taste death of enemies (would be cool to have an option to disable gore).
Might be that screen shakes should be an option too, but I didn't feel that they're annoying or anything.
And the shady mood is really great! I believe it's just right!
So, to conclude, everything is great; but not a fan of gore.

Are you still developing it? Or is it somewhat dead?

Warm regards,

Mark D.


Thank you, andre-lima!

Nice game you have here!

I believe it's a good exercise for one's attention, or just a way to temporarily switch your mind to something else!

Thanks again,

Mark D.

2D Pixel-Art Firearms Pack

Original pixel-art 64 x 32 sprites (also packed in a POT 256 x 256 spritesheet)

Click on the .GIF-image above to open the link!!

ENJOY & be happy !! =)

Warm regards,

Mark Dugarov

Thank you, Imperia Studios!

I've bought Saloon Keeper recently and have tried the new/fixed version – works flawlessly!

Very atmospheric. The piano button is a really cool feature (didn't notice it at first) =D

I really enjoyed the game! I love that you don't need to spend too much time to achieve an ending, yet the game is breathtaking and unpredictable at the same time!

Hey, Imperia Studios!
Thank you for this really cool game!
I've discovered only one ending for now, but I liked it! I will certainly play more when I have free time.
There's a minor bug – some replicas (in the middle of the game, with Wyllburn) were in Portugal language, although I chose English language. Will be great if you fix it in the newer versions.
Thanks again!
Warm regards,
Mark D.