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Hey, Imperia Studios!
Thank you for this really cool game!
I've discovered only one ending for now, but I liked it! I will certainly play more when I have free time.
There's a minor bug – some replicas (in the middle of the game, with Wyllburn) were in Portugal language, although I chose English language. Will be great if you fix it in the newer versions.
Thanks again!
Warm regards,
Mark D.

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Thank you for your feedback ShiningArmour! You're absolutely right, the language of the choices was missing for this one dialogue tree in specific, I'll fix it and update the build as soon as possible!

The bug is already fixed and the build is updated! Thanks again for your feedback!

Thank you, Imperia Studios!

I've bought Saloon Keeper recently and have tried the new/fixed version – works flawlessly!

Very atmospheric. The piano button is a really cool feature (didn't notice it at first) =D

I really enjoyed the game! I love that you don't need to spend too much time to achieve an ending, yet the game is breathtaking and unpredictable at the same time!

Thank you very much for your review!! It's excellent to hear such a good feedback for the game.