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The art is really good, the gameplay is responsive, I like it, congrats!

Thank you very much!

Thanks! Yeah that would be awesome!

I like how you control the character, quite creative, also great art!

Cute little game, poor elf boy...

Cool little game, great art, congrats!


Awesome game! Very nice concept and controls. Sometimes it gets weird to do a 180 around the "pivot" character, but I understand that it must be hard to do this mechanic. I liked that they can break walls using the "J" mechanic and the game design was fantastic. Art and sound are spot on as well.

Great job!

I loved the idea, the art is amazing and the sfx are very good as well. One suggestion is to maybe press some button to make the bird stop or follow the light, cause it's very difficult to move and scout nearby zones everything at once, I ended up dying a lot lol.

But great job with this one, nice little game.

Thank you!!

Thank you very much!

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Here's mine, hope you like it!

Thank you!

Great feedback

Thank you very much! 

Thank you very much for the feedback and for playing the game!


This game was very cool! The concept is similar to my game tbh, but the map is bigger. I loved that you can throw enemies on spikes and throw rocks at them as well. It would be cool if you could do a multi kill throwing a rock tho. I miss some feedback when the enemy dies, but I know about the time limitations as well.

Overall it was an awesome game, I had a lot of fun playing it. Great job!

Thank you very much!

Here's my game, hope you like it!

Hey! Here's my game >

Here's my game, hope you like it!

Here's mine, hope you like it! >

Thank you  very much! 

I'll try to make a Web version, I'm not sure if I can change the Jam game to WebGL during the voting session.

I got the neutral ending. The game is fun and somehow keeps you immersed in the simple story, I liked it! The artstyle is amazing and the SFX are very good as well.

The text skipping to the next bubble and clicking in the inventory while near a character makes you interact with the character as well, or with whatever the character is close feels a bit clunky, but other than that I loved the game. Good job! 

Here's mine> 

Hope you like it!

Hope you like my game! Here it is:

The artstyle for your game looks very good, I'll play it and rate it.

Here's my game for you to play:

Hope you like it!

Hope you like the game!

This is an awesome game,  I really liked the mechanics and how you need to manage the energy to get to the end! The art and sound effects are very good as well. Great job.

This is a nice "sokoban-like" game. Loved the puzzles, loved that the hand can be used as a "box" as well, very well-thought game, I finished all the 13 levels and it was a great experience. 

The art and SFX are very good as well, one of my favorite games so far. Good job!

It's a cool "tetris-like" game, It's a simple formula but it works. The art is very beautiful, and the sound effects are very good as well, good job.

Yeah this is an awesome game, the art direction is great, the sound FX and music are great (I had some problems with sound bugs in the back, like, little cracks, specially when it's loading, in the WebGL version). But the story is immersive, the art is fantastic and the game keeps you engaged with the story. 

Superb job with this one!

It's a short game, but it's very cool, I wish there were more levels available. 

The art and SFX are great as well.

Great work with the art and sound design. The ideia is very simple and fun, this mechanic can surely be expanded upon. Good job!

Awesome game, I really like the mechanics and artstyle. The sound design is very good as well, good job with this one!

Nice music and visuals

The animations and sound effects are gorgeous!

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Hey! I didn't know this game existed tbh lol. I looked it up and it really do resemble a little xD