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Congratulations to the team! This is a very beautiful game. Merry Christmas!!

Thank you very much for your review!! It's excellent to hear such a good feedback for the game.

Also, in this version you would have to restart the game to play again in your language, but we added a main menu now, so you don't have to change the language if you want to do more playthroughs at once :D, sorry for that too.

Thank you very much for your video!! Kanto Resistance is a game I helped a friend produce, it is an online multiplayer game, but I guess he didn't finished it, so it's not a full game lol. Guess it's just a demo for testing on-line multiplayer with Photon, but I'm pretty sure it's playable!

The bug is already fixed and the build is updated! Thanks again for your feedback!

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Thank you for your feedback ShiningArmour! You're absolutely right, the language of the choices was missing for this one dialogue tree in specific, I'll fix it and update the build as soon as possible!

Hello! I'm a Game Development student and this is a game I made for an University class. 

In the game, you play as a saloon keeper who will interact with various citizens of the town and change the results of the narrative while manage your savings. The game has 7 possible endings depending on the choices the player made.

 It's currently in development and I am accepting criticism, especially involving the translation to english. Thank you for your time and hope you enjoy your time while playing!

Link to the game:

Thank you very much! It's always good to receive feedback from the community.