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Perfect music toy for the Playdate 馃挴

I found a bug: the name of the first track you edit "sticks" in the header, even if its a different track.

Repo steps:

  1. Start game
  2. Edit any track
  3. Observe title at top of screen correctly matches name of selected track
  4. Return to track select and edit a different track
  5. Observe title incorrectly uses name of first track edited in step 3
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Happy to have a 2048 on the Playdate! Two pieces of feedback:

  • Bug: my best score will update once I beat it during a game, but it always resets back to 1284 when I start a new game.
  • Suggestion: add sounds! Even some basic ones would provide some nice feedback.

Ive found a bug: Demanding tribute causes the View option to also function as demand tribute.

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The "Status" metadata option is useful for looking for completed projects. However the filter option doesnt show in the sidebar unless you have it selected which makes discovering this feature a little obtuse. The only way to select it is to enter the url manually (e.g. ) or click the status link when viewing the "More details" section on any game.

It would be super useful if this filter option was always visible in the filter sidebar like genre, price, and etc.

Ahhhh, thanks for clarifying!

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I'm not seeing this fixed in 1.1.2

Edit: Nor 1.1.3

I've been absolutely hooked on this and it's probably going to be a forever install on my Playdate 馃帀

One request: a feature that would vastly improve the game for me would be a "straight" cannon or some sort of limited aiming line, particularly when aiming with the crank.

I feel like there's been many times that I messed up a shot and ended a run because I didnt judge a trajectory correctly.

I don't normally play yahtzee, but I've played this at least once every day since downloading it!

My main gripe is that sometimes I misselect a category, and end up assigning the dice to the wrong one. I think a confirmation would help a ton, especially when assigning 0 points. Or maybe a way to undo your last assignment?

I seem to have an odd bug where my "selection" always drifts upwards so I'm having a hard time even getting through the main menu :(