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Thanks a million! We look forward to your feedback on Chunker!  

Thank you for your comments. 
We're in the early stages of development, we're lacking in our own individuality.
We will continue to try to find our own individuality.   
If you have time, please play the demo and give us more feedback.
Please keep an eye on Chunker. 

We are very sad. Are you using 32bit? We are checkingif we can provide more support. Thanks. 

A New Boss will appear!  We will release a new version of the demo. We hope you enjoy Chunker.

@Marxxiez Thanks a million! It is an honor to do steaming the chunker on your channel. As you say, we will continue to make up for our lack of individuality.  We will appreciate you keep eyes on us. 

Thanks for the feedback. 

We will continue to make up for the character of "Chunker."

It's an honor to do streaming the chunker. We will continue to improve and come to you with more fun game.

Thank you for coming back to Chunker!  Always welcome feedback!

Thank you for your support! We'll keep running!

Thank you for your reply!

Could you send your email address to I'd like to discuss this with you.

OwlRoker Thanks a million!!
In fact, your feedback is saving us from death.

We were very afraid before we released this game demo.
"Who will play our game?"
"What should we do if no one responds?"

Because there are players like you who give feedback and opinions about our game passionately, wee get the power to continue development. 

Your feedback is very valuable to us and listed on the Chunker Patch Candidate List, and today we will urgently proceed with a total of four modifications and improvements. Patch 100v  is very much your contribution. 

We also mentioned your name on the patch list below.
We will continue to revise the four other things that were patched today.  Thank you. 


@PiralTA  Thank you for your feedback. The issue is currently registered on the bug list and will be revised.  

We are going to post it when the modification is complete. Thank you!  


Brabo! Thank you for playing Chunker again!   


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Thank you for playing your precious time for Chunker. Your valuable feedback will be reflected in Chunker. 

And base camp can make you more energetic with the NPC you save in the game. NPC remains with you forever even if you restart the game. As you can see below....(Of course, the image below is an example and may be different from the real version) 

@dear Superdark  

Amazing! Thanks so much for your meaningful feedback. We will reflect your feedback and develop the game further.

And in particular, the "Grab mouse button" you gave me today was reflected directly in the chunker update 0.0.97v. The patch was completed five minutes ago.

Thank you.

Oh! @superdark! We can't thank you enough. We will wait for your feedback.  

Thanks a million!!  

Chunker is still evolving at this moment.  Please give us a lot of feedback. :) 

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Thank you! Linux builds will also be ready later and will be announced again!    

First of all, thank you for your purchase.
The Trio Pack clearly offers three STEAM KEYs, and currently there are no errors you mentioned.
If there is an error, issue, please contact us.
Thank you.  

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We are going to register the our game as a sales goal.

We don't know where to set the 'sale goal' setting on the dashboard.

Can anyone tell us where to set it up?