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Oups, the building exploded! :P

Nice entry!

You only have one bullet at the start, but you can get more in the treasures.
Sacrificing people lets you change the length of the dungeon, the more you sacrifice, the longer the dungeon, and the more powerups you can get, but it will also be more difficult to get to the boss.

Archers are a bit tricky, yes, sorry^^'

wow this looks awesome!

Wow this game is utterly amazing, how did you manage this in 72 hours?


Cool, looking forward to your feedback!

hmm if you know an easy way to export it to iOS from windows on unity, yes! But no luck so far for me (I'm on windows, which seems to prevent the whole thing from happening...)

I just uploaded a windows and web version. The web-version seems to run on a smartphone in case you want to try it out on there :)

Thanks for testing it! :D

Awesome list, thanks. Death alley is just incredible, to be expected from Seadads 😍

If you haven't yet, be sure to try our humble entry 😊

Let us know what you think :)

haha, you have to make tuna cans :)

1. Get a load of fishes

2. Put them on the band

3. activate the machine 3 times and you get 30$

A more complete version with a tutorial and different difficulty levels is coming soon:)

here is a sneak peek:

nice, keep it up :D

Let us know your high score :D

Hy everybody!

It is our pleasure to announce the release of the four games in the series Atomik [...] of Doom.

These four games were made for the exhibition "Atomik Bazar" organised by François Burland in Fribourg at the Espace Jean Tinguely-Niki de Saint Phalle. The graphic line of the four games, all named "Atomik [...] of Doom" in honor of the exhibition, is heavily inspired by the work of François Burland, especially his well known war ship,submarine and airplaines.

Atomik Chaotik Bombing, Blind Threat, Inaccurate Laserfights and Unpredictable Meteors Field of Doom are all inspired by the main theme of the exhibition: The Cold War. Each game, in its unique way, challenges the player through a new aspect of this period: nuclear and space domination, invisible threat and arms-race.

Enjoy the games at the exhibition in Fribourg, or play them online on here on itch! Either way, we are eager to know what you think of them:)

English version available :D

English version is up!

hey hola

gracias por su interes :)

el juego solo sera en ingles o frances, lo siento :/ 

Hello Cryptic,

We are currently working on the english translation!

the game should be available in english soon :D