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Planedawn Orphans is a TTRPG campaign kit about folks who lost their home anymore so they plan to make a new home for themselves. While I hope this won't be the case here it feels like the right project for the bundle and I'm happy to join another bundle.

Thank you for the kind words! I think you're right in that it is halfway between activity/tool and game, which is where we wanted to land with it, so it's great to hear we hit our mark.

As for print editions: I am not a big fan of Print on Demand so I have been avoiding things like that but I would love to have an actual, physical edition of the game. My dream version comes in a little box, with a booklet for the rules, individual sheets for the tables and some wooden cubes as citizens and power tokens. But producing such a thing is tricky and would probably need a Kickstarter or some other way to do pre-sales. Which is its own chunk of work but I am thinking about it. Maybe it will happen next year. I would definitely love that.

Oh no. What did I write? Yeah, looks like I dropped a 1 there. Will be fixed with the next version!

let us know how it goes! Also do pay special attention to the rules for power. They seem to be a bit intuitive. At least that's what I get from watching some YouTube playthroughs  and we're considering some overhauls. If you have some feedback there, please let us know!