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  • Looking forward to the updated controls.  I typically use either a Logitech or PS4 controller so hopefully those are supported.
  • Can't move to a newer version of Unity?  Well, anyway, I was getting the same message on many apps, yours was just the first.  Turns out it's because Apple is dropping support for 32-bit apps.  If you replace this with a 64-bit build from the same Unity version, it should fix that (and prevent support from being dropped by Apple entirely in a couple months)
  • To get rid of the splash screen, go to Edit, Project Settings, Player.  In the inspector, go to the Standalone Player tab, Resolution and Presentation, and change Display Resolution Dialog from "Enabled" to "Disabled".  I don't think you need the pro version.
  • I don't think there's actually such a thing as a one-button mac mouse, not for 15-20 years.  Anyway, I don't know of any Mac gamers who even use Apple mice. I use Razer.

Haven't gotten very far in it yet... but a few notes so far:

  • Mac version says it's not optomized.
  • Gamepad controls don't work for me.  I can move, but none of the action buttons work, so I had to switch to keyboard.
  • Keyboard controls aren't listed.  I figured out space/enter is interact and shift is run, but I couldn't find the shoot button.  First zombie killed me because I can't shoot.  The splash screen input listings aren't helpful either, I eventually found right-click to aim even though that's not listed in the controls.


  • Rebuilding the game with a newer Unity version to optimize it.
  • Use the InControl asset for (almost) universal gamepad support.
  • Get rid of the splash screen, make an in-game menu to change graphics settings and remap controls.

We'll had me literally LOLing at a few points.

I understand that the lack of polish gives it it's charm, but the general UX could be improved.  Keep everything the same, except make it easier to control.

Hopefully I'll be able to join,

Can we use existing code and assets? For a project like this, I'd definitely want to use InControl, probably Corgi as well.  I probably have a few code snippets from old projects that could be transferred over.

02:36:529, is that good?

Having a lot of fun with it, but my game never saves (Mac version).

It saves with PlayerPrefs, right?  I can't find it in the Library.

The timer continues to count down even while you're paused.  I came back to a paused game to find time had run out.

Anodyne community · Created a new topic Demo?

Any chance of a demo being available?

You should try exporting to WebGL so people can just play in browser

Tried the Mac version 3 times.  It shows the Unity splash screen, and the title screen, but crashes every time you click the "start" button.

You should link back to your LD page for easy voting

Link back you your LD page so we could vote?

There's no game here? How do we play?

Also, who chose dark-grey-text-on-black-grey for the color scheme?