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Did't get too far but I'll try more later.

My feedback so far: I'm playing on an ultrawide display, and for the most part it all looks great.  But the procedual tunnel seems to shift everything to the right side of the screen (maybe later I could take screenshots to show what I mean)

The way the elevators lowers a little bit before raising to the sky looked nice, but it actually gave me an idea to fake out the player a little bit.  What if the first few times you encounter a platform like that, it lowers you into an underground dungeon.  Then after you've come to them a couple times, you expect it to got underground, but instead it raises to the clouds.

Played the Linux build on my Steam Deck during my lunch break.  It works great.

I noticed you scaled your UI to horizontal resolution (Unity's default). I suggest you scale to vertical instead. It makes the UI more consistent on different screen resolutions, including ultra-wides.

Mac version had the same issue that your "Barbenheimer" Mac build did, and I "fixed" it the same way. 

However, there's other issues. It seems to force itself to an ultrawide resolution, and the frame rate is really slow.

I think these issues might go away if the projects were built on a Mac instead of fixed after the fact, and I'd be happy to do the builds for you if you'd like.

First: Here's my fixed copy of the game if you'd like to just share this with your players. I'd suggest just downloading it and uploading it in place of your current mac version: "fix"

FYI, I played again and it still goes to a black screen at the beginning of the second level. But at least the driving portion works.

If they have the existing version of your game, here's the steps I followed:

  1. Download
  2. Extract to a folder called "Barbenheimer_Mac"
  3. Inside "Barbenheimer_Mac", create a new folder called "Contents"
  4. Copy all other files/folders inside "Barbenheimer_Mac" into "Contents" (in the end, "Contents" should be the only folder inside "Barbenheimer_Mac" with everything else being in sub-folders
  5. Rename the folder "Barbenheimer_Mac" to a file ""
  6. right-click (or ctrl-click) on "" and choose "Show Package Contents"
  7. Navigate to "/Contents/MacOS" and find the file called "Barebenheimer" ( it should have a white page icon)
  8. Open a Terminal window
  9. In terminal, type in the following command (without quotes) but DO NOT press enter: "chmod +x "
  10. Drag "Barbenheimer" from the finder window to the terminal window. Now your terminal should read something like "chmod +x /Users/yourname/Downloads/Babenheimer_Mac/MacOS/Barbenheimer"
  11. press enter.  The white page icon in finder should turn into a terminal icon
  12. Should be good to go, now when you double-click on "" the game should start.

I might try installing the Linux version later.

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Thanks for including Mac and Linux, I love the "no gamer left behind" practice.

NOTE: Your Mac version is actually broken. I think I've seen this on many Ludum Dares where the .app is directly added to a .zip.  If you put the .app into a .dmg disk image first, it should be protected. I'm happy to do this for it, if you're willing to share your project files.
EDIT: I fixed it without project files but it crashed at the beginning of the house level. I might give it another look tonight.

you’ll need to do a bit of Terminal maintenance. Right-click the .app, navigate to /Contents/MacOS, and find the single Unix executable file. Open a terminal window and type in “chmod +x “, then drag in the Unix executable. You should wind up something that looks like this:

chmod +x /Users/UserName/Downloads/

Hit enter, you should see the icon change, and your .app should be good to go!

Linux (and Mac) builds here:

I wanted to make some quailty-of-life improvements but having trouble finding the time. I did change the way the quit button works to help prevent accidental quitting, and slightly modified the title screen menu.

Built Mac and Linux versions, and since there was those tweaks, a new Windows version as well.

If I can find the time I'll probably do a bit more input/UI tweaking, and make sure it plays well on Steam Deck.

Since he released the game files, I'm thinking of making Mac and Linux ports.  I'll keep you posted.

I'd be nice if blocking and reporting actually did anything. 

I reported and blocked three people for literally talking about trading illegal pr0n, still see them playing every couple days, still saying nasty stuff to underage players.

Still seeing the same troll players too, calling meetings just to waste time all day every day.

The colors on the page are unreadable unless they're highlighted. Really should make those contrasting.

I guess it's 32-bit and that's why it won't work on later macOS versions?

I'm a Unity developer but I could attempt a 64-bit build of this game if you'd like.

here’s the video where i saw your game:

I actually already know how to do physics-based dice and implemented them into one of my Ludum Dare games.  For a variety of reasons (performance, game pace, ability to “rig” the game) I’d prefer an RNG, i’m just trying to find a way to make it look/feel like a physical dice roll.  Nintendo sort-of pull it it off in Mario Part DS (8-minute mark)

I’m sure i can figure it out, in fact I already have a general idea of how i’d do it, i just like to  pick the brains of people who’ve already done what i’m trying.

If you’d like help with a Mac port, let me know.

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Saw this on the "made with Unity" YouTube video.  I'd grab it if there was a Mac version.
I was actually curious about your dice rolling system.  Are those phyics-based or is it a simple RNG that looks like phyiscal dice?
I'm wanting to implement the latter.

(edit: accidentally said “former”)

My best score is 1240

This looks really cool.  Is it made with Unity by any chance? I'd love to port it to Mac/Linux

Just played a few times on newgrounds.  Love it.

Is this Unity by any chance? I'd love a Mac port and could make it myself if you were willing to let me

Hey, it's not loading for me.  I did play one other submission for this jam just now, so I don't think it's my system/browser.

You can leave Jams before they've ended, but I've had real-life get in the way and have had to abandon Jams midway or entirely.  Now, they're listed on my "Game Jams You've Joined" even though I didn't participate.

Please implement ability to delete these.

Hey, the Mac version won't work as you supplied it.
I saw this a lot during Ludum Dare, the .app gets corrupted when uploaded by itself, it has to be placed inside a .dmg to protect it.
I was able to un-corrupt it using some terminal commands.  If you'd like I can package it in a .dmg and get it back to you.

Decided to check this one out again.
The Mac version won't update because the file gets corrupted when uploaded or downloaded, this is a common problem I saw during Ludum Dare.

Good news, I fixed it with a chmod terminal command.  Placing it inside a DMG file before uploading prevents it from being corrupted.

I can upload my DMG if you'd like.

Looks pretty good.  I'd like a Mac port.  If this is Unity, I could port it for you.

Hey, is this 64-bit for Catalina? I bought the first game a while back but can't load it anymore...

The Mac version doesn't open.

Was this made with Unity? I could possibly do a Mac build for you, if you're interested.

Yes, definitely need to add your LD entry link.  I found this game through and can't find the voting page.

The WebGL game just loads to a black screen, tried waiting and hitting keys to see if it'll start, but nothing.
Once it's working, I suggest linking back to your LDJAM page in the "More Information" section.  People finding your game from can get to the voting page more easily.

Mac version doesn't work. is unzipped to reveal, which in turn unzips to and so on...

I'm unable to vote on your game now, LDJAM just went down for some reason, but I'll try to come back.

In the meantime I'll put my comment here:

"Okay, I have to say, this is the most impressive LD game I've ever seen.

I'll start with the negative, the controls weren't all that intuitive.  W to jump felt weird, I kept wanting to hit space, but that's minor. I'm sure I could get used to it.

Graphics and music were professional level.  The game has tons of personality.  The mechanics are the most original I've seen in a while."

  • Looking forward to the updated controls.  I typically use either a Logitech or PS4 controller so hopefully those are supported.
  • Can't move to a newer version of Unity?  Well, anyway, I was getting the same message on many apps, yours was just the first.  Turns out it's because Apple is dropping support for 32-bit apps.  If you replace this with a 64-bit build from the same Unity version, it should fix that (and prevent support from being dropped by Apple entirely in a couple months)
  • To get rid of the splash screen, go to Edit, Project Settings, Player.  In the inspector, go to the Standalone Player tab, Resolution and Presentation, and change Display Resolution Dialog from "Enabled" to "Disabled".  I don't think you need the pro version.
  • I don't think there's actually such a thing as a one-button mac mouse, not for 15-20 years.  Anyway, I don't know of any Mac gamers who even use Apple mice. I use Razer.

Haven't gotten very far in it yet... but a few notes so far:

  • Mac version says it's not optomized.
  • Gamepad controls don't work for me.  I can move, but none of the action buttons work, so I had to switch to keyboard.
  • Keyboard controls aren't listed.  I figured out space/enter is interact and shift is run, but I couldn't find the shoot button.  First zombie killed me because I can't shoot.  The splash screen input listings aren't helpful either, I eventually found right-click to aim even though that's not listed in the controls.


  • Rebuilding the game with a newer Unity version to optimize it.
  • Use the InControl asset for (almost) universal gamepad support.
  • Get rid of the splash screen, make an in-game menu to change graphics settings and remap controls.

We'll had me literally LOLing at a few points.

I understand that the lack of polish gives it it's charm, but the general UX could be improved.  Keep everything the same, except make it easier to control.

Hopefully I'll be able to join,

Can we use existing code and assets? For a project like this, I'd definitely want to use InControl, probably Corgi as well.  I probably have a few code snippets from old projects that could be transferred over.

02:36:529, is that good?

Having a lot of fun with it, but my game never saves (Mac version).

It saves with PlayerPrefs, right?  I can't find it in the Library.

The timer continues to count down even while you're paused.  I came back to a paused game to find time had run out.

Anodyne community · Created a new topic Demo?

Any chance of a demo being available?

You should try exporting to WebGL so people can just play in browser

Tried the Mac version 3 times.  It shows the Unity splash screen, and the title screen, but crashes every time you click the "start" button.

You should link back to your LD page for easy voting

Link back you your LD page so we could vote?