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A valid opinion, I'm afraid that was one of the first corners I cut to get the game done :p

Thanks for playing, I'm glad you had fun!

This is a fun puzzle game with a cute character and distinct aesthetic. Well done!

I enjoyed the puzzles, I had a tough time early on but moved quickly towards the end. Also, it was sweet to see Zoey rendered in 3D.

While I enjoyed the gameplay, it was the ending that I liked best. The new monster ...

Props to jmanxace for putting his heart into the ending sound effects

Oh, that music. It's well done, but I see why it's optional.

This is a fun game, simple but solid gameplay.

One side note is I kept trying to squeeze inbetween obstacles, unsuccessfully :(

That ending is so great ;)

I quite liked the sound effects you used too

I like the atmosphere and theme of this game, it all ties together pretty well

The simplicity belies the amount of fun this game is. Good job on making the controls feel good, along with that smooth camera zoom out as you get bigger.

This was fun to play, albeit short. My suggestion would be to end the level after collecting the item, to give the player a sense of accomplishment after completing the goal. I love the design and art style and the game play is well done.