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Shallow Lagoon

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Spectacularly cursed! 🤩

Too real 😂

Perfect, you’ve freed them from having to worry about alchemy anymore! We should’ve added a Marie Kondo achievement haha  :)

If free games are being considered I’d absolutely love to include my game Loneliest Depths!

Thank you so much! That’s a really neat idea, a combo menu with little icons would definitely be an awesome addition :)

Thanks for the lovely review! Glad you enjoyed the junk fishing! :)


Hey everyone,

I just released my new game 'Adrift: Going Nowhere'! It's a short experience in which you contemplate life whilst fishing for junk in an oceanic dead zone. It's a little sad, pretty fun and has quite a cute style! I hope you enjoy it :)

Thank you so much :)

Thank you so much for the thoughtful review! It’s wonderful to hear that you enjoyed the game and resonated with the message :)

Thank you so much! You definitely should, it’s an absolutely magnificent piece of software and the 3D tool set it adds to Bitsy is both powerful and easy to use :)

Hey everyone,

I just released my newest Bitsy project, a spooky capitalist horror set in space. I also used aloelazoe's Bitsy 3D beta to create the 3D elements :)

You can play the game here if you'd like:

Hey everyone, I just released my newest horror game, Wish Corp!

Wish Corp is a short, spooky Bitsy 3D experience that sees you enlist in a company and experience the joys of capitalism.

Play now:

Thank you so much, I'm really delighted that you enjoyed my game so much and it's wonderful to hear that you connected with atmosphere! :)

I had a brilliant time making this project and exploring the underwater settings, so yes more ocean themed games could definitely be on the cards for future releases! 

Hey everyone I just released my newest game 'Loneliest Depths', it's a spooky lofi non-linear underwater horror game that sees you descend to the bottom of the ocean in a diving bell!

Play it here:

That’s alright, thanks for playing :)

Thank you so much! I’m really happy you enjoyed my game and thanks for making an awesome video on it! :)

Hey, there are quite a few similar scenes in the game such as the empty ocean floor scenes so sometimes it can seem like things aren’t progressing, keep exploring and you should find new interactions though :)

The game itself is an ambient nonlinear experience where you turn your diving bell’s light system on and off to explore the depths, the programming aspect uses a scene randomiser which picks from the 68 instances so despite being a rarity there are sometimes occasions where the same scene will pop up back to back.

Thanks for playing :)

Awesome video! ✌️😁

That’s fair, I made this game back when I was struggling with poverty and was living solely on a diet of budget tin soups, I think the harsh tone of this game largely comes from me trying to encapsulate that period of misery within the character’s dialogue.

That's really awesome of you! Thank you so much for including my game in your video :)


Thank you so much! :)

This was so good! Totally loved the art design and the writing was great, that talking book was very spooky!

Thanks for the suggestion! I've put a little hint about the jump scare in the description now :)

Thank you so much that's really wonderful to hear! :)

Oh no I'm so sorry, I may have gone a little overboard with the jump scare haha

This is one of the most visually stunning Bitsy games I've played! I'm in awe of how interesting each of the deitys look

An utterly heartbreaking experience!

This is a really wonderful and thought provoking game. Hands down one of the most powerful short games I've played.

This is a brilliant game, I totally loved the ghost mind reading mechanics, the art style and how it was all written! :)

This is such a wonderful and heartfelt game! I totally loved hearing the story behind the creation of Bitsy :)

Thank you so much!

Haha same here! I designed the music based on the sheer terror I used to feel playing the haunted house levels on Super Mario world :)

Thank you so much for all this useful feedback, it's really great to hear which elements were working in this project and which needed further work. The points you've made are great and will be incredibly helpful for structuring the foundation of my next experience, which I'm hoping will be far grander in scope and interaction :) 

Thank you so much, I'm really happy you enjoyed the experimental visuals and concept!

That's a great suggestion, I'm currently fleshing out the concept for my next game project and I'll definitely work on cutting down on the long winded dialogue in favour of further exploration / interactions.


Thank you so much for reviewing my game, I really enjoyed your video! The feedback you gave was super helpful and I'll definitely work on improving many of the suggested elements in future projects.

Also thanks for the shoutouts about my other projects and the four stars! Sorry for making your holiday Monday so depressing with my game dude haha, hope you got a great nap :)

Thank you so much, I'm really happy you enjoyed my game! I'm glad to hear you connected with the experience, a lot of the characters and locations mirror elements of the numerous highly questionable living arrangements I've found myself in over the years and I've been wanting to express a slice of those experiences in game format for ages now :)

The art style in this project was a really new direction for me so it's brilliant to hear that you liked it.

Thank you so much for playing this in your let's play, I totally loved the video! :)

Haha thank you so much! Loved the video you made of the game :)

This was such a cute little game! I really enjoyed running around and finding the animals to photograph :)

Super wholesome and fun 10/10!

Thank you so much, I'm so happy to hear that!

The style is essentially an accumulation of all the different art types I enjoy, it was great fun to create and saw me running around my tiny apartment finding all the unusual objects I could photograph and edit into bizarre constructs :)

Apple Sauce Apartments

Hey DragonExplosion, thank you so much for playing my game, for creating your wonderful video and leaving so much fantastic feedback!

That's brilliant to hear, I'm thrilled that you enjoyed the artwork and concept of the game; the style is completely different from my usual work so I'm really glad to hear that it was appealing to you.

That's a good point, I'll try and break up my future games with more interactions and dialogue that's a little less long winded.

Ooh voiced lines could definitely be an interesting element to experiment with in my projects, thanks for the suggestion!

I completely with you there, there were a couple of extra endings I'd considered which were cut during production because of implementation difficulties and to prevent scope creep but I definitely do think those could've added to the overall experience. Extra endings are definitely going to be a higher priority in future projects :)

That's a really good idea, I think a separate tune for each apartment would've really added to the overall feel of the game.

Thanks for the great feedback! :)