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This is such a cute little game, the sweet bunny is making all of my art dreams come true! :)

Thank you, I'm glad you found the experience interesting! That's a good suggestion, a glimpse of the outer desolation of the world and universe at large would've been fantastic!

Thank you so much for making a Let's Play video of my game! I really enjoyed watching your reactions to the game. The segment at the end where you were analysing the whole experience and conceptual terror was brilliant! I'd probably choose traditional death over this corporate nightmare purgatory too :)

Heck yeah! Thank you :)

Thank you so much!

Had a blast playing this, the art style and concept are brilliant. I was filled with the simple joy of goblin existence and the fortunes befalling them. Amazing work!

May your hoard grow ever larger.

These assets look really good! I bet they'd work wonderfully in medieval themed games of any sort :)

Hey everyone, my free isometric pixel art block pack is available for all to enjoy and freely use within their game projects. It contains 1082 different sprites and is perfect for isometric crafting games.

If anyone uses these assets in their upcoming projects I'd love to see the results! Anyhow, I hope you all enjoy the assets and I wish you a good day.

Here is a link to the asset pack:

Hey, recently I released a surreal independent comic about dead digital pets. It falls somewhere between comedy and a heartfelt homage to the numerous low budget flips of electric products loosely resembling Tamagotchi. 

If anyone is interested I'd really love some feedback about the project :)

Here's a link to 'Cyber Companion Cemetery':

Fantastic, thank you very much, I hope you enjoy it when you come to read it :)

Furiously good with a pleasant pixel art style and a delightful physics based golf system!

Thank you so much for playing my tiny game! I really appreciate that you took the time to make a video on it, I really enjoyed seeing your reactions to the project :)

The typing feature is a fantastic suggestion, I don't think it would be possible to add that to this particular project due to the the engine I'm using but I'd definitely like to implement such features in future games!

Many thanks

Such an adorable relaxing game, sweet and simple :)

Nothing like the simple pleasures of coffee in the deepest depths of hell! :)

Hey everyone, I recently released my first short independent comic on this website. It follows a lone wanderer searching for meaning in the void between reality, mixing art and segments of text in a surreal journey quite unlike anything else.

If anyone is interested I'd love some feedback on the project and am curious about what meanings others will find in this project.

Here's a link to 'Slipping into Infinity':

Delightful, funny, and unique comic. Really loved how quirky Lobopo's powers were and  the inventive ways you were able to put them to use! The overall story was wonderful and the art style is simply adorable whilst being incredibly stylish. Amazing work, look forward to seeing more of your comics in the future :)

Super cute story with tremendous characters and a fantastic art style. Really enjoyed reading this, keep up the amazing work! :)

No the experience is an open ended one, more like an experimental virtual toy than a traditional game.

Hope you enjoyed it though :)

Thank you so much! :)

Beyond cute!

Hey everyone, my brother Shurk is looking for developers to include songs from his recent'Menagerie' EP in their game projects. The general vibe of the songs is dark ambient with epic and eerie undertones, perfect for boss battles and setting the scene to the strange and unfamiliar worlds conjured within your games.

Here's a link to music:

If you're interested in using this music in your game projects simply email me at: telling me a little bit about the project you'd like to use the music in and I can provide you with a free download link to the music.

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A fantastic and utterly surreal experience, the frog witch bestowed me with the name 'Boi Jelly'.

The strange music and crisp visuals really make this game stand out! :)

Well the results are awesome, each drawing is brimming with so much charm!

I can't wait to see more Zines like this from you in the future :)

Ultra spoopy! Loved how all the characters had a unique flair to them, my favourite was the pink bear-like pal with hearts on it's ears :)

Glad you like it!

Hopefully Alien's advice will do the trick :)

Stunning and highly varied asset pack. Definitely a must have for any developer wishing to create a visually striking isometric game!

Yeah sure, my email is

Thanks, I'm really glad you like it

Here are two concepts I've come up with:

Would you be interested in working on one of them with me?

Fantastic yes I'd definitely be interested in teaming up with you. I have a fun and achievable theme/gameplay idea that I'd like to work with for it (I'm open to suggestions though); I'll DM you this information on Twitter, my twitter handle is @Cynical_Poet

Awesome, yeah voxel are a great artistic medium; they can be massively useful for rapid prototyping and are highly stylistic.

Yeah I've worked on a few games. I was an artist on Critical Annihilation (Steam), created Lonely Forest (mobile) and am currently working on Lil' Chomp. I also made an isometric asset pack with 1000+ sprites.

It depends which one you use. Voxel models can potentially end up having high poly counts since every voxel face is equal to 2 polygons, however they're great since they be automatically deconstructed cube by cube with the right engine and coding. As for the lighting, it varies depending on what you're trying to achieve but at the base level there shouldn't be any major problems with it.

Here's a great article that explains voxel art in greater detail:


I tend to use Adobe Flash, Hexels, MagicaVoxel and Qubicle.

The vector art and pixel art that I do is in PNG and JPEG format, whereas the 3D voxel art is in Vox, QB and OBJ format. There are various voxel plugins for Unity that can work directly with Vox and QB files :)

Thanks I really appreciate it!


I'm looking to get involved in this gamejam, does anyone need an artist?

Here's some of my work:

No unfortunately I'm not in charge of such decisions with Critical Annihilation. However there are a few smaller games that I'm currently working on that I could contribute :)

Sounds fun! I'm an artist, would you be interested in collaborating on one with me?

I create voxel art, pixel art and vector art. Here are some of my profiles: