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Shallow Lagoon

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‘Paste Up Pals’ are customisable designer paper craft toys. Inspired by the free flowing creativity of street art, they pay homage to urban muralists and adhesive artists specialising in the sub-genre of sticker bombing. Created by the urban artist ‘ShallowLagoon’, these printable, easy to assemble designer toys are a canvas for street artists to express their unique styles in a hyper collectable open source format through custom figures.

‘Paste Up Pals: Series One’ showcases artwork from a collection of ultra talented, authentic, underground street artists from around the globe! Also including two fully customisable figure bases to express your creativity on.

All figure are now available for free here:

Paste Up Pals

You've committed a most heinous deed!! The Council of Gulls sentences you to banishment down the dreaded WELL OF MUFFLED SOBBING! Explore a nightmarish little world, talk to birds, have an existential crisis and come face to face with your maker! All for the low low price of £0.00; a deal that is either too tempting too miss or questionably desperate for those sweet sweet clicks and plays.

Created in a coffee fuelled introspective daze using the programming wizardry of the Bitsy 3D Editor!

Play 'The Council of Gulls' now:

Gull translation:

Caw CAAAAAAaaaawwww! Caw? Caw CAWWW!!!

Note from the developer:

This was an incredibly enjoyable passion project to work on, I hope you enjoy this bizarre little bird filled world; I'd love to know your thoughts on the experience and I hope to make many more surreal little games like this in the future :)

Can't wait to use this special recipe at home! :)

Really enjoyed this game, wonderful world design and atmosphere. The cat was so cute (and a tad spooky, but mainly cute haha)!


Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it! :)

I made this game using aloelazoe's wonderful 3D editor for Bitsy. You can find it on itch io by searching 'bitsy 3d beta', it's an amazing tool and a fantastic method of story telling.

Thank you so much for the lovely review! I'm so happy you enjoyed those aspects of the game, those are exactly what I was hoping to achieve with this spooky little project :)

I was lucky enough to play this for a while at EGX Rezzed and had a wonderful time! The Bitsy Boutique is an absolutely brilliant, charming and creative device. Overall it's a delightful celebration of the Bitsy Community :)

Thanks for this wonderful review! During the creation of 3ternity anxiety and existentialism induced by my poverty at the time were major factors in the making of this digital helltopia; I'm fascinated that the experience is able to induce such emotions in others.

I absolutely agree with avoiding the experience if you're having a dark / low time as the bleak, cripplingly existential nature of the writing could further any such emotions.

I'm glad you enjoyed the music, the track used throughout 3ternity is 'Stage Fright' by Shurk from their recent album 'Per Form'. Their music is brilliantly dark, atmospheric and conjures a dramatic cinematic tone.

Yeah the track is 'Stage Fright' by the super talented musician Shurk, it's part of their recent high intensity ambient album 'Per Form'. Thanks for letting me know about Vinny from Vinesauce streaming 3ternity, I had no idea that had happened prior to your comment, that's mega exciting!!

Love the unbound creativity of zine! The surreal blend of the confectionery and magic inspired world seems like a wonderful base for a unique tabletop campaign; I can't wait to learn the basics of D&D so that I can try this out myself. The descriptions and gorgeous palette constrained pixel artwork elevate this zine to an incredible level!

Overall amazing! 100/100

Delve into this digital collection of 20 dark and bizarre surrealist poems!

Read now:

Break your neck as you dive headfirst into the pages of this dark surrealist poetry chapbook!

Bleach your retinas with the bizarre words that litter the countless pixels of these pitiful digital pages; witness them cheerlessly hover before you, bask in their cold florescent glare as they contaminate your screen and rewriting the microscopic wiring of your brain matter. Laugh in the face of their GERD riddled writer, jeer behind the virtual wall of your cosy computers as he miserably swallows stream after stream of Omeprazole capsules to quell the internal inferno that consumes his sorrowful husk of a body.

These foul words are far from the flowery tropes. Clenched firm in the jaws of seasonal depression, these words were written in the warm glow of a fireplace fuelled by the floral pleasantries that riddle the poetic warbling of ages past. Their embers a technicolour slew of imperceivable airborne awe, drifting listlessly through the stagnant air. The embers set ablaze the writer’s house, gluttonously devouring their worldly possessions in a grand display of futility.

Worm Fodder! GERD Gullet! is but an assortment of poetic script, inevitably bound to be lost to the all-consuming pages of history. It will rot in digital stasis as other works rise and fall, public perception shifts and times change. Lingering in infinite virtual isolation, suspended in cybernetic purgatory for your viewing pleasure.

This digital chapbook contains 20 curiously wretched dark surrealist poems written by the human merely identified as Joseph Dunkerley.

Hey, I use a mac too, it's currently possible to play the game using a Windows emulator. I use a piece of software called 'Wine' to play it. Hope that helps :)

Thank you so much! I'm really happy you like the look of our surreal game and I hope you enjoy the experience when you get a chance to play it.

That's amazing, I'm honoured that you've featured the project on the home page! was integral in inspiring this project, we formed our team and started working on it as part of the weekly game jam: Week 109 Theme: 'A Sad Ending' and have been chipping away at it ever since. Also both I and rbatistadelima were deeply inspired by the vibrant Bitsy community that exists here, the sheer creativity and experimentation of those games was integral to how we approached the game design of 'Dawndusk Dream Sewer' and led us to attempt to push our personal creative and technical boundaries for this project.


Thank you so much for delving into our surreal sewers! Absolutely loved the let's play and I'm so glad you enjoyed the experience!

Bind your soul to the mortal flesh of the astral vermin! The sewers are calling. They've spoken your name in hushed whispers through the countless interweaving pipes, echoing your most menial of actions in the bubbling sludge pools squirrelled away below a thousand floorboards, they've sought you since long before the point you've titled 'birth'.

Spill your mind to the sewers, fracture reason and venture into darkness. Mingle with the most ghastly of the pitiful mutated gutter folk, unearth their sickly soft spoken secrets.

Dawndusk Dream Sewer, out now!!


Enlightened Programming Technomancer - Rbatistadelima

Trash Disposal Art / Writing Sewer Goblin - ShallowLagoon

Sound Sculpting Musical Humanoid  - Shurk

These cats are the best of friends :)

Love the colours and pixel art theme! Really captures the essence of running a sweet little print shop

This is such a wonderful face biting multiplayer game! My partner and I play this all the time and are super competitive about it :)

Love it! Short and simple, a true quest for pants!

The entity of the meadows knows all!

(Ps: hope you're alright)

This is such a cute little game, the sweet bunny is making all of my art dreams come true! :)

Thank you, I'm glad you found the experience interesting! That's a good suggestion, a glimpse of the outer desolation of the world and universe at large would've been fantastic!

Thank you so much for making a Let's Play video of my game! I really enjoyed watching your reactions to the game. The segment at the end where you were analysing the whole experience and conceptual terror was brilliant! I'd probably choose traditional death over this corporate nightmare purgatory too :)

Heck yeah! Thank you :)

Thank you so much!

Had a blast playing this, the art style and concept are brilliant. I was filled with the simple joy of goblin existence and the fortunes befalling them. Amazing work!

May your hoard grow ever larger.

These assets look really good! I bet they'd work wonderfully in medieval themed games of any sort :)

Hey everyone, my free isometric pixel art block pack is available for all to enjoy and freely use within their game projects. It contains 1082 different sprites and is perfect for isometric crafting games.

If anyone uses these assets in their upcoming projects I'd love to see the results! Anyhow, I hope you all enjoy the assets and I wish you a good day.

Here is a link to the asset pack:

Hey, recently I released a surreal independent comic about dead digital pets. It falls somewhere between comedy and a heartfelt homage to the numerous low budget flips of electric products loosely resembling Tamagotchi. 

If anyone is interested I'd really love some feedback about the project :)

Here's a link to 'Cyber Companion Cemetery':

Fantastic, thank you very much, I hope you enjoy it when you come to read it :)

Furiously good with a pleasant pixel art style and a delightful physics based golf system!

Thank you so much for playing my tiny game! I really appreciate that you took the time to make a video on it, I really enjoyed seeing your reactions to the project :)

The typing feature is a fantastic suggestion, I don't think it would be possible to add that to this particular project due to the the engine I'm using but I'd definitely like to implement such features in future games!

Many thanks

Such an adorable relaxing game, sweet and simple :)

Nothing like the simple pleasures of coffee in the deepest depths of hell! :)

Hey everyone, I recently released my first short independent comic on this website. It follows a lone wanderer searching for meaning in the void between reality, mixing art and segments of text in a surreal journey quite unlike anything else.

If anyone is interested I'd love some feedback on the project and am curious about what meanings others will find in this project.

Here's a link to 'Slipping into Infinity':

Delightful, funny, and unique comic. Really loved how quirky Lobopo's powers were and  the inventive ways you were able to put them to use! The overall story was wonderful and the art style is simply adorable whilst being incredibly stylish. Amazing work, look forward to seeing more of your comics in the future :)

Super cute story with tremendous characters and a fantastic art style. Really enjoyed reading this, keep up the amazing work! :)

No the experience is an open ended one, more like an experimental virtual toy than a traditional game.

Hope you enjoyed it though :)

Thank you so much! :)