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Shallow Lagoon

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That’s fair, I made this game back when I was struggling with poverty and was living solely on a diet of budget tin soups, I think the harsh tone of this game largely comes from me trying to encapsulate that period of misery within the character’s dialogue.

That's really awesome of you! Thank you so much for including my game in your video :)


Thank you so much! :)

This was so good! Totally loved the art design and the writing was great, that talking book was very spooky!

Thanks for the suggestion! I've put a little hint about the jump scare in the description now :)

Thank you so much that's really wonderful to hear! :)

Oh no I'm so sorry, I may have gone a little overboard with the jump scare haha

This is one of the most visually stunning Bitsy games I've played! I'm in awe of how interesting each of the deitys look

An utterly heartbreaking experience!

This is a really wonderful and thought provoking game. Hands down one of the most powerful short games I've played.

This is a brilliant game, I totally loved the ghost mind reading mechanics, the art style and how it was all written! :)

This is such a wonderful and heartfelt game! I totally loved hearing the story behind the creation of Bitsy :)

Thank you so much!

Haha same here! I designed the music based on the sheer terror I used to feel playing the haunted house levels on Super Mario world :)

Thank you so much for all this useful feedback, it's really great to hear which elements were working in this project and which needed further work. The points you've made are great and will be incredibly helpful for structuring the foundation of my next experience, which I'm hoping will be far grander in scope and interaction :) 

Thank you so much, I'm really happy you enjoyed the experimental visuals and concept!

That's a great suggestion, I'm currently fleshing out the concept for my next game project and I'll definitely work on cutting down on the long winded dialogue in favour of further exploration / interactions.


Thank you so much for reviewing my game, I really enjoyed your video! The feedback you gave was super helpful and I'll definitely work on improving many of the suggested elements in future projects.

Also thanks for the shoutouts about my other projects and the four stars! Sorry for making your holiday Monday so depressing with my game dude haha, hope you got a great nap :)

Thank you so much, I'm really happy you enjoyed my game! I'm glad to hear you connected with the experience, a lot of the characters and locations mirror elements of the numerous highly questionable living arrangements I've found myself in over the years and I've been wanting to express a slice of those experiences in game format for ages now :)

The art style in this project was a really new direction for me so it's brilliant to hear that you liked it.

Thank you so much for playing this in your let's play, I totally loved the video! :)

Haha thank you so much! Loved the video you made of the game :)

This was such a cute little game! I really enjoyed running around and finding the animals to photograph :)

Super wholesome and fun 10/10!

Thank you so much, I'm so happy to hear that!

The style is essentially an accumulation of all the different art types I enjoy, it was great fun to create and saw me running around my tiny apartment finding all the unusual objects I could photograph and edit into bizarre constructs :)

Apple Sauce Apartments

Hey DragonExplosion, thank you so much for playing my game, for creating your wonderful video and leaving so much fantastic feedback!

That's brilliant to hear, I'm thrilled that you enjoyed the artwork and concept of the game; the style is completely different from my usual work so I'm really glad to hear that it was appealing to you.

That's a good point, I'll try and break up my future games with more interactions and dialogue that's a little less long winded.

Ooh voiced lines could definitely be an interesting element to experiment with in my projects, thanks for the suggestion!

I completely with you there, there were a couple of extra endings I'd considered which were cut during production because of implementation difficulties and to prevent scope creep but I definitely do think those could've added to the overall experience. Extra endings are definitely going to be a higher priority in future projects :)

That's a really good idea, I think a separate tune for each apartment would've really added to the overall feel of the game.

Thanks for the great feedback! :)

Hey everybody,

I'm excited to announce the release of my new experimental horror game 'Apple Sauce Apartments'!

Delve into a sickening world of rental exploration packed to the brim with disturbing rot riddled apple folk. Witness of suffering of the fruit, the extent of the rot and the depths that humans will go in the pursuit of vapid profiteering.

Play now:

This font is totally amazing! Absolutely perfect for pixel based games :)

Thank you so much for creating this, I used it in my newest horror game project and it really adds to the overall feel of the experience.

I really enjoyed this little fire game, I totally love the smiling faces on the tiny flame creatures. Cosy and wonderful experience :)

Just finished playing this game with my partner, we both totally loved it! Such a wonderful, unique and heartfelt experience to play :)

This is really brilliant! Absolutely love the atmosphere you managed to create, the top of the mountain and the train station were really magical :)

That's wonderful! I'm so happy my art pack was able to help you :)

Yeet master 2021! Haha

Yeah sorry about that, if you pop multiple items in the little spinning rune in the middle of the rug they'll magically fuse together into fun objects :)

Thank you so much! I'm so happy you enjoyed this pack :)

Hey everyone,

I'm excited to announce the release of my newest game 'Letters Long Lost'! It's a highly experimental mail tampering horror where players have free rein to rifle through a collection of abandoned letters in this terrifying anthology style horror experience.

Play here:

Ps: The music is all self made so this project is perfect for Let's Play videos if you have a gaming Youtube channel :)

Pps: Hope you enjoy! :)

‘Paste Up Pals’ are customisable designer paper craft toys. Inspired by the free flowing creativity of street art, they pay homage to urban muralists and adhesive artists specialising in the sub-genre of sticker bombing. Created by the urban artist ‘ShallowLagoon’, these printable, easy to assemble designer toys are a canvas for street artists to express their unique styles in a hyper collectable open source format through custom figures.

‘Paste Up Pals: Series One’ showcases artwork from a collection of ultra talented, authentic, underground street artists from around the globe! Also including two fully customisable figure bases to express your creativity on.

All figure are now available for free here:

Paste Up Pals

You've committed a most heinous deed!! The Council of Gulls sentences you to banishment down the dreaded WELL OF MUFFLED SOBBING! Explore a nightmarish little world, talk to birds, have an existential crisis and come face to face with your maker! All for the low low price of £0.00; a deal that is either too tempting too miss or questionably desperate for those sweet sweet clicks and plays.

Created in a coffee fuelled introspective daze using the programming wizardry of the Bitsy 3D Editor!

Play 'The Council of Gulls' now:

Gull translation:

Caw CAAAAAAaaaawwww! Caw? Caw CAWWW!!!

Note from the developer:

This was an incredibly enjoyable passion project to work on, I hope you enjoy this bizarre little bird filled world; I'd love to know your thoughts on the experience and I hope to make many more surreal little games like this in the future :)

Can't wait to use this special recipe at home! :)

Really enjoyed this game, wonderful world design and atmosphere. The cat was so cute (and a tad spooky, but mainly cute haha)!


Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it! :)

I made this game using aloelazoe's wonderful 3D editor for Bitsy. You can find it on itch io by searching 'bitsy 3d beta', it's an amazing tool and a fantastic method of story telling.

Thank you so much for the lovely review! I'm so happy you enjoyed those aspects of the game, those are exactly what I was hoping to achieve with this spooky little project :)

I was lucky enough to play this for a while at EGX Rezzed and had a wonderful time! The Bitsy Boutique is an absolutely brilliant, charming and creative device. Overall it's a delightful celebration of the Bitsy Community :)

Thanks for this wonderful review! During the creation of 3ternity anxiety and existentialism induced by my poverty at the time were major factors in the making of this digital helltopia; I'm fascinated that the experience is able to induce such emotions in others.

I absolutely agree with avoiding the experience if you're having a dark / low time as the bleak, cripplingly existential nature of the writing could further any such emotions.

I'm glad you enjoyed the music, the track used throughout 3ternity is 'Stage Fright' by Shurk from their recent album 'Per Form'. Their music is brilliantly dark, atmospheric and conjures a dramatic cinematic tone.