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Is this a bug? If not, can I get a hint on how to pass this level?

I'm on level 20 and I can't see why I can't push this crate to the right.

I have two suggestions:

1) A low health warning. Something to show/hear when you're low on health. It seems sudden and the "death" animation makes it look like you go from clean to dirty in a microsecond. Maybe even a secondary health bar above the player's head?

2) Some indication the big enemy is invincible until it attacks. I thought the game was broken as there's no audio or visual feedback to tell you otherwise.

Needs a speed button.

I managed to finish the game. After realising the distractions are the onomatopoeia that hit you, I could attempt completion. Even then, you have to know where all the distractions are and spam the focus button.

Also, distractions shouldn't hit you while you're buying something.

I need more instructions. The thoughts are too easily replaced and focusing doesn't help as it stops you in your tracks.

Well done on the tutorial. It doesn't include warp pads though.

I still don't like the elevators though. For one, it takes too long to call one and when you do, you have to run onto it and it automatically goes. Further to that, I once was on one when the Armored Guy showed up and I had no choice but to wait for death. Realistic elevator sure but limiting. I would prefer a call button you could just press Down for.

Why no music?

When I said guards can see through walls, I meant their vision must not be purely horizontal so they can see me behind ramps.

...but I had 11 more lives!

Out of the 3, this one I needed to use the guide. I wouldn't have figured out the MATES clue.

The Magic Card is especially obscure. How was I supposed to know to divide the numbers? Also, it's a one-eyed Bat, so the answer could have been 1...

Most of the other clues were fine. The "horror level" required far more maths than usual but I like maths so that's okay =)

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I need WAY more instructions.

  • The stab mechanic isn't mentioned.
  • The enemies can see thru walls.
  • After retrieving the red key It's unclear how to proceed further.
  • You can produce a fail state for said puzzle.
  • How do I jump or avoid bullets?
  • Why does the elevator require you to stand on a button for several seconds? Why does that button beep?

A web browser.

Someone suggested it to me when Chrome kept taking up all my memory.

Nice game.
Just letting you know that there's nothing stopping you from going out-of-bounds via the left side of the developer screen.

It's too hard to distinguish where your feet are and the mobile game background is too busy. This game doesn't work on Brave either.

I ran it with shields and made you a pic. Read vertically to match the order I received them.

I tried it again. It worked as you said.
I've just never seen so many errors at once for a game appear.

The game didn't work for me in Brave, so I'm using ye olde Firefox.

1) Is there any way to skip dialogues?


2) Is there any pattern to the shadows appearances/disappearances?

Apart from the speed of the shadow, my biggest criticism of this game is the lack of consistency when it comes to lighting. I can only conclude that the story elements override normal lighting.

...Boy, these credits drag on. Nice music, though.

Needs clearer instructions. 

The scoring system is unclear. The weapons aren't explained (but are obvious). I can't pass level 2 even by being strategic.

The game plays smooth on my gamepad but I can't use the sword function. I'm going to try again later with the keyboard.

BUG REPORT: Choosing "No" for the Audio Option gives me a black screen and no more progress. Choosing "Yes" allows me to play the game.

Very nice!

Especially because the game saved my stat progress. (Maxed weapons)

Everytime I start up the game I lose all my progress. Bug or feature?

It's a full game but called a demo?
Does that mean you plan on making it bigger?

Needs a gallery mode. Else it will take to long to "claim" your rewards.

I liked that this was a chill game (in that you couldn't die) but it is going from one extreme to another on difficulty...

Is there a manual available? I'm having trouble doing some basic things

  • How do I save on the web version?
  • I changed the Body Type to female but the head stays male. I can't find an option for head shape.
  • I wanted a simple smile but there isn't one.
  • Is there any breast options?
  • How do I get the pants view show the lower half?

I don't know how I'm supposed to attack enemies when they're on the bottom of the screen =(

Now I've bought Time Travel, about 75% of my staff get into accidents, regardless of type.

Needs more "feedback". It seems like sending anything but a "Basic Kid" is a waste of money and I can't tell what's making money or how....

I'm guessing this game isn't even an alpha build because I'm getting too many empty boxes.

If so, try naming the release 0.2 rather that 1.2. The latter means it's finished with 2 updates.

Where can we post bug reports?

I chose my assistant, selected "Create a new show" and I'm welcomed by an empty box. I can go back to the previous menu but get the same result each time.

That puzzle wasn't hard. It's just hard to tell which objects are platforms and which are background pieces.

Needs titles for the levels (eg Stage 1-1). When I died, I had to assume entering door 3 would take me to where I left off. It did but back a few levels. (eg I was on Stage 3-3 and have to start from 3-1).

I wished this was packaged better: a title screen, story and preferably, boss fights. The story could just be Odessa is looking for her kite that flew away.

BTW, I like the aesthetic but it seems more Gameboy than NES...

Never mind, I managed to find a recharge station after discovering the scenery was actually platforms...

Now I'm stuck in a room with a compactor...

How do I heal? I saved my game in the hopes of doing so but now I just have a low-health save... =(

I managed to get to the next checkpoint and make some progress.

Why is the there 2 checkpoints and then no more?

I thought entering a door might trigger one but nope...

I also struggle with the control scheme. I might see if my gamepad works with this.

Is it me or is the page lacking all basic information: title, description, instructions?

Well, one of the logs was behind the fence, so you might need to fix that.

A couple of questions first off:

  • Is there a sprint function?
  • Do the logs of firewood respawn every day or is there a set number?

I've played 1 run-through so far (4 Days: Died of Asphyxiation) but can't see any other things to do. The readme says there "a number of ways to die"...

I live in Australia in the inner suburbs, so it's nice to see what normal rural living looks like.

The movement is unwieldy, the bullets don't shoot from the same spot each time, the time limit is too harsh (considering). I think if you could move smoother and had more ammo, you'd finish the game in 10 seconds.

Fantastic! Short but sweet. I must admit I got stuck on level 8 because I didn't think that metal block was moveable. I love how fluidly it works with my gamepad (too well in some cases: ie moving too far and falling into a pit).