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Another oddity: In 3-5, the first wingthing's attacks die when it does but the second one's don't. Bug or feature?

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A bug in 2-10 where the spiked bouncers disappear off the bottom of the screen, disappear and the game can't progress...

I'm thoroughly enjoying the game on browser atm.

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This demo needs a lot of work and shouldn't have been released in this state imo. Some paths need to be "opened" like doors to traverse. Doors only open when you're in front of them. The church(?) door is open but you can't enter. There's a ladder to nowhere. There seems to be no way to complete the demo.

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Do I have to install this game? When I try to run the unzipped program I get "The procedure entry point WinHttpWebSocketReceive could not be located in the dynamic link library WINHTTP.dll." My guess is this game doesn't work on Win 7?

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Would be good with a speed button instead of mouse-only controls. That way I can easily pause to change equipment and then speed up the rest.

How do I discard picked up equipment that I don't want to wear?

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I'm afraid this game is very flawed but eh artwork on the cards is nice. Boring at best, there's no incentive to kill enemies. The skeletons give you 1 coin and the green guys can't be killed (at least at level 3).

The viewpoint is hampered by lack of definition, so when coins/enemies/spikes overlap, it's hard to precision platform.

What are all the cards I pick up that aren't "New Cards"?

How am I supposed to avoid the spike in the playing field?

Controls? With a gamepad, I could only shoot with Left Mouseclick and nothing else. Eventually, I managed to move with WASD.

Loading is bugged. I loaded from a save mid-game and it wouldn't progress. I loaded after restarting: it loaded the page under the title and it wouldn't progress.

I'm not a fan of trap-formers.

Greetings! Thanks for joining.

Yeah, we are a baby jam, so we still have some growing to do.

Is there a downloadable version? This is lagtastic in a browser.

I'm making it official.

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This suggestion comes from the Discord. "Deep see exploration. Beautiful unseen creatures and submarines."
Let us know what you think.

PJ006 Deap Sea Dive

I had to look up what you meant. That was an example of using portmanteaus.

Excellent work. When it cools down, I'm gonna have to start building!

Unfortunately, we don't have enough prep time to let that be the next theme. It would take 5x the effort of "Tops and Tails". We need this new theme yesterday.

Hey Galactician, do you have anywhere I can contact you privately about papercraft stuff? (eg email, Facebook, Instagram, Discord)

I've updated my profile page to assist in people finding me...

Well, we did "Tops and Tails" which is a simplified version of that. (

Very nice. I want to make a PlayA of your pilot but is it a Cylon from BG?

We are long overdue to set the next Paper Jam theme. If you have any ideas, please let us know here.

If you want some existing ideas to draw from, I have set up a Google Doc here:

Kinda like this.

I thought that cover image was a picture of a girl with a beanie and silver bangs. =)

This last picture looks like a booster jet you could add on to any other RR car. XD

My pleasure!
Although, the 1/32 scale is optional.

So tiny! I was already impressed from the start and now side mirrors on a fingerprint. Eek.

When is the Steam game going to be finished (out of Early Access)?

Thanks for the advice! It worked but now I don't know how to "use hat to fool the guards".... =(

Cool. Simple but effective. I got 209 on my first try.

Is there any penalty to moving the cows constantly? I think I misread something about them getting aggressive.

i sent you a message on Newgrounds.

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No. I'm too poor.

I did manage to get a sexy ending.

I tried again. I'm gonna need a walkthrough.

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Paper Jam #003 ends at the end of June 2021, so if you have any ideas for next quarter's Paper Jam, let me know!

Here's some tips for generating themes:

  • Pick a style (eg Madballs, goblins) or gimmick (eg transforming robots, jetpacks etc) or both.
  • Aim for One page, A4, single sided, glue tabs with numbers
  • Using portmanteaus (ie Adjective Noun.)
    So, instead of just "Fungus", it's "Fungus Fighters".
    eg space. Robot DInosaurs. Dinosaur skeletons. Stackable Dinosaurs. Misnamed Dinosaurs

Thanks for the detailed reply. I appreciate it.

The camera is too slow to make this plausible. There's a timer but the camera moves like an elderly relative.

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Also, where is the Cancel button on the profile page?

Does the game run in the background or does it need to be the active tab?

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An idle clicker game with no save function? WTH? (The game saved eventually.)

Also, once you have peak influence, it becomes an idle game only.

Am I missing something? Is the description just flavour text?

Knocking back the cat is perfectly fine, I was just curious.

What about the stars?

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I know it's an April Fools but what's with all the unlockables but such a short game? Not only that but when I continued, all my unlocks reset! =( the game bugged out and no zombies appear and the timer is stuck.

Is there any interaction with the tentacle in the last hallway? Is there any benefits to the costumes? If not, why do they cost so much?