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I went to the Patreon page but I can't see the walkthrough...

Yes, please Mr. Developer: Can you please make the camera actually follow the player at a proper pace? Currently, it drags behind meaning you can run into obstacles you can't yet see. =(

1) The bug happens when playing with gamepad too.

2) What is "Start" on the gamepad?

The game doesn't work for me. I can move and dash but when I hit a chest, I fire a weapon that then disappears.

Also, which button is "Start"?!?

It's a jam game, I didn't really mind. =)

How did I cheat? =(
I finished the game and got the good ending. I had to refresh the page to play it again. I wanted to see a different ending.

Complete with having the reset the system to replay....

Noooooo.... 90s style text wall ending!

At least the text was fulfilling...

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I am enjoying this game. However, I have 2 big bugbears.

Why does it take so long to register a death from falling in a pit? With games with high death-counts, every second counts.

I don't think the movement system will catch on because it's too hard to position the mouse to the right spot as you move. Both the speed and the dual action (like rubbing your tummy while patting your head) is off-putting to the gameplay.

They do indeed seem to be per-game.

My upgrades seemed to be stuck at one point. Do the "Mage Seducer" upgrades require you to make multiple shots per round or are they accumulative between games?

Hey thanks, that worked nicely!

I read the instructions but I can't pull off anything more than skating around and jumping.

Also, I get told to press the Maximise Window button to do things?

How do I enable my gamepad? Do I need to rebind the keys?

Also, I ended up with $1 but no toys left in that part of the machine and I don't know how to go to the next turn....

I liked it but it's unfair you can't tell how many there are in a series...

Is there a proper way to get things? I don't understand how the $3 tub fills up but it works sometimes with the collection mechanic...

Also, when you get the "Mental" toys, they say "Mind" when you get them...

It's a fault on my end. When my game pad is plugged, it somehow locks the right direction.

However, when it wasn't making the character move right, I assumed the gun was controlled separately. So, somehow the gamepad was making the gun always point right.

I'm trying out this game but I can only shoot right and it's impeding progress. Bug or feature?

I got stuck after the magnet when the robot misaligned itself after a jump, probably due to ramp.

Also, I couldn't figure out where to go in that section. I was running around in circles.

Is this any relation to "Frank's Adventure" by Mausland?

I really want to try your game out but I don't like these flip-tile puzzles. At least they're not sliding tile puzzles.

Do you have any more games coming, a website, anything?

How do I enable a gamepad/controller to work on this?

Do I have to play this all at once or is there a save system?

Have you considered a difficulty system? Maybe one where you can have health, fewer enemies etc.

What does the skull in the top corner for?

I think the death animations should make the enemies turn into dust and disappear, not just flash white and fly away...

I do like that you can slash in 4 directions, so I don't have to land on an enemy and start the level over.

After reading all the comments, I have to assume the game is broken and the developer unresponsive.

I came here looking for instructions as I'm stuck on the first level with controls that at best are unresponsive. The shaver doesn't seem to follow the cursor, it jumps inside the person's face and the only options available are for music and sfx.

If I could get some help on how to play the game, it'd be appreciated.

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Ooh! I got 1, 2 and possibly 3 figured out all in one go! 1 and 2 are indeed the same - though I don't see why 2 exists.

I did manage to find the other crystals but didn't see any change. Am I still missing something? =(

I really like this game but I have a few queries:

1) In one area - near the top-left spawn point - there's a button to activate a door but no accessible block to use it. I tried taking one from another area but it's impossible for me.
2) In the same area (or rather underneath it) there's a secret column where you can launch your hook but not cling on to anything. Bug or feature?

3) The spawn points lead me to believe I have 5 out of 8 crystals collected. I've run thru the map several times but not managed to find any more.

I'd also like to mention that I too would have liked some kind of story - even if it was something like finding your spaceship to go home. I wonder if because of point 3, I'm missing a hidden ending.

Nice work! I made it to level 10 on my first try. It does get a bit tedious after a while but is entertaining. I'm curious to find out if digging faster or random chance comes into play or not but I'd be willing to figure that out with multiple playthrus.

The web version isn't working for me. I tried Firefox and Chrome but can't get past the start screen. I tried Z, X, Space and Enter. I clicked around the screen several times. No progress. =(

Is there a happy ending? I got the pants, shirt, shoes and tie and arrived before 9 but got the same game over as usual.

I was worried but I do notice a subtle difference. Good work.

Also, using the arrow keys makes my browser (Chrome) window scroll. =(

I can move and jump with the arrow keys but how do I feed the plant?!?

Developers, PLEASE include instructions. Gaming 101.

Is it just random chance?

I'm not quite sure if this is just a one-button arcade game or not but for a game called "Rage Golf", I found it quite pleasant. I was expecting much worse. It seems almost impossible to lose, so when I did I couldn't be sure how.

If the jumping worked properly, this would be a fun snack game but as is, it's frustrating. Is there a double jump? Am I supposed to jump on the tree to get my shoes?

Awesome game until I got to the Feedlot and it crashed. I bought everything and now can't close the upgrade menu.

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Thanks, that helped a lot! Should really be part of the instructions though.

I need some help understanding how to play this game. It seems to take forever to charge an attack, you can't attack on anything less than a full charge and blocking - which you need to do frequently - seems to make you start charging all over again.

Windows 7 Professional.

Can you upload a version where you can skip the tutorial please?