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i sent you a message on Newgrounds.

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No. I'm too poor.

I did manage to get a sexy ending.

I tried again. I'm gonna need a walkthrough.

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Paper Jam #003 ends at the end of June 2021, so if you have any ideas for next quarter's Paper Jam, let me know!

Here's some tips for generating themes:

  • Pick a style (eg Madballs, goblins) or gimmick (eg transforming robots, jetpacks etc) or both.
  • Aim for One page, A4, single sided, glue tabs with numbers
  • Using portmanteaus (ie Adjective Noun.)
    So, instead of just "Fungus", it's "Fungus Fighters".
    eg space. Robot DInosaurs. Dinosaur skeletons. Stackable Dinosaurs. Misnamed Dinosaurs

Thanks for the detailed reply. I appreciate it.

The camera is too slow to make this plausible. There's a timer but the camera moves like an elderly relative.

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Also, where is the Cancel button on the profile page?

Does the game run in the background or does it need to be the active tab?

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An idle clicker game with no save function? WTH? (The game saved eventually.)

Also, once you have peak influence, it becomes an idle game only.

Am I missing something? Is the description just flavour text?

Knocking back the cat is perfectly fine, I was just curious.

What about the stars?

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I know it's an April Fools but what's with all the unlockables but such a short game? Not only that but when I continued, all my unlocks reset! =( the game bugged out and no zombies appear and the timer is stuck.

Is there any interaction with the tentacle in the last hallway? Is there any benefits to the costumes? If not, why do they cost so much?

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My only critique is when I return a key and it doesn't snap into place and it's now hidden behind the toolbar and inaccessible. Fortunately. it only happened to me once and after I moved across, I could grab it again.

Playing on the browser too sluggish to even try. Thanks for the download version!

I did manage to finish it and read all the diary entries. Can you defeat the cat or just knock it back?

Aw, I was enjoying the game but then I got to a boss and the camera kept stalling, those 2-hit enemies kept spawning and I run out of stars to shoot too quickly.

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I like it a lot but the falling stars are distracting.

Does the star tally for each level mean anything?

Is the music supposed to sound broken and horrible?

Is the movement and camera supposed to be sluggish?

You guys are awesome. Stay funky!

No lewds? How rude.

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How do you attack the Lizardmen? Or is it just running around in circles in the dark?

I don't understand enough about the mechanics to make any success in this game but I really appreciate the amount of effort put into this game. Nice, clean artwork. Varied and detailed characters. I might have to look into some sort of strategy guide or something.

Are the corpses supposed to act like spinning tops?

Mainly graphical. The options appear as follows:

Clothes: To, otto, ra, der ear

Order: ro e, ellat o, e

BTW, I think something like "Forget it" would be better than "Okay then".

It seems like you have to know the right options or otherwise it's an eventual game over. Which is pretty poor in both cases. There should either be a way to recover or an immediate game over.

Needs more instructions. It has a few bugs too.

Difficulty is either too high or is too grindy.

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Quick update: the diamonds eventually showed up. Don't know what the trigger is though. Can't get a consistent hop movement working either.

Maxed upgrades, made it to the bottom. Wish there was an ending.

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Needs instructions on

  •  how to "bring back your loot through the Elevators" (though I did figure it out)
  • how movement works (eg you can hop up one brick)
  • Where the heck you get the bug gems (diamonds?) for upgrades
  • Apart from obstacles, is there any benefit to combat?
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I can't rate this game highly because there's more than zero occurences of needing to click on an object more than once to get the result you need. One needed 3 clicks!

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Needs better player training. I can get past level 2. The first hurdle is too far horizontally and the second is too short vertically...

EDIT: I took off fullscreen and the delay it eliminated allowed me to pass the first hurdle. However, that fall grab at the Deepest level is just cruel. 

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It may have not loaded in time. I updated and it's working now anyway.
Is there a non-paid downloadable version? The web version is slooooooow for me.

I restarted the game and manage to get to the Hero's End. Does that mean there are more endings? What is the "Deux Ex Machina" switch for?

I suppose that's the troll part of the game? Not cool.

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The ending gave me a Game Over? I got a winking masked girl with no text.

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The ending is a text loop? Oh, never mind. Pink button is contextual.
Losing is winning: you see more smut on Game Over....

I'm sad you can't ride on top of signs.

It finally loaded.

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Please tell me there's a save system. I got to a spot where it loops back to several screens and progress is too hard to make.

I think the tolerances are too low. Those "cheese bricks" seem to dissipate if you look them too close.

The game is buggy, navigation is unclear...