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Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately, I can't remember what the bug was.

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....then a time limit?!? It takes so long to figure out the whole thing! =(

Also, how do I continue my game instead of starting from the beginning every time?!?

....I think the tutorial is in the wrong order or I missed something. It wasn't until I knew about using numbers once that I could solve the puzzles.

I can't pass the tutorial. Even understanding the diagonal priority setup, I don't understand why some cells give incorrect answers. Please help.

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Okay, you can add up your coins.

Aw, what? You can't carry over attacks if one dies?

I don't understand how I'm supposed to play this game. I can beat the first enemy fairly easily. How do you beat the next enemy when the highest you can flip is 8 and the only stat he has is 8? How are you supposed to block when you flip is lower?

Any plans for a speedrun or level select?

I played this game after seeing a preview on Twitter. What I don't understand is why can you move the dead bodies in that one see-saw level and not in others? How was I supposed to figure out the puzzle without seeing the solution?

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Is there any way to skip/progress the results screen? I don't need to see the seconds and deaths count up. Just show me the results please.

If I hold Z on the results screen after the counting, the clipboard jutters about. Bug or feature? (Ooh, it happened to someone else. Not just me)

One more wishlist item: I would prefer it if you could stack to the ceiling and only get a game over if a block tries and fails to stack on top of it.

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Yeah, that's the second and third path I found. 

I might try again for a no-kill run.

Incidentally, I played !Xorpl. Very similar but more complicated, so well done on this game.

(I'm sad that any kill counts, even if you suicide to start the screen again).

I like this game. I wish there were extensions!

I would like to clarify a couple of things:

1) Is there a max number you can reach? I've never got higher than 8 afaik though.

2) Do the drop rates increase over time?

3) Can you only pick up blocks horizontal to the character?

WISHLIST: I would love a version with a larger play area but don't want the blocks to be any smaller. A version where once the blocks reach a number they disappear. A level mode (or vs mode like Puyo Puyo). A mode where drop rates don't increase so I can see how far I can get on my own skill). A mode where you don't get crushed (or as easily).

I haven't got any gray blocks, so I can't comment on those.

I found another path/ending and the third place I tried led me back to the first path. I tried a no-death and no-kill run but could not succeed. You kill too easily, even when not trying. There's also several blind spots.

I may need a hint.

Is there an alternate ending or deeper meaning to this game? The ending I got was sad...

1) What are the qualifications for the different endings? I managed the OK ending so far...

2) Anyone have any tips on how to pass the Quacksino? It's too fast too be an Easy game.

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Huh, I refreshed the page and tried it with the Mossie but all the shop items were already sold out. Plus, there's only one picture in the gallery and it's of Lessie =(.

Is there an end to the game?
Any way to switch characters?

I really liked this game but then I lost a level and had to start all the way from the beginning! =(
Can you please add a difficulty option that just retries the level instead?

Is there any way to make the cursor smaller? The big ham hand makes seeing the letters nigh impossible.

I don't know if it is digging per se but as the Bugmeister, when you get to low health, you stop spawning minions and it looks like you're digging. It might not be. No one is saying how to solve that puzzle.

Is there an end to this game?

Can you max the stats?

Why does it take so long to earn gems even at 7x?

I got the "Free body shape". It does what I thought it would (let you choose what type of form to permanently display) but only visually.

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I finally got enough points to get to the next rank after Cosmo and earn enough gems to find out what "Free body shape" means. But there is no next rank. Nor can you rack up experience points. You stay at 999 and lose 12 for each (stage) failure. =(

Side note: is there a full-screen option?

How rude. I had to look up a walkthrough to figure out why Fiss wasn't taking the ribbon off Wiss. I have to complete the whole puzzle just to get the right elf to pick up the item?!?

One more question: are all the sex scenes lesbian/yuri?

I played the game and I have a few notes.

1) The movement is a little sticky. It needs a 10% improvement imo.

2) Is there a way to skip/speed up dialog? Especially before boss fights.

3) I wish you could refill your health when you save your game rather than having to spam potions.

4) Is there an end to the demo? I locked the undead in the closet and there's a cliff to fall off of but not much else.

I'm also curious how you get those two CGs shown here (Alranune and Bandit).

Might be worth putting a version number on the downloadable file too.

I did get a bug of sorts. Do you have a report section?

Ah, okay. Here's the problem. You didn't mention the need to get a Grimoire for spells and that there is no key for the locked doors.

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I have two spells but no idea how to use them. Pressing 1-5, space or Num 1-5 does nothing. Also, I can put on a hat with H but no idea what that's for either. I tried it on another browser but go the same result.

Thanks. Maybe add an icon. That would help the colour-blind and show what's what.

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1) Can you lose this game? I just get a cutscene of "just wanted to say" then my score resets.... Never mind. It just resets too easily.

2) For that matter, can you win this game or is it just a highscore game?

3) Do my choice of cards matter (to the narrative)? 

4) I notice some have effects but no way of telling what does what.

Is there a standalone download (rather than an online installer)?

Also, your profile page link is broken.

Game stuck loading at 42.5%. Will try again later.

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How do you pass the "Thanks for playing" level? I can kill myself on the ghost.

Seriously though, the character should stop when you light the pumpkin. I didn't test if it mattered but I assumed you wouldn't die from ghosts once you light it.

I past the level with the gears and got booted back to the first level. Bug or feature?

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Is there more than one ending?  It's not entirely clear how many hearts you need to collect but I got a date with Christine.

Where can we ask questions on DDG1? I've been posting on Steam but don't know if that gets checked.

The game is in English but the web page is in Hindi(?), so I don't know what's happening in the game. I don't know what "DETIK" counter is or why I turn super saiyan and dodge chocolate when it runs out. (Translating the text doesn't help, I'm afraid)

I got up to 743m. A fun snack of a game.

I haven't found the jetpack yet, so I'm glas it's not just me that needs a map upgrade. I will have to loook forward to your next game then! =)

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I have so many questions, but I'll start with:

1) Can you do anything on the "fin" screen? I assume not but that also means I can't quit the game by conventional means.

2) Is there a way to see how many pictures I collected at the end?

3) Is there any reward for finding all pictures?

4) If so, is there a level select?

5) Is there a way to skip cutscenes?

Also, I don't know if this was a design choice or something, but the sprites make the couple look fat when the photos show otherwise.

A very cute game and a decent platformer. I had to play it by myself so I'll have to replay it with another person one day.

I've tried it again. After farming for health (which doesn't help the one-shot kills) and reaching about 5 levels high, I'm flabbergasted there's no checkpoints yet. I got to a tile section with a clam enemy and it's beyond a joke at this stage. PLEASE add some checkpoints!