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How many endings can I do without it? I got the Twilight Zone one.


Do you have to side with the Lord of Bones to make any progress in the game? All the lore points that being a bad idea but I don't know what else to do.

Not that I'm sure it will help: I tried with a separate save doing so and I easily got killed by the Stargazer.

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How do I get the worms to grab the meal? I finally get the worm wrangled to the right spot but now it just rolls over the meal instead of pushing it... =( I tried restarting but it gets stuck in the same corner.

I think it's a problem with the browser I use. It has these security options I don't know how to disable that sometimes cause problems for certain websites and games. Thanks for checking though. I really appreciate it.

BTW, I did get a use from the Blacksmith. I forgot to go back to a spot I remembered on my second playthru.
Haven't got the seeds clue(s) yet.

My bad. I somehow missed the passage to the hammer.

One serious question though (I assume the answer might be "game logic"): why do dark/unlit passages have invisible walls that vanish once you get a torch?

No title screen, no story, no instructions. Is this an asset flip?

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I found a way thru trial-and-error that didn't seem to make any sense except the last step.

This game is much harder than the 1st and there's no map whatsoever this time.

Is there a walkthrough like the 1st game? I'm at the eye corridors and it's not clear which corridors are being "watched". I've tried every direction to no avail and I don't know how to go back either (without an old save/new game, of course).

I did finish the game but I never knew how to save. Is that why I had to start a new game or is it a security issue? (my guess is the latter)

Not my cup of tea. Once the large enemies appear, the game is pretty much over. Not enough control or upgrades to make it fun.

I wanted to ask some questions about the second chapter but the comments are turned off.

I finished the game but am worried I missed something. What are the seeds in the overworld for? Does the Blacksmith have any use in the game besides flavour text?

Thanks! All the best!

I'd like to play a polished version on this as I don't know how many discs I got, if there's a disc tally, a map etc.

I had to reload out of the Deeproot room and there was some DNA I missed too...

I can't tell if I'm making progress due to having to reload rooms. Do the disks reappear when you enter a room?!?

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I found a secret disk and it said it was 11 out of 10.

Is there hint to the Soul Gem "puzzle" that I missed perhaps?

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I would have recommended this game but... UPDATE: You know the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results? Well, that's the solution to get the Soul Crystal. I'm baffled how anyone was supposed to figure it out. It didn't even look like progression when attempting it. Urgh, this was a decent game until now.

The map is token at best and only covers about 10% of the actual map. Unless I'm missing map sections.

Same for Quests: the progress/status of each is vague at best and without a walkthrough, it's too easy to get stuck.

I was going to say it's a great little game but it's too flawed.

Is there a Game-specific forum section like Steam's "Discussions" or is that solely at the creator's discretion?

On a similar note, is there a way to give feedback/ask questions to creators? The rules to post here say "if you need to contact a developer directly consult their game's page." but the option is not always there.

I'm a tad frustrated that All Empty has to be so specific. I assume it includes the shooting star because I got rid of the moon, boat, girl, boy and bird....

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There is. You can apparently grab a crate while your on it and jump from it at the same time. Would have appreciated a tutorial or an indication that was possible though.

Definitely gave up on the Death Counter after that discovery.

I'm at 4-5. Is there some mechanic that I missed? I can't have my crate and use it too...

Is there a way to play the game on continuous mode? Or at the very least, have the selection automatically move to the next level?

Something tells me it was easier to control, it'd lost it's challenge but because the string is elastic, it's even hard to "tap" in place. Also, I assume keys are just bonus points but they keep overlapping obstacles. Which means you have to miss quite a few of them.

All in all, a cute, competent little arcade game.

Great work. For the non-jam version, I'd love to see a level select version so you can time trial each level separately.

How do I get new cards? I got 4 and every card I collect in-game seem to do nothing.

I assume I have to have 1000 coins in my collection as opposed to collecting a total of 1000.

There really should be some sound options. There's no music and the constant firing sounds like a lazy techno track. I had to turn it off to stop getting a headache but that meant I miss spike prompts. A visual prompt above the movement area would fix that.

Is there any good reason to play as the unlocked character(s)? They seem weaker.

I would put the paywall notice on the title screen to avoid frustation. I appreciate it is in the description though.

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You need to spell out how to play this game, especially if there are any hidden mechanics. I played the offline version and beat stage 1 but stage 2 got to difficult to keep up with.

Please make the crosshair a lighter colour so it's easier to make out and possible larger (EDIT: actually, the cursor doesn't seem to resize when you go full-screen, so that's the actual problem).

While I appreciate the effort put in, it's just a precision clicker game in the end. I was expecting something more akin to "Fruit Ninja" given the name, where you slice enemies instead of just click on them.

I look forward to seeing how it turns out.

It's odd that this is the only site I can think of that doesn't post reviews the public can view before purchasing a game. I know there are problems with bots but I don't see why it's not a feature.

I did mean other people's games.

That "more information" tip helps though.

> There are several posts that talk about the subject
I did search before posting this topic.

Thanks for your reply.

Can someone please tell me where to find ratings and reviews for games? I know they're there because I've left a few of my own but have no idea how to access them. Is there a way to see an aggregate score or browse reviews like you would on any other storefront? From Amazon to Steam, it's pretty common.

I was told by one person that only uses those ratings to hide all but the best games, which I hope isn't the case but that's another issue.

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I downloaded the game but I need help passing the first level. I can only get to the second door before the house burns down. I've tried not putting out the fire, not rescuing the man, laying down foam etc. It all leads to same result. Also, can I move furniture or only destroy them? How do refill your foam?

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Um, I was fighting the second boss when a bunch of exclamation marks appeared on the floor and game reset itself but now the music is playing on top of the music. Now I can move my hands but not my body and when I shoot it comes from the body... 

I thought the quote "WARNING: This game is unfair, unbalanced and unrelenting" was just because it was a jam game.

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I started a level with springs and it sets you up for an instant death trap. That's low. It's not even fair because the death spring launches you at 2x speed.

Then, I met a miner but with no instructions, I didn't know to talk to him (it was Enter). He said to have some fruit that never appeared.

These levels are getting more difficult, which I actually like but the mechanics don't match the increase.

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I think this is okay if it's a first game but there's a lot to improve on. The movement is slow, the jump is not only floaty but non-variable. There are no instructions, so it was unclear if you could touch enemies. The foregrounds blend into backgrounds, which is terrible for platforming. There should be a victory animation at the end of the level, with movement halted. Heck, even the end should be more clear than an arrowed sign. The story cutscene is drawn out so I had to skip it. The player character is long but the level design seems to be made for a thinner character. The game says (DEBUG) on it. There's a mouse cursor in-game for some reason. There's no way to quit the game with menu options (I had to exit fullscreen then close the application). At the most critical, it's just kinda meh.

I don't say this to be cruel. I think this is a functional game and a good start.

Is there a download version? This chugs so hard, I can't press Play...

I managed to finish the game (with a continue) but I'm still unsure what all the mechanics and power-ups are.

Also, do you get penalized for bouncing the ball and not hitting anything? 

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Super cute. Excellent variety.

A couple of small nitpicks: I think opening vents should be automatic when holding the screwdriver. You can get caught behind a closed vent or door.

As a Jam game, it's superb. I wish there was an ending screen. Just a "Congratulations" would suffice.

It's like No Time to Explain but more finnicky.

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It's not clear what the counter for how many Automotons you have are. I only just realised it's the first number on the meter. I thought that was showing the progress.

I don't think I can play it with my current computer. The game seems to be working but the progress is stuttered for some reason.

I finally moused-over to see why my fuel wasn't extracting and the arm was facing the wrong way. Is there a way to rotate them without having to buy a new one?

Is this all your own art? I think it's worth it then.

Also, you really need to populate your Patreon page. It just has a small byline atm (I some silly games your support really really helps). No links or pictures.

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Very fun, beautifully presented.

I have a few critiques:

  • No fullscreen option?
  • I wish enemies had HP bars so I knew when I could grab them
  • In-game access to Combo List would be nice, especially in training (not just at the start)
  • I wish I could rebind keys (or play on controller. Haven't tried yet.)
  • Is there a lives counter?
  • The ability to pick up crates and move
  • The ability to pick up swords and move

I would also change the "Guns Akimbo" keys because I keep turning around a locking myself into place.

EDIT: That Engrish really got me.


Is there a way to play though the main game all the way through without selecting "New Game" or does that not wipe your progress?