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Asset Pack

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Hello everyone! The SnowLand environment got an update! 

All assets received changes, some of them more radical than others. And it were added new and more assets, especially the terrain ones. Currently there are 5 environments, with a total of 671 assets.

Those who already purchased the package before can download it. The new users will also have access to futures updates for free.

Thank you for your support :D

- Shackhal

Hello, everyone! The Desert Makeup update was released!

The Desert environment got a massive update, with new and more tiles and background changes. Also the Grassland got a few new tiles and a slight change in one background. Currently there are 5 environments, with a total of 638 assets.

Those who already purchased the package before can download it. The new users  will also have access to futures updates for free.

Thank you for your support :D

- Shackhal

Hello, everyone! A new update was released!

This new update made a complete new face to Dungeon environment. Also the old dungeon was remade and now it called Stronghold. Both were added new and more assets. And I lied (sorry) and made a tiny change to GrassLand. Currently there are 5 environments, with a total of 611 assets.

Those who already purchased the package before can download it. The new users  will also have access to futures updates for free.

Thank you for your support :D

- Shackhal

Replied to HR78 in Requests

Thanks for your compliments.

Knowing that at least 2 people will buying a new different package feels good, but I will keep adding new content to the actual one.  That is because I feel all the respective content should be in a single package or product. I'm not fond to the "DLC" approach xD 

Also, after I finish the current updates I will add more environments, so don't worry about that. Of course, with the same style and keeping the quality as high as I can.

Yes, that's what I'm thinking. A brownish/reddish dungeon is more appropriate. And the current dungeon to become as a stronghold/castle tileset.

Now that I have 2 tilesets to do, it should take a bit more time to do it. But I hope to finish it in late June or early July.

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I could make a custom palette for you only, but it will cost you. Very cheap though. Send me an email on "shackhalboss[at]gmail.com" so I can help you with it.

Also, this is a funny question. Just now I'm debating to scrap the PICO-8 palette to add another palette, so it'll be more confortable to the eyes. I posted a poll on Twitter to see what's the people's thoughts about it.

I thought to add a volcanic area/cave to the pack. But I'm still deciding what to add next after the 3 next updates.

And yes, all the buyers have access to future content. No need to re-purchase it again, unless you want to gift it to someone :D

Currently, in that style and size, I don't have any character sprite that can be used in the pack. 

Btw, there are many people that asked if I'll add a character to the pack.  Right now I'm very interested to make one, but it's not priority for the moment. First comes the changes in the actual content. But in case I begun making the character sprites, I'll inform about it for sure.

Also, if you have any thoughts about the pack in general, please feel free to tell me about it.

Thanks :)

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Hello, everyone! A new update was released!

This new update made a complete new face to Grassland environment. And more assets were added on it. The rest environments remains the same. Currently there're 4 environments, with a total of 454 assets.

Those who already purchased it can download the assets and they have access to futures updates for free. New purchases will be with a minimum of $2.99.

Thank you for your support :D

- Shackhal

EDIT: I made another update to the Grassland environment. It should be the last for it :D

I think it should not be needed, considering that here on Itch.io all the content are DRM free.

Thanks, man. Although, for the tiles' size, its not compatible with PICO-8 engine xD

I try to make this package with the objective to be accessible as possible, been for commercial, prototype or hobby games.

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This topic will show the closest next update, including a rough date of release.

The new update will be a new environment. It's "planned" to be released on April/May. That's the plan at least.

Created a new topic Tilesets's Future
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I have wrote a post about the project's current state and it's future on my blog. Please read it: http://shackhal.tumblr.com/post/155105659448/2016-...

TLDR: It's not dead. Next update on January February (Sorry, I suck on schedules). Right now it have a sale. More important info on the post.

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Thanks for the compliments.

Currently, I'm not thinking on creating a character asset because that depends on the game design itself. Why he looks like that? What do you want to express there? Those are some of the questions a designer have to answer to create a character that works in his game.

Also, if I make one, it would be only for placeholder reasons, for the level testing. Although I could do that.

Thank you for your support. It means a lot.

Yes, I can do animations. Some are included in the pack. But the pack was made only to contain platformer environments (and stuff that can work inside it, like a squirrel on Grassland) and currently it's my only project. So there's currently no plans to add characters/items/hud. That's why there no character, coins, etc.

In the future I could add some, but only the basics for a platformer game, unless there's a big demand for a specific thing.

Adding animals could be a good idea. Maybe I could add some of them in the pack.

I glad that you like it. Also I'm planning to update it even further.

And I will check your request :D

Posted in Requests

Sound interesting. I could make some and add them to the pack.

Also, for what I know, the water (and a bubble animation), crab grass (maybe it is) and wooden bridge tiles are in the pack already, on the grassland folder. Although the water one doesn't have a floor.

If it appears in their own page on the jam, it could work. The rating will depend of the user in that case.

Now, about the theme generator... that's another thing.

Sounds great, but it will requires a massive job to check if it's goes with his unique theme individually. So it's not viable.

I think Itch Jam should go as one category, with different ratings as Graphics, Audio, Mechanics/Gameplay, etc. The Overall rating should be the average value between all. And if there's a math to create a fair Overall value, even better :D

And the rules are made to control the cheaters. Everyone hate cheaters. So fell free to be stricter :D

I always thought that Jam was more relaxed.

Don't worry about the test email. I don't mind if it's from a known and trusted source.

To be called Itch Jam seems as an obvious choice. Also Itch.io is not Ludum Dare, so it's a good call that it runs as a standalone jam, now that Ludum Dare's community will take care of their jam.

About the theme, I don't know. I think it should be special, to have some stuff no one have done before or not been able to recreate.

For example, Ludum Dare's community choose their own theme (and the games created are amazing), GBJam doesn't give a theme but the games have to imitate the Game Boy's display and audio limits. Or LowRezJam, using only a very small resolution display to your game. Those jams are popular for been unique.

Although there is one thing it must have: A rating system. Even if it's a pain to moderate it (for cheaters), competitive jams are always welcome, for developers in particular. After all, jams are good to measure your abilities. And Itch.io can support that idea I think.

Thanks :D

Created a new topic Itch Dare still happening?
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Just a question, @Leafo. Will Itch Dare will still happening?

Do will it adjusts to Ludum Dare's theme, or it will run as a standalone jam?


Created a new topic Requests
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If you have some environments/tiles requests, fell free to post it here.

Hello, everyone! The Desert update is released!

It adds a new environment. Also, it adds more assets to the other environments. Now there're 3 environments, with a total of 316 assets.

If you are interested to get it, you can do it with a minimum of $1.99. Those who already purchased it can download the assets and they have access to futures updates for free.

Thank you for your support :D

- Shackhal

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For what I know, August LD will happen. So ItchDare will adjust the theme to be the same as LD36?

Yes, of course.

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It should be the 2nd option. The team can agreed into voting as one. Also, I have read 2 years ago that GameJolt created a system that controls the voting system using weighting and invalidating votes, based on the downloads/vote count, number of votes made and user activity (creating accounts with the same IP, upvoting their own entry and downvoting the rest, etc.), I think.

Tmo, it was very effective.

Here's a link about it, in GameJolt Fireside: http://fireside.gamejolt.com/post/jam-voting-result-calculation-uirt8ghj

The option "file uploaded after the submission date" seems great for jams. That way, the user have an idea that this one can't be used to qualify the game.

Thanks for your compliments! :D

About a top-down version, I think about it. It could be something to do in the future.

Thanks for your feedback :)

I tested to make icons, symbols and objects to the packages since the beginning and I made some too, but I decide to only focus on environments tilesets instead.

In the future, after I made more environments, I will think about it.