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Requests Sticky

A topic by Shackhal created Aug 17, 2016 Views: 309 Replies: 8
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If you have some environments/tiles requests, fell free to post it here.

Hi and thank you for your kindness on twitter. :)
I really really really want some farm aspects. Even a few that are farm-like for a simple game I am making. I will be using this tileset that I purchased.

I need stuff like this:
  1. Grass/Crab Grass
  2. Flowers, Tulips, more flower
  3. Carrots and carrot tops
  4. Plowed Soil
  5. fences, fence post, wooden signs
  6. tool shed / barn
  7. water / pond
  8. wooden bridge
I would pay $5 for these items, maybe you can make a separate sale, or include into this tileset :)

If you did this that would be amazing and I will also link to your page(s) when I release my game :)


Sound interesting. I could make some and add them to the pack.

Also, for what I know, the water (and a bubble animation), crab grass (maybe it is) and wooden bridge tiles are in the pack already, on the grassland folder. Although the water one doesn't have a floor.


You have a great art style. The only thing I'd want that this pack doesn't have is a character. Plus enemies. Its up to you though. I just prefer complete packs or even 2 packs to make it complete from the same artist.


Thanks for the compliments.

Currently, I'm not thinking on creating a character asset because that depends on the game design itself. Why he looks like that? What do you want to express there? Those are some of the questions a designer have to answer to create a character that works in his game.

Also, if I make one, it would be only for placeholder reasons, for the level testing. Although I could do that.


Hi, I just bought your platformer set and I can say it' s a simple style but very well done.

Instead of add scenes to this set or selling "sparse" items, could you do a complete "Multi Platformer Tileset 2" with (as an example) <Swamp, Caves, Mountains and Deep Forest> ambientation and sell it apart for the same price? I would be the first to buy it! It' s very important to have more ambientation but with the same graphic style.

Keep up the good work!

Examples? This sounds like an interesting idea. I'd buy it, too :)


Thanks for your compliments.

Knowing that at least 2 people will buying a new different package feels good, but I will keep adding new content to the actual one.  That is because I feel all the respective content should be in a single package or product. I'm not fond to the "DLC" approach xD 

Also, after I finish the current updates I will add more environments, so don't worry about that. Of course, with the same style and keeping the quality as high as I can.


You are more serious and professional than the 99% of commercial companies.

Thanks man.