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I'm interested to see where this goes and enjoying my read. But correct me if i'm mistaken but it looks like the PDF repeats itself?

good game

I read a lot of ttrpgs so writing ttrpgs as an art form is very important to me. with that being said, this is fucking high art, it immediately clicked with me, and i NEED to run it

very informative!

can't wait to use the romance toolkit for extremely affectionate and intimate platonic relationships B)

looks awesome

you cant take two of the same corvid, i assume

the wither and advocate both having 3 channel with no downsides seems far too powerful

"you are killed in a spectacular fashion at the nearest
suitable moment"

I read all the way through GODEATER 1 and loved it, I'm glad I'm not alone in the hype for the new version. (though it seems im a bit late to the party)

the book mentions "the mythical endless night" and I am inclined to believe this is blades in the dark

loved MBIAC and im excited to check this out!

good to hear, love the system

page 16 says all your traits should add up to 3? but everywhere else says 2?

why do the effects of a b-plot on page 29 and page 32 differ


Actually turns out I did end up owning the original through a bundle, but I never got the chance to check it out. Ya learn something new everyday

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I haven't had the pleasure of playing the original bastards, so I'm tentatively curious about the system. 

what can I expect from bastards pearlescent edition?

the Emissary of the Void enemy and the Gunslinger enemy have the same flavor text, is this intentional?

loved this game

love your stuff, happy this reached it's goal!


It's a password for the computer that you cut open through the elevator wall

Banger game

how much damage does the gorgovore do?

what does the collector roll to attack?

Mixed feelings about the background system. wasn't into the concept but as I should have expected from reading your other systems you're very good at writing out of combat abilities. I may homebrew allowing my players to take abilities from other backgrounds for more customization

They thought it was really cool. they hoped that the "ink as your blood" thing was literal. their only issue was that you very often have to focus fire enemies, instead of changing it up.

I'm gonna start a crazy theory that every GILArpgs setting takes place in the same universe


love the aesthetics on this one, as someone trying to make my own slayers class the work put into designing the pdf is super respected

the hunt session is out

wow this is very cool

If nobody makes a slayers hack that turns it into a dating game than I will

I did!

Vampires and Westerns are two of my favourite concepts, I can't wait to run this

I'm glad this got updated, and I'm excited to check out the verdant expanse!

Haven't gotten to any combat with it yet as this was just a prologue session. but from a glance I think it's one of my favorite of yours, it creates a fun dynamic in combat, with lots of versatility. but personally I find the amount of self inflicted damage is a little overly punishing. I'll be sure to ask my player what he thinks next session

we used the inkwell class in our slayers game!