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Very interesting concept developed in this prototype! With more work on graphics, with audio an all, the game has potential. 

Could you try my game too? I would really apreciate it.

Nice idea and execution! Really like the challanges, how fast restarted, and seamless passage between snips of a level. The only thing that needed more work is the graphics. It should be more consistent. Overall, very nice experience and project. I wish that many more come!

Could you try my game too? I would really apreciate it.

Very cool and creative game! Beautiful art and very polished. 
It give me so many ideas. Really shows the potential for using GDeveloper for point and click experiences. Thank you so for your submission! (Oh, and I really liked the insight on your process with the devlogs posts)

Could you try my game too? I would really apreciate it.

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Great game! Really shows the potential of GDevelop for creating interesting and creative ideais. And this game has a lot of potential as a educational tool. 

I only think that you could do more work on the pacing, and how to give information to players that don't know computer logic at all, but wants to learn. Congrats!

Could you try my game too? I would really apreciate it.

Really cool game! It needs more work, but has a lot of potential. I think edogantaskurt's comment summarize some of these stuff. It would be nice to work better in how to shown information to the player, like the total damage inflicted and suffered by the play in each turn. Drag and drop maybe functions well, testing could be interesting. 

Thank you so much for playing mine too, and giving your reply.  Overall, congratulations for the submission, and let's keep working on it! 

Thank you so much for the reply! I think too that the hold to restart mechanic need it more polishing. I wanted to include the pause menu, but the restart become more slow that way. 

I feel very happy for you to have played and give me this awesome feedback. Your game is one of my favorites in this jam, very cool! 

Thank you so much for playing it, and replying! Yeah, I think that the controls needed more work, but don't have all the control, maybe is something that more contributes to game, I don't know, more testing is something interesting to figure it out. The fading to white is something that I thought as a way to give feedback to the player that the game will pause soon.
I'll try to keep it up, and hope you will too! :) I really think that your game has an interesting potential, as a managing game, in a harsh and violent world. Really cool!

Thank you for the response! Yeah, I think the controls needed more polishing too, I should actually redo the entire thing, to be more smooth and all. The idea was click to invert gravity, hold to pause. In menus, click to cycle between options, and hold to select and go to another scene. The fading white was the way I could manage to inform the player that he/she was going to another scene. If the player don't hold to long enough, the white vanishs, and the game goes normally. Another thing that it should have was an option in the pause menu to restar the level. But this is how game jams go, I guess hahaha

I loved! Very, very good game, with nice art, where everything fits. The game design was excelent too. I manage to finish with 2 deaths, and taking 8 diamonds.

Could you try my game too? I would really apreciate it.

Interesting concept and execution. The game has a few bugs, but nothing that breaks the experience. I think that would be nice to test if this project could be a rythm game. 

Could you try my game too? I would really apreciate it.

Really cool concept. A good protytipe that could become a full-featured strategy/managment game. 

Could you try my game too? I would really apreciate it.

I played your game, but I didn't get it how to advance. But, the style and animations, were very juicy.

Could you try my game too and give a feedback? I would really apreciate it.

Very cool game. I liked the inovative proposal of controls, this kind of gameplay exploration is very interesting. The art also gives a nice vibe to the game. You could turn in to a full-featured and very addicting game. 

And thanks for playing my game!

Very cool concept and theme! Works really well, very fast we comprehend the concept, but the execution in the later levels, need some practicing. 

The only thing I would recommend it, is to the doors open automatically.  In this sense, eliminates one addiontional input, that don't contributs too much to the gameplay. 

And thank you for playing my game! Your comment was very insightful. 

Geez, I don't really know why. Did you try to refresh the page? Maybe is better to use the downloadable version, if refresh don't work... Thank you for trying it! 

Thank you for playing it and rated it! I sure will play your submission

Thanks for playing it! You are absolutely right. On level 5, I tried to apply all the gameplay that was on the other levels, but I think I went too far.  I thought that I should have put some arrows, guiding the player on the last level, but I didn't have the time, and was already tired. On post Jam update I will fix it. 

Yes!! I learned a lot too.

Very creative! I really liked it. And, very didactic on the possibilities on using extensions. 

I would just do a suggestion, if you continue this project. 
I think you presented the idea of shifting mechanics with On/Off really well, so maybe would be cool to don't have such guided gameplay, letting the player figure it out for himself in some parts. 

Could you try my game too? I would really apreciate it.

I've just completed it. Incredible, right? Really impressive!

Amazing game! The art, the rythm and pace of the gameplay, the shift of perspective, all of that make this game incredible! I loved the seamless transition between levels too.

I think that has a unique potential for educators, because explain logic gates and  in a very concrete and appealing way. It's a possibility to go full-featured with this project? I loved it!

Could you try my game too? I would really apreciate it.

Really liked the main mechanic, very interesting! Make us do this decisions, of using the bulb to surpasse a barrier, but making the plataform disappear. The gameplay opens the possibility of being amplified, with the light assuming other functions.

I would just give one tip, not by experience, but from trying to learn with videos gamedeveloper's videos from Youtube. 

I think the first jump is already difficult. The first interactions with the game should be the easiest as possible, just to get along with a new dynamic. 

I'll play your game now 

Thank you, man! I really tried to focused on that, because I didn't get fancy on the gameplay 

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Sorry for not answering you. My computer broke, and I didn't see your reply until now. Well, about the "indiciary paradigm": Giznburg was one of the founders of a method and way to look to the past, that was named microhistory. He developed this concept of "indiciary paradigm" (in english translations, this concept appear as "evidential paradigm") to indicate how humans perceive reality trought evidences, remnants of the past. He shows how hunters, doctors, detectives and historians all use this paradigm in their work, dealing with vestiges that indicate a past reality, not directly acessible. I think that in your work, you put the player in a state of detective look, making us use this kind of abilities and way of thinking to answer questions and know more. 

In my previous comment I also mentioned that the game is an exercise of slow reading. This idea I also take up from Ginzburg's work. He talk a little bit about this in this video: 

I'm just a simple history teacher and historian, but I think that the reading of Ginzburg's texts may contribute to this vision and method of making games that you are developing. Thank you so much!

-- The concept of evidential pardigm was developed in the chapter "Clues: roots of an evidential paradigm" of the book "Myth, Emblems, Clues". 
You can acess the PDF here:

Amazing, amazing work, an exercise of slow reading and attention, in a world of fastness and superficial reading of everything.
This kind of investigative game, especially this one that estimulates the ear-reading (as Family especially does too), looks to me very related to the "indiciary paradigm", that the historian Carlo Ginzburg analyzes. Have you heard of him, Tim?
Sorry for the bad english. Cheers from a brazilian history teacher fan of your work!

Very creative way to respond to the Jam's theme! Amazing and beautiful work as always, Blackthorn!! Congrats!
PS: I've found the difficult pretty balanced with a Game Jam's proposal! It is less about fast movement, and more about finding the idea to pass the level.