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It will be made public in this thread on 26th october 17:00 GMT+1!

¡Lo haremos público en este hilo el 26 de octubre a las 17:00 hora peninsular!

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  • Upload your game before the deadline (28th october, 17:00 GMT+1).
  • Your game must stick to the jam theme that will be made public in the kickstart in this forum (26th october, 17:00 GMT+1).
  • You can jam with friends (max. 4 people in a team) or alone.
  • No racist, homophobic, xenophobic content.
  • Use any tools.
  • The game must have a "start screen" (please tell us how to play your game), an "in-game screen" and a "game over screen".
  • Please don't use copyrighted stuff (brands, characters, etc.)

Please ask if you have any question :) Thanks!

  • Sube tu juego antes del final de la jam (domingo 28 de octubre a las 17:00).
  • El juego debe ceñirse al tema que haremos público al inicio de la jam (viernes 26 de octubre a las 17:00).
  • Puedes participar solo o en equipo (el máximo ideal es cuatro miembros por equipo).
  • No admitiremos juegos con contenido racista, homófobo, xenófobo, etc.
  • Puedes usar las herramientas que quieras.
  • El juego debe, como mínimo, tener pantalla de inicio (donde a poder ser se expliquen los controles), gameplay y pantalla de final.
  • Por favor, no utilices material con copyright (personajes, marcas, etc.).

Si alguien tiene alguna duda, que por favor deje un comentario en este hilo :) ¡Gracias!

The world needs more games like this. Top.

Trying to achieve 1000 points in infinite mode...

I love the concept!! I couldn't stop playing until I finished all levels! Congratulations for such a nice design. If you need music or sound effects just write me!!

Great to see it embedded in html5!
The game is a bit hard... I can't barely move xD

Best thing is this game is ambience: music + visuals + text combination is great. I would add longer music pieces tho. Looking forward for the full release. Congrats.

How do you play this?



Stay tuned!

Please join us in our discord channel:

We'll post a quick troubleshooting guide if we have the time n_n

Nice to know Vault Kid! There's not a lot of us who know how to handle GB audio, so get ready! ;)