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That’s incredibly flattering coming from the creator of one of the best games this jam! Thank you! I’ll be making some minor adjustments to fix some of the graphical / technical / general bugs. Expect a small patch this week. Later down the line I might even consider starting from scratch to produce a full release game.

Highly recommend updating the page to include screenshots or footage of the game.

Highly recommend updating the game’s page to include screenshots or gifs or something else showcasing the game. You will get a lot more traction that way

Super creative concept that I could easily see being expanded into its own game. Nice work!

Pretty okay overall, definitely could have used a volume slider, not just something to mute the music.

Really well polished and intuitive approach to puzzle platforming. Pretty impressive for such a short jam period. Nice job!

I’m not sure if this is just a me problem but the way bullets bounce off walls seems to be completely random and basically makes this game completely RNG based. It doesn’t affect the difficulty too bad but it does diminish how fun this game could be. Also when firing bullets before they deflect of walls they move slower than after being deflected. The speed of bullets in this state should be increased by at least 2 times.

This is otherwise a pretty well put together top down shooter.

MUCH improved, hopefully this game gets a bit more traction before the voting period is over!

This is a lovely and simple tower defense game. I think it could make for a pretty decent mobile title! You should consider fleshing out the mechanics more and making it a full release!

Congratz on a well polished a fun jam entry!

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After triple checking the consensus is that you can. I’ve made minor changes to mine during the voting period. It shouldnt be a problem. You just CANT add things to your actual game unless its to fix game breaking bugs.

This is an easy 5/5 across the board. Simple idea executed flawlessly for such a short jam period. Sad I only recently discovered this one.

My Gripes:

  • Not being able to strafe in the air feels like an arbitrary limitation, and not a good one in my opinion
  • Visual indication of some sort for when the bomb explodes would have been a nice addition
  • Player movement sounds and feels good but visual looks stiff. The particles are perfectly fine but more animation would have gone a long way to juice everything up

Seriously though, once again, this is basically the perfect jam game. Not a flawless game, but a nicely polished experience that executes a good idea well. Very impressive!

You can edit the page right now if you wanted to. I don’t believe it is against the rules of the jam.

The title is accurate ~ 10/10

Really fun to play! I wish more could have been done to explore the core concept further but the movement mechanics feel fun to use, and although the concept is a bit simple the game still feels cohesive. Nice work!

Thank you for taking the time to play our game! I appreciate your feedback and will be making adjustments in the post voting period patch I am planning on implementing. The randomness was toned up a bit too much and was intended to be pseudo-random to give it a more plant-like feel. Kind of backfired. Level balance was tricky, I’ve come to realize that making the game easier is usually the better way to go.

Once again, thank you for the feedback, and for hosting the jam. It has been such a massive learning experience. Looking forward to participating in any future MashUp game jams!

I 100 percent understand the feel. I tried really hard to maintain clean coding practices but the closer me and my partner got to finishing the game, the more creative liberties I took.

I think starting from the ground up would be VERY worth it as its clear to me after playing that your team is capable of making something compelling and polished in a reasonable time frame. I would HEAVILY consider exploring this game further!

Whether you do or don’t, I still very much enjoyed what is here. And once again, Nice job!

I have a couple of gripes here. One is that the sfx are a bit much. Not volume-wise, they just don’t sound like they fit the aesthetic of the game, and get old fast. The other are the tank controls which on paper sound pretty great, but I would have much preferred to aim with the mouse instead of A and D.

This is otherwise a VERY creative and fun concept executed very well in such a short time frame. Was very fun to play!

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EXCUSE ME…. CAN U MAYBE…. make this a full game?

I, and I’m sure many others, are in need of a Plants v. Zombies spiritual successor after the studio behind it got bought out by EA. PvZ hasnt really been the same since garden warfare….

Edit: Oh yeah => 10/10 will play again

This game is beautiful! Hopefully more people will play this before the voting period ends. Really amazing stuff. Its just a nice simple short game with lovely atmosphere and writing.

10/10 for me this jam.

Please, I am 2 MINUTES IN…. 10/10

WHY HAVENT MORE PEOPLE PLAYED THIS! Its a bit unbalanced but holy heck its so freaking fun! YOU NEED TO ADD SCREENSHOTS ON THE ITCH PAGE! DSNGSDKGNDSJKGNEKJGNKNKEGKENE VKLE LNFSL. This could unironically become a real game. Perhaps the Tetris pieces are confined to a space in front of the player’s base and the minions and towers need to be placed in a zone in the middle of the field? I dont think ima be able to articulate this without drawing it. Anyways yeah this game is PHAT

Oh woops, didn’t read. My b

The voice acting is phenomenal, and the dialogue is very well written. Although simple this is a lovely well crafted game for a short jam! This should definitely be one of the highest rated! Nice work!

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“Just exit your browser five-head”

>:(((((( 0/10

But in all seriousness, really great work here. Its very well polished and the art is obviously beautiful combined with the music. Very relaxing game! Sad that I’ve missed it until seeing it in the discord earlier today.

You have a strong eye for cohesive game design. You’re definitely improving, and very quickly.

Gosh I’ve been trying so hard to nail jumping in games haha! Maybe character controllers aren’t my thing.

Thank you for such high praise. All of the comments we’ve received have been highly motivating for me. Im not sure what to really do with this little game jam project but it would be a shame not to fix many of the minor technical issues so I will at least develop a patch after the voting period.

I’m honestly just hoping to improve from previous jam entries I’ve submitted. If we win in a category then that’s just a bonus! Glad you enjoyed the game! Thanks for playing!

I gotta know what you use to make games. There is just such a high level of juice and polish for a jam game :D

Highly recommend tinkering with Unity’s 2D tools and getting a grip of what they are capable of. When first learning how to use the Tilemap component and tile palette window it was extremely tedious and probably slowed development time rather than improved it. This time around I knew what I was getting into but I still have a lot to learn.

Anyways thank you for playing!

Very flattering coming from someone who possesses a clear understanding of game design and creation. I’ve played some of your other games. Many are super well polished. Thank you for taking the time to play our game!

Many of the quality concerns are due to time constraints. Next time around I plan on planning out asset development more and streamlining the process. The vision for the game wasn’t as clear early Saturday as it was mid Sunday.

Thanks for the feedback! Glad you liked the game!

Highly recommend adding some screenshots of the game on your page. Your personal logo / branding isnt exactly the best way to show off what you’ve made.

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Im not seeing how this fits the theme of the jam as the mechanics don’t actually make the character dance directly. So with that in mind its basically just like Dance Dance Revolution. This also comes with some problems, because with dance dance at least the button presses tend to be in sync with the music. Here that isnt the case. Which arguably makes it unconventional but I’m not sure that was the intention. I think what you have overall is a well made package for such a short jam period. I’m pretty impressed that you managed to make the dance animations within the jam period as they are very fluid and look motion captured. A little rough around the edges, but definitely well made.

Edit: Also for exposure, I highly reccomend adding some screenshots to your itch page. I don’t think the cover art is really selling the game well. More people should play this

Simple and intuitive with well designed levels and a nice difficulty curve. I really enjoy the simple but unique art style! Well done! Another standout game for me this jam

People be sleeping on this game this jam. I hope it gains a bit more traction before the voting period is over! I’ve said it already but fantastic job on this one!

Wait more people need to play this! This is so fun! I havent played enough yet to offer feedback but im excited to play more! Nice work!

ah yeah that makes sense. no prob.