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oh, i just checked out the stream, looks like the plant button is broken 😅 I need to fix that, I am sorry for that

Wow, thank you so much, I appreciate it a lot :)

noice, but it isnt playing on mine :(

Great work! I am very keen to play the final version :D

the overall game is good, and the art seems great, I only noticed a few areas you can improve on, and I will discuss that here :)

First, There isn’t any reaction on buying a potion from the inventory, you can add anything, it can be a small particle emission when clicked, and a small sound, to make the player realise that he did buy it, else the inventory seems off

Second, change the attack button from ‘E’ to the left mouse click, it will be easier, as in this one rn, I found it difficult to keep pressing e as well as try to run and jump, so making it the left mouse button will help that become more efficient

Thirdly, There isn’t any challenge really in the game, every wave, we have to fight same enemies, and then the hp keeps improving instead of decreasing, try adding more different enemies, with different attack styles,so the player is uncertain when their health can detoriate, and also, don’t provide player with so much points after every wave, else it’s very easy to increase the health easily

try this things out and the game will become more great and fun to play :”))

Yours friendly Me

oh man! This is a great game for sure! I mean I never played a game so much interesting :) made my day :)))

Yeah my pleasure :) the overall game is great, just fix those things up and you are good to go 🙂

OK So I played it, and i have got some feedback i would like to share, so your menus are a way of interacting with the world, as i saw in the gameplay, but the camera is still moving even when the Ui is there, it makes it high and uncomfortable to select a button, secondly, i would love to play the game with more sound effects and reaction when we interact with something, That’s all i have, Thanks for uploading such a great game :)

cool :) Lets go!

Thanks for the support! I am more than happy to deliver more content, and this time with a better plan :)

Well Done! Pretty well organised, and I love how you implemented the theme Music, I am a little confused about the limitation though, Overall a Great game! Enjoyed playing it ^^

I love it! Absolutely! I love how music changes the levels, and the game is so cute!! Good job man! Just one suggestion, the controls are too much, like I keep forgetting only a and d can move and arrows can move platforms, fix that and its a great game!

Fantastic! I love it!

Hi, Thanks for all the positive reviews! It made my day! and I actually intended to add more platformers and more spikes, which limit the player from spamming the gravity mechanic, but sadly as a beginner, I was already facing a lot of bugs and also didn’t had the time to do it on time :(, but I surely will upload an update later on, also will try to reduce the file size this time. 😅😄

oh, that;’s what I was missing, I will surely try to find a solution to make a web version of my future games, or maybe just try to reduce the file size :)) Thank you so much

true! it was definetely a great time management job lol

seems like a bug, i need to fix that. Thanks for letting me know about it ^^

woah! Same here :)) was my first jam, and I wish to participate on the next one! Well good luck to you for the next one ^^

Glad that you enjoyed it :) Any tips or changes to make?

Dying Garden is a game I worked on recently, I made it for the mini jam music 2022 in 78 hours. You play as Mr Groove’s son and save his dying garden, he has got some special abilities and hidden superpowers, You can try it out at:

nd here’s the trailer

yep, i love it :)). btw your game looks good, i am gonna try it out :)

Great Game man! I love it, the interactive menu, the moving platforms which rotate with the mouse, and the idea, everything is just perfect!!

I am really happy to hear that! Congo man!

Thanks, Still thinking of modifying and fixing some things after the jam :)

definetely worth it! It was worth the time :)

checked your game, the description seems good :))

I remember my first try to game jam experience, the product was way too ambitious for 78 hours, also back then, I didn’t know much, so I couldn’t complete it on time 😅😄

Yeah Same here :)) I learned a lot of new stuff, hope to join the next one too

Yeah, i was thinking of makng score system, then I remembered that I have done it earlier, and my experience isn’t very good with it 😅😄

The Dying Garden! Save it if you can, is a small pixel platformer I made in 78 hours for a game jam. You play as Mr Groove’s son and try to save the dying garden using your special abilities and superpowers…Excited? Give it a try for free at:

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Dying garden! Save it if you can! is a game I made for the Mini Jam Music 2022, In this pixel platformer, you play as Mr Groove’s Son and try to save the dying garden using your special abilities and super powers! Excited? Check it out now :

thanks man :)

I finally completed this, and i am pretty excited to learn about others, if you guys have time, let me know :)


awesome game! simple and efficient controls, simple idea and great visual game style! I love it!

I watched the gameplay on Sam's official video, I thought how hard would it be just to get the arrow correct! I downloaded the game and got to know, the arrow moves really fast, and it's extremely hard to get it correct! I couldn't even cross the first obstacle, but I gave up, and this is one of the hardest games I have ever played!

No problem, i actually enjoed it ;)

tried this out today, Everything feels so good, The Menus are smooth and holds a lot of stuff and gives a lot of freedom to the player, gameplay is smooth, enemies are a lil bit cruel according to me, but they play good as well and above all the building system is easy and really good to play with. My overall rating is 8.2/10