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Excellent! I'm a sucker for minesweeper so this won me over pretty quick.

A neat-o game! I like the spooky vibes you went for with the bodies and writing on the wall. I also like the box art and manual.

Bouncy sky should have been the final boss! I didn't skip any levels since the game was a little on the easy side. The level designs and music got a little repetitive but it was an enjoyable time!

A toughie for sure. I think it had a pretty good difficulty curve but I wasn't able to finish it :(

cute cute CUTE!

Very fun game! Gets very STRESSFUL that's for sure, and I like it!

Gave me a crash after i entered the apartment(?). A real shame because i was very intrigued by this game

This is too cute and I love it! I can see myself coming back tot his one!

This is my favorite game of all time.

Art was fantastic and the music was neat! I didn't find the dialogue all that great and the the gameplay was very simple but i liked it a lot nonetheless! Well done!

Short, but entertaining! I would've liked to see more!

I have no idea what I just played, but I loved every second of it. Good work my dude.

I really enjoyed this game a lot. It immediately reminded me of wario land, which is a good thing! It has the best gameboy feel out of any of the entries I have played so far. I really hope you continue to work on this game, I'd be excited to see more!

This is fantastic! The art is nice, the music is perfect, and it feels a lot like a game boy game! Current favorite for sure.